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I grew up in a musical family, and learned guitar as a kid. Later, I taught myself piano, mandolin, bass, foot drums, whistle, brass, and other things. I play for contra dances with Kingfisher and the Free Raisins, and enjoy figuring out how to play as many things simultaneously as I can.
I'm interested in how I can most effectively turn my time and money into making the world better, and Julia and I have been into effective altruism since ~2009. In 2022 I switched from earning to give to trying to identify future pandemics earlier: more.
I'm a software engineer at the Nucleic Acid Observatory working in bioinformatics. I used to work on webpage optimization and ads at Google, and am still interested in web browsers, web APIs, and improving privacy/security/efficiency by adding new capabilities to browsers.
I've been contra dancing all my life, but got really interested in it in college. I help organize our local dance and dance weekend, play for dances with my two bands, lead open bands, maintain listings of local dances and weekends/camps/etc, and used to call.
Julia and I have three kids, Lily, Anna, and Nora. As of Summer 2023, they are nine, seven, and two. As a parent, my goal is to show them how to do things, do for them what they can't do yet, and help them grow into the people they want to be.

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