Annotated Spending 2004-2007

January 13th, 2014
I found the book where I kept track of my spending from when I started college through the beginning of senior year. I now keep track of things like this in a spreadsheet, but then it was all paper.

The major things this doesn't include are college tuition, room, and board, all of which my parents paid for me. (Except I paid a small amount of my tuition, about $800/semester, and this is included below.)

By category:

Tuition $3,395
Music & Dance $2,074
Misc $838
Textbooks $456
Tech $402
Food $305
Gifts $227
Donations $184
Clothes $95
Total $7,977
Which is:

Over these three years I also earned $9,859, mostly from working for the school doing tech support.

I've linked some expenses to blog posts where I talk about them. I went back and forth on this; it's neat that the two datasets overlap, but my 2004-2009 posts are generally my sloppiest, most awkward, and least interesting. On balance I think cross referencing wins, but feel free to ignore the [post] links. Actually, the full data is probably too detailed, so feel free to ignore all of it:

8/24/04 withdrawal from checking $10.00
cash on hand

I only kept track of money moving in and out of my bank account, so any expenditures in cash aren't recorded here. Often I withdrew cash for a specific purpose, though, in which case I may have labeled that withdrawal with what I intended to use the money for.
8/28/04 $59.90
cs22 & lin50 books
8/28/04 Bookstore (Swat) $150.90
cs22 & 2/3 chin001B
8/28/04 Bookstore -$105.00
returned cs22 (duplicate)
8/28/04 Newegg $19.49
8 port switch (Archtex)

This was before wifi, so to connect the multiple computers I'd brought I needed a switch. 8 ports was kind of optimistic, though. I recall having my main computer and then two 386s that were about 12 years old and would just barely run Linux.
8/29/04 Bookstore $246.90
cs22 M16HS LO50
8/30/04 Bookstore -$105.00
ret cs22

While I don't remember why I would have done this, my best guess is that I bought the book, noticed I could buy it cheaper on amazon, returned it, then realized the one from amazon wouldn't come immediately, bought it again, then returned it again when the amazon one came. Which is especially silly for a book I remember you can read free online (SCIP).
8/30/04 Bookstore $9.38
School Supplies
8/30/04 Bank $10.00
roll of quarters

9/1/04 returned 16HS -$104.40
9/7/04 paycheck from Ricci -$17.50

Doing work for my dad
9/7/04 Bookstore $17.95
Chinese Character Workbook
9/10/04 Bookstore -$37.50
returned Syntax
9/15/04 Amazon $23.98
Steel Bolt Book

When this arrived I remember being very disappointed, and it put me off buying things for a while. I actually felt like I had squandered this money, never to return. This was part of why I wanted to get a campus job, so that I could shake this feeling of my bank account as something where every transaction brought it permanently lower.
9/15/04 Staples $24.61
pencils, paper
11/16/04 20$ cash (eat) $20.00

Probably pizza. We'd eat while resolving orders for our face-to-face move-a-week diplomacy game. This was when I got to know David German.
11/17/04 ITS paycheck #1 -$98.41

I started working a few hours a week doing tech-support for teachers.
11/18/04 laundry, food $30.00
11/22/04 Poison - Native Tong CD $3.94

This was embarrassingly silly music for me to be listening to even then. It also took me years to learn how to spell “tongue”.
12/1/04 ITS #2 -$90.84

Bringing in money on my own was important for me. While I was dependent on my parents for tuition, room, and board, I'd decided I was going to pay for everything else myself and not ask them for spending money.
12/4/04 Novalia CDs $50.00

Novalia was a band I had heard playing at a folk festival in Italy that summer.
12/6/04 flashlight $31.43

This was rechargeable by shaking, which was very exciting at the time. I think I put it in my family's yankee swap, and someone else put in a similar one.
12/8/04 bus tickets $20.00

This was back when the Chinatown buses were still running between Philly and NYC. I bought a round trip ticket and then was annoyed when I got to the bus station early that they wouldn't let me on the earlier bus without a change fee. After that I decided to always buy the tickets in person when I got there. This worked until one Thanksgiving when Julia and I were taking the bus from NYC to Richmond and nearly got stranded there when the bus sold out. Luckily two people didn't show and we got the last two seats. [post]
12/14/04 Cake fixings $14.78

The Coop was the nearby grocery store. I'm not sure who I was making the cake for.
12/16/04 ITS #3 -$60.56
12/16/04 Money for win vaca $90.00

I was using a credit union local to the school and taking out money anywhere else had an ATM fee, so I needed to stock up on cash before going home for winter break.
1/12/05 Accordion (ebay) $80.00
paypal *EJHILL

I remember this being $38 of accordion and $42 of shipping. I didn't see the mail slip when it arrived because I shared a college mailbox with someone else and it must have fallen out when they went to check their mail. Eventually I asked at the counter and it turned out it had arrived weeks earlier. This was before tracking numbers or something. When I took it out of its box it was in very sad shape with the bass buttons all smushed in, but after I took off the faceplate and got them unstuck they worked properly. I haven't played it that much over the years, both because I've had a hard time finding a playing position that didn't hurt my wrists and because people kept asking to borrow it as a plot to keep me from playing it. I still have it, and I played it at the BIDA open band last Sunday. It's a good open band instrument because you don't need to be in the monitors in order to hear yourself. [post]
1/15/05 Clothes $6.97
Salvation Army
1/17/05 CS25 + CHIN books $197.18

another semester, more books
1/17/05 Amazon CS book $0.48

I can't think of how a textbook could have cost me 48 cents, but I also subtracted the same amount from the running total, so I guess that's what it was.
1/18/05 Billing Advantage -$109.25
(day worked)

My dad's company
1/18/05 Molly math help -$100.00

tutoring a friend's kid
1/18/05 Dafney/Barbara Moving -$345.00

A friend of my parent's hired my siblings and I to move their mother's stuff into storage, and paid us what they would have paid movers.
1/18/05 ITS #4 -$179.80
1/18/05 recharged phone card $50.00

I used a phone card when I would call my highschool girlfriend, which you had to do because it was “long distance”. This whole year we talked most nights. She was a year below me and was back in Boston.
1/19/05 Calc vol II (18H) $122.50
1/19/05 Calc vol II (18H) used $73.50

I doubt the bookstore liked us doing this.
1/27/05 returned Calc vol II -$122.50

What's worse is that the bookstore was required by the college to accept books back during these first two weeks of classes because they were formally an “add/drop” or “shopping” period where people were encouraged to try different classes. I never “shopped” any classes, but the book policy was … useful.
1/29/05 returned CS25 -$101.25
12/4/04 correction for Novalia $0.22
Euro → dollar
2/11/05 ITS #5 -$113.55
1/19/05 correction for calc book $3.49
S&H Amazon

apparently I wrote down the number without including shipping and handling the first time
2/24/05 ITS #6 -$128.69
3/3/05 money for trip back $10.00
swat atm
3/3/05 more money (so I'd get 10s) $70.00
swat atm

If I'd asked for $80 I'd have gotten 4 $20s, but I wanted some $10s so I asked for $10 separately. I think I wanted $10s because I didn't trust the chinatown bus ticket people to give me change, which was kind of silly.
3/14/05 ITS #7 -$132.48
3/14/05 socks, detergent $20.16
3/24/05 ITS #8 -$77.59
3/31/05 ricochet robot [post] $24.22
paypal *game
4/2/05 food makings $11.26

Me, David, and Lucas were going back and forth with Katie, Allison and Julia B, making each other various food things. I think this one was for when we made dinner for the three of them, complete with making farfalle from scratch.
4/5/05 phone card $40.00

This is 84 days after I put $50 on the card, above. I think it was $0.01/minute, which means my high school girlfriend and I talked for an average of 59 minutes per day. Though this is very sensitive to the cost-per-minute and could be way off if I'm misremembering that.
4/7/05 ITS #9 -$87.06
4/7/05 travel money $40.00
4/11/05 Flip-flops $14.57
4/17/05 camera w/headset $30.89
Ebay / paypal

I don't remember this. Maybe it turned out not to work with linux? Or it was a gift to someone?
4/20/05 ITS #10 -$140.05
4/20/05 RAM – 1G $91.98

I remember being amazed at how cheap it was to get a GB. I had previously only been running with 256MB and this just sounded luxurious.
4/29/05 food (dinner) $64.84

Another dinner for Katie, Allison, and Julia
5/5/05 ITS #11 -$132.48
5/5/05 5 Maxtor 2.5GB HD $32.95
ebay / paypal

I was rehabilitating some old computers, which needed hard drives.
5/5/05 travel money $70.00
5/20/05 EFF Donation $65.00
5/20/05 IBM Model M Keyboard $26.45
5/25/05 ITS #12 -$217.65
5/14/05 Shirt (prom) $24.50

This shirt was comically blue, like shiny metallic blue, to the point that I could pretty much only wear it as a joke. But I think I bought it in earnest, and at the suggestion of my girlfriend.
6/4/05 15” LCD ebay $84.20
paypal *smiseks

I eventually traded this with Chris Jacoby for a hot pink electric bass guitar.
6/8/05 chez goth $17.80

birthday present for girlfriend
5/27/05 CDs, case $26.23

Back when optical media still made sense. I think I was borrowing CDs and DVDs from the library and duplicating them. I ended up losing basically all of these at some point, and pretty much never listened to slash watched them.
6/10/05 Rick ITS #13 money $155.37
adjustment for monitor

I have no idea what this payment is.
6/23/05 DFP to DVI adapter $8.90

When my new (used) monitor came it turned out to use an unusual connection, DFP, which was compatible with the more standard DVI but preceded it.
6/23/05 PCI DVI video card $39.99

The new monitor also only had digital input, and so I couldn't use it with the analog-only output of my computer. But I wanted to run many monitors anyway, so this wasn't so bad.
7/8/05 fabric place $30.19

a birthday present for my sister
8/13/05 ebay Careers $11.00

A very silly board game, but less silly than “careers for girls”.
8/22/05 BA cheques -$452.63

various payments from working for my dad
8/25/05 ebay chau soda $3.26

some random spanish band
8/27/05 withdrawal $30.00
8/27/05 OS Concepts cs45 $48.99
8/28/05 CS45 & LING 40 $119.95
9/5/05 calc II sale – amazon -$69.27

I realized I could sell my textbooks from previous semesters on Amazon. I tended to be very careful with my textbooks and didn't like writing in them, so I got relatively good prices.
9/7/05 returned bookstore -$95.00
OS Concepts CS45
9/7/05 bookstore correction -$2.95
9/8/05 ITS 2-1 -$269.69
9/24/05 ITS 2-2 -$209.63
10/2/05 greyhound cleveland $124.00

Taking the bus out to visit my ex-girlfriend at her college. Not a good idea in retrospect.
10/6/05 ITS 2-3 -$163.04
9/25/05 tea party food $72.52
10/6/05 travel money $40.00
10/16/05 ITS 2-4 -$182.23
10/21/05 septa $7.00
train ticket
10/25/05 parents $1,600.00
11/3/05 ITS 2-5 -$128.11
11/7/65 correction on ITS 2-4 $5.60
11/10/05 pocket money $10.00
11/11/05 more pocket money $20.00
11/15/05 food [post] $10.00
11/17/05 ITS 2-6 -$184.40
11/27/05 travel money $30.00
12/1/05 ITS 2-7 -$184.40
12/7/05 paypal sombrero $39.49

We were playing another game of move-a-week diplomacy, and decided to buy a sombrero for the player running mexico.
12/12/05 spending money $15.00
12/11/05 320 Market Cafe $16.26

christmas presents
12/11/05 cvs $7.96
gifts, toothpaste
12/11/05 dollar magic $4.00
Gifts – torn receipt
12/11/05 ITS 2-8 -$215.45
12/15/05 Travel money $30.00
12/15/05 Travel money $15.00

more trying to get small bills from the atm
12/15/05 Travel money $5.00
12/18/05 Toaster for christmas $29.91
12/18/05 soap for christmas $8.38
12/18/05 Settlers for christmas $26.25

This was back when Settlers of Catan was one of the best board games.
12/18/05 chocolates/pims $34.31
12/18/05 Asterix for the Grab $13.60
Curious George

present for my extended family's yankee swap
1/10/06 Pizza + airdance $26.24
1/13/06 Travel money, newyears etc $85.00
to parents via check
1/17/06 Dollar magic 12/12 correction -$1.00
1/16/06 cash for books $95.00

from the title I'd expect this to be income instead of an expense
1/16/06 Ling 52 hist&cmp $19.95
1/19/06 microphone dsp 400 $40.94

this was required for my phonology class
1/19/06 ladefoged $39.95
1/12/06 ITS 2-9 silliness $14.00

I wonder what this was?
1/12/06 ITS 2-9 correction -$115.00
1/29/06 $32.57
2x Aug BL, 3x GHS B
1/22/06 ITS 2-10 -$3.42
2/4/06 Gas – expect reimbursement $8.00

filling up the van we would take to contra dances
2/4/06 Gas – expect reimbursement $16.00
2/2/06 Rick , backup, BA -$40.00

Work for my dad.
2/2/06 Eye doctor copay overpay -$10.00

I don't see the initial payment for this, so the initial copay was probably cash.
2/8/06 Contra, pizza, etc $35.00
2/8/06 ITS 2-11 -$166.93
2/22/06 ITS 2-12 -$131.99
2/22/06 van reimbursement -$12.60

This is approximately half the $24 I spent on gas above. The policy was that student groups would get reimbursed for half of what they spent on gas and half of the van mileage fee. Since per-mile-traveled these were in a very similar range it would have simplified things immensely for bookkeeping to say that there was no mileage charge but groups were fully responsible for paying for gas. This also would have strengthened the incentive to drive economically.
3/1/06 brownies etc $15.46

Given how much people liked it when I made baked goods I should have done much more of it.
3/2/06 travel money $75.00
3/4/06 plane tickets $194.20

I decided to fly up to Boston on short notice with my cousin Claire to go to my parent's 50th birthday party. I don't remember what day that was, but I the first entry in my calendar is 3/18/06 and this is 3/4/06 so it was probably the weekend of the 11th.
3/8/06 ITS 2-13 -$135.87
3/17/06 contra, pizza $15.00

Now that I was starting to dance a lot I needed a way to keep track of the scheduling. I started keeping a calendar, which is now nearly 8 years old. The first entry was for the 3/18 Glenside dance, which is what I was withdrawing money for here.
3/28/06 elverson mop up $10.00

Elverson was a town nearby with a contra dance, and we went there on 3/4 but I'm not sure what “mop up” means in this context. [post]
3/22/06 ITS 2-4 -$27.18
4/1/06 Gas $26.00

I didn't have a car, so all gas expenses were for the vans we would drive to contra dances in.
3/31/06 contra, pizza $25.00

By this point I was dancing a lot and needed a lot of cash to cover admission. As for pizza, many nights someone would order a pizza and we'd split it 8ish ways, each buying a slice. I ended up eating a lot of late evening pizza, often while playing board games.
4/6/06 ITS 2-15 -$135.97
4/7/06 travel money $25.00
4/11/06 Claire's share of plane -$100.00

My cousin paying me back for the plane tickets I bought on 3/4.
4/14/06 pizza, CD $15.00
4/14/06 pizza, swilshirt $15.00

I don't remember what happened with this shirt, except that somehow I never received it.
4/19/06 ITS 2-16 -$58.24
4/23/06 Gas speen st $54.41
van initial

Driving to NEFFA [post]
4/23/06 Gas shell, baltpike $74.60
van final
4/21/06 Gas shell baltpike $35.45
allison initial

The folkdance club rented a van and one person also drove. There were maybe 15 of us split between the 12 passenger van and 5 person car? This was the first year I was aware of there being a trip up to Boston for NEFFA, and looking back it's surprising there were so many of us wanting to go. I guess lots of pent up demand. I think this trip has happened every year since.
4/21/06 withdrawal: NEFFA $90.00

money to spend at neffa
4/26/06 NEFFA money -$185.00

other people reimbursing me for NEFFA expenses.
4/29/06 Brattleboro Dawn Dance $28.00

I think this was my first dawn dance. So much fun! And the Free Raisins are tentatively booked to play this dance eight years later!
4/29/06 Insoles $25.75
Pro Med Direct

Dance shoe inserts
4/30/06 Gas peaslee $40.01

There was a mess with vans. [post]
5/1/06 May day gas $10.00
swat gulf
5/1/06 May day gas $10.04
swat gulf
5/1/06 May day gas $10.00
swat gulf
5/3/06 ITS 2-17 -$196.05
5/6/06 Elverson gas $25.00
5/11/06 Gentoo shirt $29.00

I liked gentoo a lot because I'd learned most of the details I know about the linux system from carefully following their well documented install-from-scratch approach. So I bought a shirt to help support them. I still have the shirt, but it's getting kind of sad now.
5/11/06 Modern Art $23.34

An auction economicsy game.
5/17/06 ITS 2-18 -$170.21
5/31/06 ITS 2-19 -$75.70
6/19/06 Falcon Ridge $105.00

There was a fire. [post]
6/30/06 Stevie's FR ticket $105.00

Apparently I bought a ticket for my cousin to come along. Except I think he didn't? I probably resold the ticket to a friend.
7/20/06 gas $32.79

date is a guess
7/25/06 Portland + NEFR $35.75

date is a guess; amazon's records of my purchasing history only go back to 2008
7/28/06 gas $51.55

date is a guess
8/21/06 end of summer cheque $538.42

Because I couldn't withdraw money from my bank account without an ATM fee I just borrowed money from my parents all summer and kept track on a piece of paper. So this is basically all the cash I spent during the summer, mostly on contra dances.
8/25/06 dawn dance [post] $14.00

date is a guess
8/31/06 travel money $45.00

date is a guess
9/2/06 BA cheque -$21.70

Work for my dad.
9/5/06 ITS 3-1 -$118.44

date is a guess
9/10/06 Shirt @ goodwill $4.00
9/13/06 pocket money $30.00
9/26/06 ITS 3-2 -$254.59
10/4/06 ITS 3-3 -$203.14
10/7/06 glen echo gas [post] $52.47
10/23/06 LEAF gas $21.40
Exxon Perryville MD

Driving down to the Lake Eden Arts Festival in North Carolina [post]
10/21/06 LEAF gas $21.73
Sugar Hill NC
10/22/06 LEAF gas $12.41
Kangaroo: troutville VA
10/19/06 LEAF gas $10.70
Conning Draper VA
10/19/06 LEAF gas foodmart $17.58
10/20/06 LEAF admission $30.00
10/17/06 pocket/travel money $140.00
for LEAF
10/25/06 deposit of money from laurie -$190.00

Laurie and I went to LEAF together, with me paying all the expenses and then her reimbursing me half. Through most of the second half of college she kept a tab with me, paying me back every so often.
10/20/06 ITS 3-4 -$189.07
10/25/06 speeding ticket $160.00

The only one I've ever gotten.
10/27/06 LEAF rental $150.00
11/1/06 ITS 4-4 -$191.07

4-4 should probably be 3-4
10/29/06 rum and onions gas $14.55
11/5/06 nomad gas II $5.00

NOMAD was a dance festival in CT. I think this was their last year.
11/5/06 nomad gas I $22.68
11/15/06 ITS 4-5 -$207.16
11/16/06 nomad rental $65.00

For NOMAD and LEAF we rented a 5 seater car instead of a 12 passenger van. Not only was it much more fuel efficient, it was also much cheaper to rent. Cheaper enough that for most numbers of people you did better to rent just cars and not vans. Except so few of my classmates could drive that we generally needed to rent the vans.
11/16/06 cash $45.00
11/29/06 ITS 4-6 -$242.95
12/9/06 bethlehem gas $40.34
12/18/06 glen echo gas $15.77
12/19/06 glen echo gas $20.52
12/13/06 ITS 4-7 -$230.32
12/21/06 travel money $50.00
1/22/07 compilers book $30.00
1/22/07 hist of reading $4.23
1/22/07 Hist & pow of writing $19.47
1/22/07 lang contact, create... $18.94
1/22/07 coming of the book $18.44
1/22/07 reading lolita in teheran $4.59

The history of reading class I took required a lot of books
1/13/07 gas $14.46
1/10/07 ITS 4-8 -$394.85
1/23/07 Glenside 12/16 focus $30.00
ATM withdrawal
1/22/07 books $191.30
1/25/07 lang cont, creat … refund -$18.94
1/24/07 ITS 4-9 -$181.02
1/31/07 cheque from Laurie -$112.00

LLT paying her tab
1/28/07 focus gas bethlehem 1/27 $14.10
2/2/07 vehicles bethlehem $60.00
2/3/07 returned books -$121.15
2/2/07 amazon textbooks $23.48
2/1/07 amazon refund -$4.59
reading lolita in teheran
2/7/07 ITS 4-10 -$68.38
2/19/07 some flurry gas $30.03
2/21/07 ITS 4-11 -$319.09
3/2/07 folkdance reimbursement -$20.00
2/24/07 bethlehem gas $25.00

This was a fun dance. [post]
3/4/07 ITS 4-13 -$362.37
3/28/07 cheque to parents $1,795.00
Tuition (1600+190-15)
3/31/07 dance admission $102.00
(for 13 people)

This was the time our van got rear-ended. [post]
4/2/07 admission reimbursement -$77.50
4/2/07 BA/website -$40.00
4/4/07 ITS 4-14 -$132.74
4/18/07 folkdance reimbursement -$63.46
4/13/07 pocket money $50.00
4/16/07 lucas deposit $50.00

lucas was studying abroad junior spring and needed to put in a deposit for senior year housing, so I fronted the money
4/16/07 amazon: rus $160.26

a large box of “rise up singing” books for the group of us who would get together to sing.
3/7/07 ITS 4-12 -$195.10

way out of order
4/20/07 neffa gas $18.08
4/22/07 neffa gas $8.74
4/20/07 neffa gas $12.02
4/22/07 neffa gas $25.57
4/18/07 ITS 4-15 -$270.39
4/24/07 neffa gas, rus -$283.27

reimbursement for rise up singings and neffa expenses
4/25/07 jen reimbursement $30.00

Jen had bought some gas, but I submitted the reciept. So when the reimbursement came in some of it went to her.
4/25/07 van riders reimbursement $38.00

I collected a little extra money from people who went to neffa expecting not to get fully reimbursed. When I did get reimbursed, I divided up the money.
4/28/07 bethlehem gas $40.01
4/28/07 dance admission $30.00
4/30/07 vans (via alex (cash)) $75.00

The confusing note means that I withdrew $75 from the ATM to give to our treasurer, Alex.
5/4/07 ITS 4-16 -$384.03
5/5/07 gcd gas $20.00

The folkdance club usually took vans to contra dances, which was a little strange given that the main dancing we did was English and Scottish. This was the one time I remember driving to an English dance.
5/6/07 longsword gas $40.01
5/9/07 Gcd & lswd gas reimb -$60.01
5/13/07 dawn dance $14.00

Buying the ticket in advance online.
5/10/07 pocket money $25.00
5/16/07 ITS 4-17 -$284.82
5/25/07 food: shaws $37.04
5/29/07 Raspberries : wild oats $2.99
5/30/07 ITS 4-18 -$154.87
7/6/07 Donation – Gravel $50.00
7/6/07 Donation – Paul $50.00

I gave $50 each to two unlikely-to-win 2008 presidential candidates, Mike Gravel and Ron Paul. I didn't want either of them to win, but I thought it was good that they were expanding the discourse.
6/24/07 pickup (ebay) $34.99

This was basically a piezo-electric contact microphone in a case with a cable. More recently, making my footboard, I bought 100 of these for $16 with shipping.
8/7/07 DAM sale (amazon) -$50.10

One of my textbooks.
9/1/07 ITS 5-1 -$268.99
9/5/07 goodwill $10.38
8/15/07 gas (trolley museum) $43.00

Julia came up to Boston and we drove up to the [trolley museum] in Maine.
9/15/07 folkdance gas $20.01
9/12/07 pocket money $35.00
9/7/07 chk from home -$320.29

I'm not sure what this cheque was. I spent most of the summer working for my dad, but I would have made much more than $320, even counting my spending.
9/14/07 ruach gas $16.53

This was later reimbursed.

I don't know why I stopped keeping track here. I didn't start keeping my current online spreadsheet until September 2008, so I'm not sure where that year went. I may have just not written things down (hard to believe) or moved to something electronic but local to a now-dead computer.

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