Chair Hanging Peg

December 14th, 2022
Our house is now back up to full occupancy, which meant some things that had been hanging out in unused rooms needed better homes. Four of those things were folding chairs, and now they are up and out of the way:

I made this out of three pieces of scrap wood: two bits of 2x6 and a 1 1/4 dowel. Here are the 2x6s, painted and screwed together, with the hole for the dowel drilled:

The outer 2x6 is screwed to the inner one, and the inner one is screwed through the wall into a stud. The dowel stays in the hole by friction: it's a close fit and it's not going anywhere. This works for these particular chairs because they have a nice round hole in the seat back; other chair designs would likely need two pegs.

There are chair-hanging products you can buy, but I didn't like any of them and this was a quick project I could do with things I had left over from earlier projects.

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