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  • Cleaning a Spoon is Complex

    October 8th, 2022
    environmentalism, satire
    A friend of mine recently shared this:

    I've seen it go by dozens of times since Max Tempkin [1] made it back in 2011, and each time it grated on me: why count the complexity of creating the disposable spoon, but not the complexity of washing it? Instead of phrasing my disagreement as a comment, though, I decided to make a new version:

    You know the thing where you see something on Facebook, start reading it or composing a reply, and then you lose it? Yeah. I can't remember which of my friends shared this, and Facebook's limited-by-design searching didn't turn it up either. So, being unable to post my counter-meme in the appropriate place, I'll just leave it here until the next time I come across the original.

    [1] Also known for co-designing Cards Against Humanity, from which he resigned in disgrace in June 2020.

    Comment via: facebook, lesswrong, hacker news

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