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Yamaha P85 Reverb

October 10th, 2012

At the BIDA dance Sunday, where Julie was using my Yamaha P85 keyboard instead of her identical one:

Julie:You know what makes my keyboard different from yours? It doesn't have reverb on.
Jeff:I don't think mine has reverb.
Julie:It sure sounds like it does.
Jeff:But I thought these keyboards didn't have a reverb option.
Julie:They do, but it's one of those hidden options.
Jeff:[Brings up manual on the phone.] You're right: it does have reverb. [Holds down 'metronome' and the highest note on the keyboard.]
Julie:This sounds much better; thanks!
Jeff:When I first got this keyboard, a year and a half ago, Amy would complain that it sounded reverby. I wish I'd looked at it more then!

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