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2017 Donations

December 23rd, 2017
giving, money

Each year Julia and I need to decide where we're giving. Here's what we've been thinking about this year:

I've also enjoyed reading the posts by GiveWell, Open Phil staff about where they're giving and why.

[1] This does mean borrowing some money. Modeling our cash flow I think we'll have it paid back in March or April. Much of my current compensation is in stock, and I won't start getting that until I'll have been back at Google for a year, which will be this September.

[2] Before I left Google, in January 2017, I wanted to max out their donation match for the year.

[3] That our division favored AMF a bit more than GiveWell's shouldn't be taken as disagreement, and if anything we (especially Julia) lean a bit more towards towards SCI.

[4] Another option for this sort of funding would be EA Grants if it used a rolling process.

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