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    February 4th, 2014
    search_terms  [html]
    Since it seems everyone is doing it, I decided to look at my server logs to see what people are searching for that lands them here. In a word: Cinderella.

    Nearly half of visitors to jefftk.com from Google searches were seeking information on Cinderella. This is not what I would have expected. It turns out that this image from a post on Cinderella's hair is the 26th most popular Image Search result for "Cinderella" on Google.

    Setting aside the lady of the tiny feet, what else are people curious about? Let's answer some questions:

    good sentences in telephone pictionary
    If you play telephone pictionary in certain crowds you find that everything becomes turtles eventually. So to get the jump on entropy, start with sentences about turtles:
    • There's a turtle in the bathtub.
    • My turtle is sick.
    • Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo eating while they work.
    • It's turtles all the way down.
    diplomacy game map pdf
    I like this one. Just be sure to read the full rules first.
    would you make fun of someone's name
    how do i get my verizon drod razr m to work on tmibile
    Set item 8322 in the NVRAM to 0. Or you could tell the phone it's Australian, but then 3G and HSPA+ won't work.
    people who talk to much
    I'm sorry. You must have been in a class with me.
    lock door without lock
    Have you considered duct tape?
    google there should be separate roles and/or dances for men and women
    This is a very interesting question. Many traditional dances are for only one gender, and many of the others have roles divided up by gender. Many people like single-gender spaces like men's/women's morris teams because they feel at home in a non-sexualized atmosphere. Similarly many people like couple dances to pair opposite-sex couples because that way everyone is dancing with someone they're attracted to. Except orientation often doesn't match gender, which means neither of these really work. Plus dividing people by gender also doesn't work well for people who don't feel like they match either male or female. Also note that when these don't work for people it's not random: if you're straight everything just works, but if you're not you tend to run into problems like this in many situations, which makes it worse. So on balance I don't think separate roles and/or dances are usually a good idea, though not to the point that I'm going to go tell people to stop.
    air pollution posters for kids
    Don't use this one.
    animal abuse reversed
    Are you looking for a man bites dog story where a dog bites a man?
    how to make whole milk from half and half
    Add 5 parts skim milk to 2 parts half and half.
    how to pick up girls at a contra dance
    While many adult dancers will pick up small children during the swing, it's very important to check first that this is something they like and that it's something they'd like from you. The loss of control from being lifted by a stranger can be really unpleasant and some kids refuse to come to dances because they dislike it that much.
    does the anthropic principle explain the cold war
    Not really. MAD wasn't actually likely to result in killing everyone, so our existence isn't that informative.
    does someone from the town check to see if sidewalk are cleared of snow
    Generally not, but please act as if they do.
    why people prefer to drive rather than taking the bus
    Driving gets you there faster. When mass transit is faster people take that instead.
    Who is the best dancer of contra dance.
    This is not a productive line of inquiry.
    how to generate sound from strings?
    There are a lot of options: you can bow, pluck/strum, or strike the strings. You can even blow on them.
    I want us to talk more
    Comunicating via referer headers is probably not a good way to achieve that.
    can we rotate your neck completely
    I'm sorry, I didn't mean to miss your payment! One thing happened after another and... I'll get the money to you as soon as my brother pays me back. Or if you need it sooner I could pawn my TV? You do need it sooner? I'll have it for you tomorrow then. By this evening? I'll do it. Please put me down?
    aduots in nowborn carseats
    That sounds like a terrible idea. Could you try removing the carseat first? Carrying it on your lap if necessary?
    What people skin look like if they have aids
    Unfortunately we can't generally tell which people have AIDS just by looking at them. If we could it would be much easier to control the spread of the disease.
    how much do contra callers get paid
    It varies a lot, with an average of maybe $75? I collected some numbers but they're not exhaustive. The biggest factor is the number of dancers: the more people dancing the more money comes in and the more available to pay the caller and band. Musicians tend to each get the same as the caller, but I find calling stressful enough that I'm not offended as a musician when a caller gets paid more than me. At a wedding or other special event the performers will generally ask for more because more is expected from them in terms of time commitment and hassle.

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