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Kickstarter Costs Writeup

December 5th, 2016

I've distributed most of the books I printed through my kickstarter project, so I thought I would quickly write up the financials for future reference.

I had initially offered hardcover and softcover at two different prices, but after all the orders were in I realized that volume pricing meant it was actually cheaper to print just hardcover, so everyone ended up getting the nicer books.


$34.49Bookbabyproof copy printing
$809.40Bookbabyprinting (30 copies)
$89.64Kickstarterfees (8.4%)
$29.52USPSshipping (7 @ $3.09, one box of 12 @ $7.89, all media mail)
$14.37FedEx Storemailing supplies


$249 PDFs @ $1, plus $15 in extra contributions
$2408 softcover @ $30
$581 hardcover proof @ $58
$3905 hardcover @ $78
$401 sold in person, not through kickstarter
$3601 bulk buy (2 hard, 10 soft)

This leaves me with $134.58, which I've donated to the Against Malaria Foundation.

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