Wider Default Audio Player in Chrome?

December 11th, 2022
My kids like to listen to story tapes. Most of them their great grandmother recorded onto cassettes in the 1980s, their grandmother digitized in the 2000s, and I reworked for the web in the 2020s. We usually use either a tablet or old phone to play them back, and while the browser mostly works fine for this it's terrible for seeking:

The bar is so short that it's very hard to seek accurately, especially when a story is three hours long.

You might think that if you turned it sideways you would get a wider bar offering more precision, but no:

Popping width: 98% on the element in devtools gives a much more usable display:

Or, in landscape,

I wonder if this is really a one-line change, and whether Chrome would be interested in a patch?

Firefox is much better, in landscape:

Though about the same in portrait:

Follow-up: Zooming the Chrome Audio Player

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