Contra Mask Status

June 5th, 2023
contra, covid-19
As we get into summer and covid levels continue to fall, a lot of contra dances are rethinking their approaches to masking. At this point contra dances are the only places I go that require masks, though they're also the closest I get to large numbers of people.

Prompted by an initial search Harris shared with me, I used TryContra to get a list of all 39 New England dances and manually checked their mask rules. I found a bit under half of dances require them (sheet):

State Required Optional Percentage Required
MA 12 3 80%
ME 0 11 0%
CT 0 5 0%
NH 1 3 25%
VT 2 1 67%
RI 0 1 0%
Total 15 24 38%

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