AMA: Earning to Give

November 7th, 2023
This week the Effective Altruism Forum is running an Effective Giving Spotlight, and they asked if I could post an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on my experience earning to give.

Some background:

That's a lot of links, and it's fine to ask questions even if you haven't read any of them! I'm happy to take questions on earning to give, or anything else within EA. Here are some example questions I'd be happy to answer if there's interest:

  • Where do individual donors earning to give have an advantage over foundations and funds?

  • How should you decide whether to use a fund?

  • How have I thought about how much to donate? How much is enough?

  • Why did I stop earning to give?

  • Why am I still donating some even though I'm funded by EA donors?

Feel free to comment on any platform, but if you're having trouble deciding then the EA Forum post is ideal.

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