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Webpage up!

September 17th, 2004
tech  [html]
While some people (Allison) may view this layout as a bit dull & and unimaginative, I view it as exceedingly standards compliant. How many sites do you know that render exactly the same in Firefox, Safari, IE, and Lynx. Of course the images I link to are difficult to view within Lynx, but AA can display them just fine.

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No need to explain

I haven’t been posting much lately for several reasons, but mainly I just haven’t felt the desire to post. My posts usually come from trying to figure something out through reflection, or to explain myself to myself. I haven’t felt the need to explain mys…

via Holly Elmore December 8, 2019

Grad school is worse for public health than STDs

(The way you can *really* tell something is horribly wrong is that grad students find PhD Comics darkly funny, not just dark.)

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I’m Giving a Talk About Construction Costs Tomorrow

By popular demand, I’m giving the talk I gave 2 weeks ago at NYU, again. The database will be revised slightly to include more examples (like Ukraine, which I added between when I gave the talk and when I blogged about it), and I may switch around a few t…

via Pedestrian Observations December 2, 2019

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