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Webpage up!

September 17th, 2004
tech  [html]
While some people (Allison) may view this layout as a bit dull & and unimaginative, I view it as exceedingly standards compliant. How many sites do you know that render exactly the same in Firefox, Safari, IE, and Lynx. Of course the images I link to are difficult to view within Lynx, but AA can display them just fine.

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Incoming Gantz-Led Government to Invest in Israel’s Infrastructure

Israel’s incoming prime minister Benny Gantz unveiled an emergency government, to take power following an upcoming confidence vote in the Knesset. The last two MKs required to give Gantz a 61-59 majority, two members of Gantz’s own Blue and White Party wh…

via Pedestrian Observations April 1, 2020

Finding home in the time of coronavirus

Disclaimer: I’m going to say this once. Obviously, I am not happy about the coronavirus’s threat to public health or the economic toll it’s taking. I do not think the existence of this pandemic is good. Just so happens that social distancing and remote wo…

via Holly Elmore March 31, 2020

Massachusetts should shut down immediately

We’ve been running 30x fewer tests than other states, and have been extremely tardy in responding to the Biogen outbreak.

via benkuhn.net March 15, 2020

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