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  • Festival Stats 2016

    November 5th, 2016
    contra, gigstats, music  [html]
    Another year, another set of gig stats:

    times booked band
    15 Rushfest
    14 Great Bear
    13 Maivish
    10 Mean Lids
    9 Nor'Easter
    9 Pete's Posse
    9 Stringrays
    7 Buddy System
    7 Notorious
    6 Barefoot
    6 Free Raisins
    6 Syncopaths
    6 Toss the Possum
    5 Coffee Zombies
    5 Elixir
    5 Latter Day Lizards
    5 Nova
    5 Ripples
    5 Turnip the Beet
    5 Wild Asparagus
    4 Playing with Fyre
    4 Sassafras Stomp
    3 Gaslight Tinkers
    3 Hotpoint Stringband
    3 JEMS
    2 Alchemy
    2 Avant Gardeners
    2 Changeling
    2 Clayfoot Strutters
    2 Contra Sutra
    2 Contrarians
    2 Contratopia
    2 Contrazz
    2 Countercurrent
    2 Figments
    2 Frost and Fire
    2 Genticorum
    2 Joyride
    2 Lift Ticket
    2 Moving Violations
    2 Party of Three
    2 Riptide
    2 Steam
    2 Triple A

    And, new for this year, callers:

    times booked caller
    16 Will Mentor
    13 Cis Hinkle
    10 Beth Molaro
    10 George Marshall
    9 Frannie Marr
    9 Lisa Greenleaf
    9 Sarah Van Norstrand
    8 Adina Gordon
    8 Mary Wesley
    7 Gaye Fifer
    6 Susan Kevra
    5 Bev Bernbaum
    5 Bob Isaacs
    5 Charlotte Crittenden
    5 Susan Michaels
    5 Susan Petrick
    4 Emily Abel
    4 Nils Fredland
    3 Dave Eisenstadter
    3 Diane Silver
    3 Dugan Murphy
    3 Luke Donforth
    3 Michael Hamilton
    3 Michael Karcher
    3 Steve Zakon-Anderson
    2 Bill Olson
    2 Bradley Smith
    2 Carol Ormond
    2 Dana Parkinson
    2 Erik Weberg
    2 Frank Buschelmann
    2 Janet Shepard
    2 Jeremy Korr
    2 Jesse Edgerton
    2 Linda Leslie
    2 Lindsey Dono
    2 Maggie Jo Saylor
    2 Rick Mohr
    2 Ron Buchanan
    2 Terry Doyle
    2 Tom Hinds


    • This is from dance websites, and I can't always tell which bands are playing contra as opposed to, say, ECD.
    • I also can't tell how long a band is playing in a weekend. Rushfest and Buddy System typically play shorter amounts than most other bands on this list, but it's variable.
    • I'm trying to count all events with at least 9hr of contra dancing. Let me know if I missed anything.
    • Here's the raw table: list of dance weekends, festivals, and long dances (see the "2016" tab).

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