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What Do You Do Where?

July 25th, 2015
map, tech

You can ask Android "what is this phone doing?" and it will classify your recent movements as:
inVehicleThe device is in a vehicle, such as a car.
onBicycleThe device is on a bicycle.
onFootThe device is on a user who is walking or running.
runningThe device is on a user who is running.
stillThe device is still (not moving).
tiltingThe device angle relative to gravity changed significantly.
unknownUnable to detect the current activity.
walkingThe device is on a user who is walking.
I have location history enabled on my phone, and it's been telling Google my location and activity classification more or less continuously since 2012-09-20. This is now included in Google Takeout, so we can map it. What do I tend to do where?

zoomable map

Colors are:

zoomable map

You can see roads, because they're red (inVehicle), and home/work have a lot of blue (still), but overall this doesn't seem super useful. Maybe there would be something more interesting if I weighted by frequency? (Where do I tilt the most?)

Code is on github

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