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October 28th, 2010
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Wikipedia is huge. It is also stuffy and formal. TvTropes is smaller, but is much more humorous. Most importantly, though, it is far less deletionist (see ThereIsNoSuchThingAsNotability). Perhaps it shall grow to replace wikipedia, just as the H2G2 replaced the EG?

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Maybe it’s not me– it’s grad school

Just a low effort post. I would love a mutually supportive comment discussion about it (because I’m not on facebook). Twitter replies would be nice, too.  I appreciated this post from Ben Kuhn, Grad school is worse for public health than STDs. In it he ca…

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Grad school is worse for public health than STDs

(The way you can *really* tell something is horribly wrong is that grad students find PhD Comics darkly funny, not just dark.)

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I’m Giving a Talk About Construction Costs Tomorrow

By popular demand, I’m giving the talk I gave 2 weeks ago at NYU, again. The database will be revised slightly to include more examples (like Ukraine, which I added between when I gave the talk and when I blogged about it), and I may switch around a few t…

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