Screen-supported Portable Monitor

January 4th, 2024
I broke my MacBook screen a few weeks ago and it didn't end up making sense to repair it. I was considering getting a new computer, but since I almost always use an external monitor maybe a portable external monitor would work?

I found a well reviewed 15.6" one for $130, capable of 1920x1080 (1080p / FHD). It can do power and video over a single USB C cable, and if I fold the cover back it will slide over my laptop's broken screen:

The plug-and-play was pretty great: I attached the cable and it just worked! I did have to set the screen to 1920x1080 manually, though; it defaulted to 960x540:

This is nice, but really I'd like something at eye level so I don't hurt my neck looking down at the screen. Sometimes I'll be somewhere I can put the monitor up on something, but it would be nice if I could use the built-in screen for that:

It seems like it ought to be possible to make some sort of bracket, possibly 3D printed, that attaches to the portable monitor and is supported by the laptop screen? It has two VESA holes on the back for mounting and weighs 1.6lb (726g). I can't find anyone online doing this; is there a reason it wouldn't work?

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