No More Freezer Pucks

August 28th, 2023
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A while ago I wrote about how I'd make freezer pucks:

These work ok, but there are a couple issues:

  • A large batch requires a lot of muffin tins
  • Cleaning muffin tins is annoying
  • It can be hard to get them out of the tins

I've switched to a different system where I freeze a flat tray in a thin enough layer that I can break it easily:

It takes a bit of practice getting the layer thickness right: generally the higher the water content the thinner it needs to be if you don't want an awkward block.

I put a layer in a freezer bag:

Before putting in additional layers I put down a scrap of parchment paper or wax paper:

It's easier and faster than the puck method, though with higher risk of accidentally ending up with a block and needing to defrost some.

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