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Waltz Tempos

February 17th, 2012

Playing the Thursday Night Contra at the Scout House with the Free Raisins last week I was talking to Edward Wallace about waltz tempos. While I know what bpm I'm shooting for playing for contras (110-122, 118 is good) I realised I don't really know what tempo is good for waltzes. Waltzing works over a very wide range of tempos, so it doesn't matter as much, but I was still curious. I went back over my recordings of dances and wrote down what tempo we played each of the waltzes:

2007-03-02Contrail160 [1]128
2010-08-13Free Raisins138116
2011-02-23Jon, Peter, Rick, Gary, Jeff138126
2011-09-24Free Raisins?126
2011-10-11Free Raisins122128
2011-11-12Free Raisins116124
2011-12-11Free Raisins118122
2012-01-15Peter Barnes, BIDA Open Band122120
2012-01-24Edward, Peter, Jeff130128
2012-02-01Free Raisins114118
2012-02-09Free Raisins118128
We seem to mostly be playing the first waltz between 114 and 130 and the second between 120 and 128. I want to play around with a pretty fast (140, 150?) first waltz now.

[1] This is back when we had no idea what we were doing.

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