Attending Sold-Out Beantown Stomp

March 3rd, 2024
beantownstomp, contra, oraganizing
Beantown Stomp, the Boston contra dance weekend I helped start in 2018, is two weeks out. It sold out a month ago, which is good and bad: it's great that lots of people are coming, but not that there are many more who won't be able to. Someone in the latter category wrote to me, which got me thinking about two options for people who still want to attend:

  • The Saturday morning, 9:15-10:30, there will be a family dance with an open band, open to all ($3 for kids, $5-$20 for adults) even if you're not registered for the weekend. If you do come for the family dance, you're welcome to stay for the 10:45-noon contra set with Will Mentor calling to the Figments. (more)

  • BIDA's regular Sunday evening dance is the Sunday of Beantown Stomp, with Will Mentor calling to the Mean Lids. Unlike the dance weekend itself, this event is mask-required (which I expect is a plus for some people and a minus for others). (more)

I'll be at both of these, leading the music for the former and hall managing for the latter. Hope to see you there!

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