Weirdly Long DNS Switchover?

February 16th, 2021
[EDIT: as Jai points out, the problem was likely forgetting IPv6. The AAAA record is now updated, and I should be able to tell in a few hours whether that fixed it.]

I'm helping my dad migrate some code to a new server. It was at for years, but ten days ago he changed his DNS settings to point to Everything looks good to me:

$ dig 1800
    IN    A
The TTL is 1800s, or 30min, which agrees with I expected everyone would be moved over within a couple hours, but a week later the old server is still receiving traffic nearly as much as the new:

date old server new server
2021-02-05 943 0
2021-02-06 201 127
2021-02-07 17 108
2021-02-08 364 423
2021-02-09 488 448
2021-02-10 255 503
2021-02-11 281 345
2021-02-12 250 248
2021-02-13 0 88
2021-02-14 0 78
2021-02-15 217 262
2021-02-16 202 287

The old server getting no traffic on the 13th and 14th is probably because that's the weekend, and the users who happen to be still stuck on the old site aren't using it on the weekend. I asked one of the users still getting the old server to try rebooting, to no effect.

I thought maybe something was misconfigured with the name servers, but it looks fine:

$ whois \
   | grep 'Name Server'
Name Server: NS1.ZEROLAG.COM
Name Server: NS2.ZEROLAG.COM

$ dig \ 1800
   IN    A

$ dig \ 1800
   IN    A
I'm not seeing any references to the old IP address anywhere.

Any guesses about why the traffic isn't moving over?

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