T-Shirt Size Distribution

May 22nd, 2023
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Back in August when we put in an order for shirts we didn't know what sizes people would want, so I looked around online and made some guesses. Now that we've sold a bunch of shirts and are looking at putting in another order I can look at our sales and have a much better idea of what's likely to sell in the future:

Size Unisex Fitted
XS 0 1
S 3 4
M 9 6
L 13 7
XL 9 1
XXL 0 1
XXXL 0 2

Going by sales isn't perfect: in addition to the noise inherent to small samples sizes there were also a few times when someone wanted to buy a shirt but we didn't have one in their size, and this was a bit more common in the more popular sizes.

Here's how well this matches our initial order:

The main issue is we overestimated how many people would want shirts in the largest sizes, which is especially unfortunate because those ones tend to have surcharges due to the extra material. But since we're continuing to order shirts it's not much of an issue: we'll keep bringing them to dances until someone the right size wants them.

You might be wondering how the "sold" line could possibly be higher than the "ordered" line? It's because "sold" includes both shirts we've sold at dances and ones people requested in the Kickstarter and that will be in the upcoming order, while "ordered" is just the initial order from last year.

Separately, if you're interested in a Kingfisher shirt in an unusual color, let me know! It's generally possible to add one-offs to an order that wouldn't normally be economical.

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