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BIDA Caller Booking History

December 23rd, 2015
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I just collected some numbers on who's called at BIDA over the years:
Sue Rosen9
Adina Gordon8
Lisa Greenleaf8
Linda Leslie7
Nils Fredland7
Dave Eisenstadter6
Mary Wesley6
Chris Weiler5
Luke Donforth5
Daniel Friedman4
George Marshall4
Rachel Shapiro4
Ron Blechner4
Will Mentor4
Marcie Van Cleave3
Quena Crain3
Sarah VN3
Tony Parkes3
Andy Shore2
Anna Rain2
Chrissy Fowler2
Dan Pearl2
David Millstone2
Dereck Kalish2
Dugan Murphy2
Jack Mitchell2
Kim Roberts2
Kristin Siebert2
Rebecca Lay2
Steve Z-A1
Alex Cumming1
Amy Cann1
Andrew Stout1
Angela DeCarlis1
Ben Sachs-Hamilton1
Bill Olson1
Bob Dalsemer1
Bob Golder1
Brad Foster1
Chris Ricciotti1
David Kaynor1
Gaye Fifer1
Hannah Naiman1
Jeff Kaufman1
Jim Fownes1
Maia McCormick1
Marguerite Durant1
Michael Hamilton1
Nikki Herbst1
Peter Johnson1
Richard Fischer1
Rick Mohr1
Scott Higgs1
Susan Kevra1
Tavi Merrill1

(This includes people who are currently booked but their dance hasn't happened yet. I put this together when trying to figure out who I should be thinking about booking in the next cycle.)

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