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  • L and R hand positions

    September 24th, 2017
    contra  [html]
    A few months ago I was wondering whether we could base contra role names off of whether hands face up or down. [1] Recently I realized we already did!

    In the picture below, the first person is holding out their hands like a Gent / Lark while the second is holding their hands like a Lady / Raven. See how the first hand makes an 'L' and the second makes an 'R'?

    If you're dancing the role where you start on the 'L'eft then you're a 'L'ark and you make an 'L' when you offer hands for a swing / circle / etc. If you're dancing the role where you start on the 'R'ight then you're a 'R'aven and you make an 'R' when you offer hands.

    [1] I think the best pairing to come from that discussion is Palms/Knuckles, though it's not a very good one.

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