Festival Stats 2023

November 13th, 2023
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Pre-pandemic I would publish a list each year of how many dance weekends, festivals, camps, and long dances contra bands and callers were doing: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. It's not much work, since I'm already collecting this data for trycontra.com/events, and it's interesting to see how the most-booked performers changed over time.

With covid I wasn't tracking things for a few years, but I do have 2023. Note that the number of events is down 20% from 2019 (132 to 107) and the number of bookings is down a 25% (243 to 179 callers, 242 to 175 bands), so these are somewhat fewer and somewhat smaller events:


Playing with Fyre 9
The Dam Beavers 8
Stomp Rocket 7
Nova 5
Toss the Possum 5
The Gaslight Tinkers 5
Countercurrent 4
Elixir 4
Hot Coffee Breakdown 4
Kingfisher 4
The Engine Room 4
Alchemy 3
Drive Train 3
Eloise &co 3
Lighthouse 3
River Road 3
Supertrad 3
Wild Asparagus 3
The Figments 3
The Free Raisins 3
The Mean Lids 3
The Stringrays 3
Anadama 2
Audacious 2
Black River Ironworks 2
Contraforce 2
Contrasaurus 2
Gigmeisters 2
Live Wire 2
Ostara 2
Reelplay 2
Riptide 2
The Faux Paws 2
The Latter Day Lizards 2
The Syncopaths 2


Will Mentor 16
Gaye Fifer 13
Lisa Greenleaf 11
Terry Doyle 8
Bob Isaacs 7
Seth Tepfer 7
Darlene Underwood 6
Cis Hinkle 5
George Marshall 5
Janine Smith 5
Mary Wesley 5
Michael Karcher 5
Jacqui Grennan 4
Lindsey Dono 4
Nils Fredland 4
Ben Sachs-Hamilton 3
David Millstone 3
Diane Silver 3
Frannie Marr 3
Luke Donforth 3
Wendy Graham 3
Adina Gordon 2
Alex Deis-Lauby 2
Beth Molaro 2
Bev Bernbaum 2
Dereck Kalish 2
Emily Rush 2
River Abel 2
Sarah VanNorstrand 2
Steve Zakon-Anderson 2
Sue Hulsether 2
Sue Rosen 2
Susan Michaels 2
Warren Doyle 2

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