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Leading the Thursday Night Dance open band
Tuesday night family dinners
Big Slide Park in Arlington
Lily tries having fiddle lessons, though she dropped after a few weeks
Erika tries contra dancing at BIDA
Anna loves her "bear coat"
Lily gets a library card
Anna shows off her monster boots to Ricci
Dance party!
Immediately after trying citric acid
Cleaning the house for an EA dinner
Brunch in honor of Suzie
Lily wanted to build a table
Helping shovel
Sledding at Powderhouse Park
BIDA family dance open band
BIDA family dance
Contra+Ceilidh with Suzie Petrov and Harris
Janet gives the kids a museum tour
Lily asked for curlers
Two vicious chair thieves
"Fixing" a clock we found in the trash
Felix has a banana
Anna "writing"
Kingfisher in Peterborough
Diet Coke and Mentos
Anna jumped the gun; anti-climactic
Last Swat dinner before covid
Worcester contradance with Kingfisher
Anna has had a runny nose
Playing with clay at a Tuesday family dinner
Anna likes to help with construction projects
One of the conference rooms at work is an airplane
The kids try Killer Queen
And pinball
Ruthie organized a singing party
Taking Erika skating
Barbara's 16th (leap year birthday)
Lily treating coronavirus in fairies
Anna helps set up for the dance
Julia takes the kids home while I stay to play in the open band
Uncle Steven visits
Mini cake to put the candles on, to decrease covid risk
Family birthday in Medford
Anna helps me find studs to build my standing desk (shelf), in anticipation of working from home
Last Ricci adventure for a while, and sending him off with a gallon of hand sanitizer I'd buy it for the (canceled) Beantown Stomp
Playing with baking soda and vinegar
Reviewing 2019 pictures. Covid groceries in the background.
Even though school has been canceled, Julia makes sure Lily still gets a birthday pencil
Lily asks for a surprise party
The kids made a pinata with Erika
Socially distanced Ricci visit
With working from home a friend decided they needed to not have their PS3 in the house. Lily and Anna were very excited. Playing Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
I made cream puffs
Playing with artificial snow
Anna can almost play Dixit
Julia made us all cloth masks. Initially people cross the street to avoid us. In retrospect all the outdoor masking makes me sad, but this was the best we knew at the time.
Adding hooks to the package shelf for mask storage
Julia got a recipe for enormous bubbles
Very hard to get a decent shot of a child on a tricycle, with a combination of helmet and mask.
Passover with housemates
Decorating Easter eggs
Midnight party, Al's game from childhood
Sledding on the steep embankment along the bike path
Carrying a cold wet sad Anna home
Dangling buckets off the fire escape
The kids can refill the watering can from the rain barrel
Anna continues to love picking flowers
Dolphiny to rappel out the third-floor window
Celebrating May Day
We need to refill the sandbox more than would be ideal, because we're not as reliable as we'd like about closing it
Mother's Day cards, and cuddles
I've been doing a lot of lying on the floor to stretch my back, which Anna enjoys imitating
Climbing Good Lady Maple
Camouflage Anna
The bike path has terrible drainage, which Anna loves
Filling eclairs. This is before I learned how to pipe them.
Hiking in the Blue Hills with housemates.
We walked to the Mystic River. Really long walk.
Flying kites at Trum field
Possibly imitating Totoro?
Building a treehouseboat
Anna trims my beard
Socially distanced gathering in Medford, each family eating well away from the others
Vacation in Salisbury, at an AirBnB.
Another get together in Medford, this time with Barbara and Molly
Lily made pasta bake
Teaching the kids a simplified version of the Taxi Game
Crewing for David, racing sailboats at community boating
Seeing the Carslile cousins
Inflating Julia's toes
Socially distanced notary for refinancing our mortgage
Lily plays Li in Go. He's normally about as good as me and Rick together, but on a small enough board, with enough handicaps, it's an even match.
Lily trying to figure out what Contact Specialist does
Virtual first grade
Insulating the shed
Playing with the insulation leftovers
Getting out my teddy bears from when I was little
Heading to Albion Park for a picnic dinner, with portable ice cream
Lily wanted me to time how long she can hold her breath
Pick your own is a good pandemic activity
Pillow fight
Exploring Fresh Pond
Bringing leftover shed insulation to Declan's for car construction
The new bike trailer increases are effective range
Listening to podcasts
Socially distanced birthday party at Playstead
Lily helps me with the shed
Going trick or treating. Both kids are princess Sofia, complete with amulets
Despite the snow, Lily eschews shoes
Doesn't take long before she changes her mind
Candy chute for socially distanced distribution from the dinner table
Thanksgiving with housemates
And Erika's fiance, who had already had covid
Thanksgiving get together at Menotomy Rocks park with Medford cousins
Decorating gingerbread houses at Barb and Jon's
Our neighbors are very into seasonal decoration
Lily asked David to teach her to ride a skateboard
Hanukkah, with housemates isolating on the other side of the barrier
Picking out a Christmas tree
Staticy hair
Erika's wedding
Playing dreidel
The embankment is steep enough that you can slide without a sled
Anna wanted us to bury her
Lily learning embroidery
Goodbye party for Erika
Christmas video call with Julia's family
Lily wants to try all the science experiments in her science kit
Breaking a geode with a hammer and a sock
Hocky at Albion Park