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Julia and I want to make the world better, and we think one of the best ways to do that is to donate money to effective charities. Since we're advocating this, I think being transparent about our own donations is fair.


2007 $336 
2006 $336 
2005 $336 
2004 $168 
2003 $168 


Note: entries in grey italics are not included in the totals above, and we don't count them towards our 50% donation goal.

2017-12-27$15,000Schistosomiasis Control Initiative
via GiveWell
2017-12-27$66,000Effective Altruism Community Fund
2017-12-21$50,000Against Malaria Foundation
via PayPal Giving Fund
2017-12-21$500Against Malaria Foundation
PayPal 1% donation match
2017-11-20$400Against Malaria Foundation
Employee-directed donation
2017-06-27$5,000Effective Altruism Community Fund
2017-06-27$5,000Effective Altruism Community Fund
Employer donation match
2017-01-05$6,000Against Malaria Foundation
2017-01-05$6,000Against Malaria Foundation
Employer donation match
2016-12-30$300New Harvest
2016-12-24$10,000Against Malaria Foundation
2016-12-24$80,100EA Giving Group Fund
2016-12-05$134.58Against Malaria Foundation
2016-06-25$55,000Against Malaria Foundation
2016-06-12$11Against Malaria Foundation2
2016-06-12$20Innovations for Poverty Action2
2016-06-12$69Nurse Family Partnership2
2016-05-11$10,000Against Malaria Foundation
2016-02-24$5,000Give Directly
2015-12-28$79,152Against Malaria Foundation
2015-12-28$34,152Centre for Effective Altruism
2015-08-30$5,000Against Malaria Foundation
2015-05-28$50,000Centre for Effective Altruism
2015-05-28$6,000Centre for Effective Altruism
Employer donation match
2014-12-31$6,443To GiveWell, for distribution to their top charities
2014-12-20$57,763To GiveWell, for distribution to their top charities
2014-08-28$20Give Directly
Donation in exchange for work
2014-07-28$30,000Centre for Effective Altruism
2014-02-01$4,250To GiveWell, for distribution to their top charities
2014-01-08$30,000Centre for Effective Altruism
2014-01-08$5,800Centre for Effective Altruism
Employer donation match
2013-12-28$13,000To GiveWell, for distribution to their top charities
2013-12-28$10,000Centre for Effective Altruism
2013-12-09$1,550To GiveWell, for distribution to their top charities
2013-08-11$15,000Centre for Effective Altruism
2013-08-08$1,000Against Malaria Foundation
2013-08-08$26,000Centre for Effective Altruism
2013-07-01$10,000Against Malaria Foundation
2013-06-26$10,000Against Malaria Foundation
2013-04-26$6,000Against Malaria Foundation
2013-04-26$5,800Against Malaria Foundation
Employer donation match
2013-02-08$400Against Malaria Foundation
2013-02-04$6,000Against Malaria Foundation
2013-02-04$5,800Against Malaria Foundation
Employer donation match
2013-01-21$200Against Malaria Foundation
Donation in exchange for work
2012-11-17$4,200Giving What We Can
2012-11-07$21,05380,000 Hours
2012-09-18$19,000Against Malaria Foundation
2012-09-18$12,000Against Malaria Foundation
Employer donation match
2012-09-10$1000Against Malaria Foundation
Donation in exchange for work
2012-07-07$150Against Malaria Foundation
2012-06-04$2000Against Malaria Foundation
Donation in exchange for work
2012-05-28$31Schistosomiasis Control Initiative
2012-01-29$5000Against Malaria Foundation
2012-01-29$500Schistosomiasis Control Initiative
2010-10-17$10,000Oxfam America, for monitoring and evaluation
2010-07-23$75Oxfam America
2010-07-08$1,391Oxfam America
2010-06-03$25Oxfam America
2010-05-19$505Oxfam America
2010-05-10$14,000Oxfam America
2010-02-23$10Oxfam America
2010-02-03$10,000Oxfam America
2009-11-10$13,000Oxfam America
2009-11-04$719Oxfam America
2009-09-11$10Oxfam America
2009-04-15$50Oxfam America
2009-04-15$7,000Oxfam America
2009-03-19$30Oxfam America
2009-02-19$7,000Oxfam America
2008-12-26$3,400Oxfam America
2008-12-26$500Oxfam America
2008-12-15$360Oxfam America
2008-10-11$5,000Oxfam America
2008-07-26$1,500Oxfam America
2007$336Save the Children
2006$336Save the Children
2005$336Save the Children
2004$168Save the Children
2003$168Save the Children

Donations labeled "employer donation match" and "donation in exchange for work" are not included in the totals or counted towards our 50% goal.

The Federal Income column shows our "adjusted gross income" for each year, as reported on IRS form 1040. The Donations column shows the total of our tax-qualifying donations for each year. This isn't necessarily the amount we were able to deduct on Schedule A: in 2008 and earlier we took the standard deduction and didn't file a Schedule A, while in 2014 and later we donated slightly more than 50% and the IRS caps charitable deductions to half your adjusted gross income.


[1] Between Fall 2010 and Spring 2012 our situation was unusual:

[2] These donations were chosen by particpants in a Giving Game.

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