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Frozen Lunch Pucks

Now that I'm no longer at Google I'm making my own lunches. One thing I've been doing that I'm pretty happy with is making single serving "pucks" that I can freeze:


How to make housing cheaper

Big coastal American cities have a problem: too many people want to live there. Overall this is much better than the reverse, but lots of people wanting to move in drives up housing costs, and people get forced out. What can we do?

Overall, the best way to bring down the cost of housing is for there to be more of it. This can mean any combination of more housing space, more units, and more bedrooms. Here are ideas for how we could do this: more...

Loft Idea

Currently when we have a guest spend the night we have a fold-out couch available in the living room. It's a good one so it's reasonably comfortable, but it's kind of in the middle of things. This means you can't really go to sleep while others are still up, or stay asleep after others wake up, you don't have much privacy, the bed needs to be folded away during the day, and you can't leave your stuff out. So I've been thinking about making a loft: more...


Blocking on Facebook is very thorough. If A has blocked B then neither can see the other's posts, comments, or any other comments in threads the other starts, among other things. In many cases this is more thorough than people actually want. The problem is there are at least two scenarios blocking covers:

  1. Someone keeps being obnoxious. You don't want to see what they write, and you don't want them to be able to post on your wall or threads, but it's fine if they can see what you write.

  2. You dislike someone and want to minimize interaction with them in all forms. You definitely don't want to see their stuff, but you also don't want them to see your stuff, because that might lead to interaction in other ways. Or they're creeping on you, and you want to cut them out entirely.

Adding dormers to our house

Over the last year we added three dormers to our house. This added two bedrooms to our third floor, bringing it to four bedrooms. We changed: more...

Slack tool: predict

I wrote a Slack tool that implements a CFAR-style prediction market:

/predict create rain-2017-03-18 "it will rain tomorrow" tomorrow 40%
/predict rain-2017-03-18 70%
/predict rain-2017-03-18 80%
/predict resolve rain-2017-03-18 true
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