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When Are Dance Weekends?

It feels like some weekends there's a lot going on in terms of dance weekends and festivals, while other weekends there's not so much. Since I maintain a list of these events, though, I could check:


HTTPS Support

This site is now available over HTTPS, with certificates from Let's Encrypt:

The certificates only last for three months, and I don't have automated renewal set up, so the https site might go down briefly every so often for the cert being out-of-date if I forget to renew. Once I sort this out I can redirect the http site to https, but I'm wary of doing it before then.

The letsencrypt-auto command I'm using is: more...

Adding a Bathroom

Shortly after buying our house, we decided to split an awkwardly shaped 3rd-floor bedroom into a smaller bedroom and a bathroom:

current proposed

It took a little longer than we expected, and there were some surprises along the way, but it's done now!

(This image is rotated from the previous ones, sorry!)

(interactive 3D version)

In general, the plan was that I would do as much of the work as possible, by myself or with friends. In Massachusetts I can't do electrical or plumbing work, so I was going to hire people to do these, but there's a lot of other work that goes into making a bathroom! That division is mostly what we ended up with, but with the working time being my free weekends it ended up taking a lot longer than we initially expected.

Here's a rough timeline: more...

Making Flyers

In organizing events, being able to make flyers is helpful for getting the word out. [1] I often hear people saying "I'd like to make flyers, but I don't know how" or "I can make something ugly in Word, but I don't know how to make something that actually looks good." So: here's how I make flyers/posters that look like this:

They're not as good as ones a graphic design professional would create, but they're much nicer than what you can make in Word. The key thing is more...

Costco vs Market Basket

While Julia and I aren't quite as penny-pinching as we used to be, we still do try to live frugally so we have more to donate. Reading Mr Money Mustache can be useful here: a coherent philosophy of saving money, combined with practical suggestions. [1] One idea is getting a Costco membership and going there quarterly to stock up:

Comparing the $401 Costco bill to a potential $690 Safeway bill means that I am saving 41% over the lowest prices I could find at Safeway—and this is over a huge swath of groceries. After subtracting the membership cost, I probably still save close to $1000 per year.
The general strategy of going to a really cheap place occasionally to buy lots of things that keep well is a good one, but I was wondering whether Costco in particular makes sense. Costco charges a membership fee, and our cheapest nearby supermarket, Market Basket, is pretty cheap. more...
Stacking Baskets

In our kitchen we keep two baskets [1], one for recycling and one for kitchen laundry. We've kept them on the floor since we moved in, but because that means Lily can get at them we needed to keep sharp recycling separately. Which was a pain, because we'd forget to take that out. Additionally, this meant using more floor space than would be ideal. So I made small table that holds one basket over another:


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