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Donation Report

Julia and I want to make the world better, and we think one of the best ways to do that is to donate money to effective charities. Since we're advocating this, I think being transparent about our own donations is fair.

YearFederal IncomeDonationsPecentage Donated
2007 $336 
2006 $336 
2005 $336 
2004 $168 
2003 $168 

Donation details:

2014-12-31$6,443To GiveWell, for distribution to their top charities
2014-12-20$57,763To GiveWell, for distribution to their top charities
2014-08-28$20Give Directly
Donation in exchange for work
2014-07-28$30,000Center For Effective Altrusim
2014-02-01$4,250To GiveWell, for distribution to their top charities
2014-01-08$30,000Center For Effective Altrusim
2014-01-08$5,800Center For Effective Altrusim
Employer donation match
2013-12-28$13,000To GiveWell, for distribution to their top charities
2013-12-28$10,000Center For Effective Altrusim
2013-12-09$1,550To GiveWell, for distribution to their top charities
2013-08-11$15,000Center For Effective Altrusim
2013-08-08$1,000Against Malaria Foundation
2013-08-08$26,000Center For Effective Altrusim
2013-07-01$10,000Against Malaria Foundation
2013-06-26$10,000Against Malaria Foundation
2013-04-26$6,000Against Malaria Foundation
2013-04-26$5,800Against Malaria Foundation
Employer donation match
2013-02-08$400Against Malaria Foundation
2013-02-04$6,000Against Malaria Foundation
2013-02-04$5,800Against Malaria Foundation
Employer donation match
2013-01-21$200Against Malaria Foundation
Donation in exchange for work
2012-11-17$4,200Giving What We Can
2012-11-07$21,05380,000 Hours
2012-09-18$19,000Against Malaria Foundation
2012-09-18$12,000Against Malaria Foundation
Employer donation match
2012-09-10$1000Against Malaria Foundation
Donation in exchange for work
2012-07-07$150Against Malaria Foundation
2012-06-04$2000Against Malaria Foundation
Donation in exchange for work
2012-05-28$31Schistomiasis Control Initiative
2012-01-29$5000Against Malaria Foundation
2012-01-29$500Schistomiasis Control Initiative
2010-10-17$10,000Oxfam America, for monitoring and evaluation
2010-07-23$75Oxfam America
2010-07-08$1,391Oxfam America
2010-06-03$25Oxfam America
2010-05-19$505Oxfam America
2010-05-10$14,000Oxfam America
2010-02-23$10Oxfam America
2010-02-03$10,000Oxfam America
2009-11-10$13,000Oxfam America
2009-11-04$719Oxfam America
2009-09-11$10Oxfam America
2009-04-15$50Oxfam America
2009-04-15$7,000Oxfam America
2009-03-19$30Oxfam America
2009-02-19$7,000Oxfam America
2008-12-26$3,400Oxfam America
2008-12-26$500Oxfam America
2008-12-15$360Oxfam America
2008-10-11$5,000Oxfam America
2008-07-26$1,500Oxfam America
2007$336Save the Children
2006$336Save the Children
2005$336Save the Children
2004$168Save the Children
2003$168Save the Children

Donations labeled "employer donation match" and "donation in exchange for work" are not included in the totals or counted towards our 50% goal.


[1] Between Fall 2010 and Spring 2012 our situation was unusual:

[2] In 2008 and earlier we took the standard deduction instead of reporting donations for tax purposes. So this column contains what we could legally have deducted as charitable giving if we had itemized deductions.

[3] My shares are 0.06% of a company I estimate an expected value for of $100M. (It has previously spun off two other companies at valuations of over $100M.)

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