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Papa shirt, napkin hat
Anna likes the new hair options
The magnolia is one of Sarah's
Lily later used this as the cover photo for her Nora and Me podcast
The last night!


Singing Beach with Molly and Tinker
Anna inspects a geode she opened
I think this shirt has been in rotation for twenty years now, and I got it used
Lily wanted us to go back to Singing Beach the next weekend for more rocks
Still masking outdoors, even on an empty beach. Silly in retrospect, but at least it keeps your face warm.
Lily climbed way up in the rocks with Lee
Science kit from Christmas
Inspecting the results
Anna thinks Nora looks cute, even in utero
Arnold Arboretum
Hi baby!
Lily loves to climb on rocks
Marblehead Light
Anna made a crown
Walking in the Fells with cousins
Socially distanced picnic
Marblehead Light again, on a really cold and windy day
Al made turtle rolls
Sledding at tower park
Lily wanted a drum kit, so I made something out of old footboard parts
Lexington Park in the snow
Laundry makes good dressups
Anna tells us about her picture
Snow piles on the sidewalks
Large snow pile in the Brown School lot
Experiments in makeup
Movie day
Nora's getting closer!
Lesson with mama
Tire swing at Playstead
Outdoor birthday party
Opening presents
Anna learns Rush Hour
Anna's bed drawings have foot lumps
Lily reads present cards
Playing in the snow with Amy, Baxter, and Skarpy
Me: Lily, do you remember what you were excited about? Lily: no
Blanket fort
Starting the hidey hole
Partial floor
More flooring
Planning a spider prank
Bubble wrap costume
More foreshadowing
Our backyard is good for mudding
We made caramel apples, but the kids mostly wanted to eat the caramel off them
No I wouldn't like to leave them here!
Seed catalog
Sleepover in Anna's room, but not falling asleep
Did eventually fall asleep
Lily delights the judge
Very icy, but not not if you stay on your knees
Gore Place
Musical sculpture along the Mystic
Stevie and Morgan visiting while we're both on parental leave
Adventures by the sea
Anna, marker
Lily puts on a one-girl play for the house
Beach with cousins
A horse comes by!
Shadow puppets in the front hall
Lily turns eight
Julia made her just the cake she wanted
Pin the tail on the donkey at another Playstead birthday
Getting ready for Passover
Passover with housemates
I propose they just give me the afikomen
Rainbow kites at Lexington Park
Another Singing Beach visit
Looking for Easter eggs
This year Anna doesn't need a help
A sculpture inside an old phone box
Anna learning to pump
I think she's listening to the Kingfisher video
Relatives in Carslile, with Anne and Lee's new RV in the background
Visiting the farm where Spencer works
Lily wanted to go very high on the horizontal swing
We drove way too far to visit relatives where they were staying on the Cape. The weather was so cold we only spent about an hour and a half with them before driving home.
Salisbury beach
Family friends at Barb and Jon's
Lily's good at biking now, and almost outgrowing her's
A friend took some maternity photos of us to use in advertising their photography business
May day celebration
A lake house with Ricci for a week.
The house had a bouncy castle
Fencing with Ricci
Playing Tier auf Tier
We went for a walk, and went farther than we intended. The peanutbutter pretzels Lily had in her bag were the main food we had with us. I thought they were very tasty, but Anna was less sure.
Lily reads to Anna. She loves these Fairy books.
Ricci teaching Lily Go
The dryer at the lake house vents indoors.
Lots of fun drawing in the condensation!
Ricci brought his Sunfish
We went on another walk that ended up being farther than we intended. All the way around Buffumville Lake!
Cecilia was watching Lily and Anna a few days a week. D&D was very popular.
This was originally Thomas the Tank Engine, but Julia replaced the fabric because the original had fire retardants.
Playing in the lake with cousins.
First grandparent visit, now that they're vaccinated and rates are down.
Anna loves her mittens
Lets go out and splash in puddles!
Two serious fans of France in Junior Eurovision
Welcome Nora!
Very happy to get to hold her
Both older kids are super excited about her
Picking mulberries
Nora is oblivious to hammocks and most things
We went strawberry picking with cousins, and there was a wooden boat to play in
Anna is getting to hold Nora too now
Our photographer friend came back and took more photos
More mullberries. I'm up for doing some shoulder rides, but not indefinitely.
Anna picks her own berries, with great effort.
Splash pad at Albion Park
One of our friends has blueberry bushes
Anny tries my pitch shifting software
Olivia's birthday in Medford
Lily reads to us
Rosie loves babies
Cozy baby naps
The older kids want Nora cuddles before bed
The bouncy castle on vacation was so much fun that Ricci decided to buy one for his house
The cousins are into taking walks around the block
Another sleepover
Anna wants to hold Nora all the time
Lily is starting to work on holding Nora standing up
Anna still loves to hide
Tea at Barb's
Anna has loved plums since she started solids
Tree House with relatives in Marion.
We didn't bring Nora into the main house all trip since she was so little and we weren't sure about covid. This is a screened-in porch.
Alice's face painting is popular
I slept in a tent with the older two; Julia was in the little house with Nora
Singing party
Sleepy Morgan, sleeping Nora
More face painting, but can't quite stop playing with Nora
And even more Nora when Alice refills her brush
Anna waits while Ricci and I finish Go
Nora has never been a fan of tummy time
Ricci adventure to Wareham
Such a proud sister
Morgan, Val, Stevie
Rosie, Anna, Davy
Nora has constant company
Still light enough for naps without a carrier
Anna chasing Felix
The kids put on a performance
Saying goodnight to the ocean after dinner
Anna joins our weekly Werewolf game with Swat folks
Lily has been collecting cans
Anna came along to help deposit them
Tuesday family dinner at Ricci's
Big Slide Park (Robbins Farm Park)
Anna still loves picking flowers
Lily is slowly getting better at reading
We went peach picking. Anna seems to have found an apple tree somewhere.
Alice is in residency and is always working, but it's nice to get to see her when they give her some time off.
Reanimating a tree
Muffin cones at Valley Pond with cousins
Nora knows little, so everything is surprising
Bedtime Nora cuddles are still very important
Nora is well documented
Pickup sticks with Ricci
Our neighbor had a mental health breakdown and the cops showed up with long guns
Nora is unsure
Lily found a used pinata in the trash. After repairing and refilling it she brought it to the beach, and invited everyone to help her break it.
Moving season: bringing home a discarded easel
And fancy clothes someone was throwing out
Such tiny feet!
Nora especially liked thumpy bass
The wagon is helpful as people shed layers
Anna loves honeysuckle
Coloring designs to be made into plates; something we also did as kids
Trum Field is the best place near us for kites
Still warm enough for Sandy Beach
Erika is back with us as a Nanny now
Winning at hide and seek
Resuming EA dinners
Grandparents visit again, now that there's a Nora
Olivia's family decided to go with training wheels
Wagon again being very useful
The kids love the little hidden trail along the side of the bike path
Mac and cheese, chicken nuggets: very easy kid food
Making a fire truck for Felix's birthday
Cousins park at our house for Honk
Honk is loud enough that we have ear protection for Nora
Finishing the hidey hole
Birthday celebration brunch at Rosie's
My work sent me a pumpkin to carve (really!) and Nora likes the box
Nora will tolerate the wizard costume for long enough for a picture
Lily made herself a cowgirl costume.
Hidey hole in use!
Rockport with Ricci and Rosie
On the other side of the harbor Lily tries map making
Judy and Jim's cider party
Chipping the apples
Pressing out the juice needs four hands!
Anna likes to bring stuffies to Kindergarten
Nora isn't sure about swings yet
Playing our first dance since 2020!
A rare Tuesday dinner without little cousins means playing with the fragile dolls
Flying to NC to see Julia's family for an early Thanksgiving; first travel since 2020
Backyard swing at Grandma and Grampa's new home
Reading comics aloud
Flying home again. Both kids strongly prefer window seats.
String art turns out to be a little too hard
Cranberry-Orange relish for Thanksgiving
Anne and Lee up for Thanksgiving
Nora's wearing a Suzie sweater
Nicky meets Nora
Lily and Lee play Go
Gingerbread decorating party
Everyone wants to push Nora in the swing
Kids' second covid shot goes much better than the first
Indoor rocket launching is a questionable pastime
Reading Herschel and the Hannukah Goblins
Apple strings from the apple torture machine at family dinner
Anna has a reading and writing lesson
Maia visits
Playing dreidel
Trying to keep the dreidel on the table
A turtle costume
Lily lights the candles
Bike riding with school friends
Anna thinks it's silly that we eat roots
Anna's turn to light candles
Nora spends a lot of time unsure
Lily wanted antennae
The easel has a whiteboard on the back
Felix walking on a wall
Decorating the tree
Family Christmas at Ricci's
The drawers under Oli's bed are great fun
Lots of face tickles
Ice breaking
Making truffles
Distracting Nora while she eats
Relatives visit for Christmas at Ricci's
Nora has help opening her presents
Stuffies are light enough you don't need a carrier
Rocks at Powederhouse
Anna likes the neck warmer Rosie knit
Visiting Abby and Eric's for another outdoor gathering
The Grab (Yankee Swapish) with remote participants. Hoping no one remote takes what I put in so I don't have to deal with shipping...
Climbing at Tower Park
Magic with cousins. I'll play Magic with other people's decks, but drafting is a lot more fun because we're on a more even footing.
Singing Beach with relatives and Barb's family
Making giaotze
Dixit with Mary, Eddie, and Nathan, who are staying with us
Nora tries a strawberry
Dinner at Stevie and Vals
Everyone present is comfortable with no masks given the daily rapid testing we've been doing all week
Lily asks for Dixit a lot, and Mary says yes a lot
Wandering around Lexington
Very cozy Nora, inside a coat Julia expanded for Lily