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fall 2017present programming at Google (Boston) Nominal:

2020‑12$179k salary, 18.7% bonus, $131k stock/4y
2019‑12$174k salary, 18.0% bonus, $128k stock/4y
2018‑12$172k salary, 16.5% bonus, $109k stock/4y
2017‑12$170k salary, 16.4% bonus, no additional stock
2017‑09$170k salary, 15.0% bonus, $425k stock/4y, $50k sign-on.



winter 2017summer 2017 programming at Wave (Remote) Nominal: $168k salary, plus options for 0.17% of the company vesting over four years.

Additionally, they pay 75% of my health insurance, and 50% for Julia and our kids.

spring 2012winter 2017 programming at Google (Boston) Actual:


I've also taken their 50% 401k match, which is up to the IRS maxium ($9k match in 2016).

Plus they pay ~90% of my and Julia's health insurance, provide lots of free food, and cover my subway pass.

fall 2010spring 2012 programming at CogoLabs (Boston) $67k (2010-2011),
$72k (2011-2012)
 + $15k in bonus total
 + 734 shares equity I valued (risk-neutrally) at about $40k but turned out to be money-losing.

Plus they paid ~90% of our family;s health insurance, and paid for my subway pass.

fall 2008fall 2010 programming at BBN (Boston) $65k (2008),
$67k (2009),
$71k (2010)
 + approximately 20% more in bonuses and matching 401k contributions.

Plus they paid ~90% of my and Julia's health insurance, and paid for my subway pass.

summer 2008- dishwasher at Pinewoods (Plymouth) $250/week plus room and board
senior year- student work (Philly)20hr/week @ $8.56/hr
junior summer- work as billing tech (Boston)40hr/week @ $12/hr
junior year- student work (Philly)~15hr/week @ $8.01/hr
sophmore year- student work (Philly)~10hr/week @ $7.56/hr
freshman year- student work (Philly)~10hr/week @ $7.20/hr
9th grade12th grade allowance (Boston)$10/week
2nd grade8th grade allowance (Boston)$1/week


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