Vehicular Square dancing Proposal, draft two

Dear SBC, 
We would like to apply for concept grant funding for a vehicular Square 
dance.  Square dancing is a traditional American folk dance form in 
which four couples dance to calls given by a leader.  It is similar to 
Contra dancing, though more practical on a small scale as it requires 
only eight dancers in its smallest form. 
The Square dance is a descendant of the french Quadrille form, which
was itself descended from traditional military parade formations done
with paired horses.  In the Midwest, some people have begun to bring
this tradition back to its roots with Square dances performed with
Not having tractors, we would like to host a Square dance for golf
carts in the Science Center parking lot.  We considered having
students bring their cars, but golf carts would allow a much larger
portion of the community to participate, be safer, and require less
Square dances have both music and a caller, so we would need some sort
of amplification system.  Ideally we would have a full sound system,
but we could make do with a car stereo for the music and a megaphone
for the caller.

Because only a relatively small number of people would be able to
dance at any one time, we need to keep things interesting for the
spectators, perhaps by providing refreshments.  Outside of the
amplification system and the use of the golf carts, food would be the
only real expense.
This activity would include people both as drivers and as spectators
and would allow the Swarthmore community to participate in an American
tradition that is in danger of dying out due to lack of youth interest
and involvement.
The following are willing to take on the organization of this activity:

  Jeff Kaufman
  David Chudiki

In addition, these people were involved in the planning of this proposal:

  Katie Sauvain
  David German

The following are people who in a quick survey of the ML Lounge thought they
would be likely to attend and participate:  

  Allison Barlow
  Julia Bertaut
  Nicole Boyda
  Alex George
  Mark Kharas
  David	Kornfilt
  Alan McAviney
  Emmanuelle Wambach

  Jeff Kaufman


Jeff Kaufman : 2005
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