Fried Tofu in Sauce

(Serves 2-3)

Remember to start rice and other sides.

Tofu: drain water from container, cut into 1/2" slabs, put slabs on a clean towel. Press them, replace towel if it's full of water. Keep going until the slabs are as dry as you can get. Cut slabs into 1/2" cubes, put in 1-gal ziplock bag. If you're cooking multiple recipes, best to do this step in batches of two tofu blocks, and get them frying before moving on.

Breading: add ~3T cornstarch to tofu cubes in bad. Mix. Keep adding and mixing cornstarch, 1T at a time, until they're fully coated sin a gummy layer. Do this right before frying so it doesn't get gloppy.

Frying: fill pot with enough fry oil that it could submerge the cubes. Heat up the oil. Add the cubes. Don't add too many; you want them to have room around them so the coating can form properly. You might need to do multiple batches. Once the coating has gotten firm you can move them into a second pot which you pack more densely to finish cooking. This takes a while, like ~20min. It's brown when it's done, though not as thoroughly brown as you might like. Take it out and put it on paper towels.

Sauce: combine sesame oil, conrnstarch, minced garlic, minced ginger, syrup, soy sauce, and tahini. Whisk to mix. You'll need to whisk again before using the sauce, so keep the whisk.

Veggies: cut scallions, peppers, into small pieces.

Finish: combine tofu and sauce, then veggies. Put into pan for ~3min, stirring frequently so the sauce doesn't burn. Remove from heat, optionally toss with sesame seeds.


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