Chocolate Raspbery Pie

Make a pie crust and bake it (350ish) until it's hard but not browned. I like to grease the pan with butter to make it taste butterier, though this is optional and makes the crust slide around some when it's done.


Melt some chocolate chips (about enough to cover the bottom of the pie crust) along with butter (maybe 3tbs) in a microwave. Stop it every 20sec or so to stir. You don't want the chocolate to burn. Spread it over the bottom of the crust with a spatula before it cools.


Starting with frozen raspberries, microwave them until they are defrosted. Get most of the juice out, with a fork or sieve or something, and drink it. Microwave the rest until the raspberries get a bit cooked. Add some sugar, but not too much, remembering that the chocolate is already quite sugary.

The raspberris cook down a lot, so you'll want to start with a lot or not make very much.


Spread the raspberrie over the chocolate, and cook until the crust browns a little. This step is probably optional.


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