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Bryn Mawr - via Laurie Tupper

Kingsessing Morris in one of the Bryn Mawr dining halls

Kingsessing Kingsessing Kingsessing

Dancing outside

The Kingsessing Morris Men

Kingsessing, BDan Kingsessing Kingsessing Kingsessing, Fool Kingsessing, Fool Kingsessing Kingsessing Kingsessing Kingsessing Kingsessing

The Points of Etiquette: Stillington

Comeon circle, making ring single unders double unders doubles doubles double overs making a lock displaying the lock circling with lock draw walking off

Germantown Country Dancers: Garland

GCD: Garland GCD: Garland GCD: Garland GCD: Garland GCD: Garland GCD: Garland

Germantown Country Dancers: Longsword

clash the back of someone's head unders crazy simultaneous under and overness circle circle bringing the lock down unders overs overs triangles ? lock end

The Points of Etiquette: Helmsley II

comeon preclash hilarity clash over your neighbor's sword lock pousettes triangles triangles triangles triangles doubles double unders double overs double triangle lock

The Points of Etiquette at Belmont Plateau - via Will Quale

doubles ring lock

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