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Claire, Alice, Mary; Cherries Alice; Guitar Stevie, Jeff, Alice; Contra music Stevie; Cortona Patio Claire; Cortona Patio Rose, Rick, Jeff, Susanna; Contra music Mary, Rose; Haircutting Rick, Jeff; Playing Go Hughie; Cortona patio Anne, Rose; Rose's Birthday Cortona, Music; Rick, Alice, Susanna, Jeff, Stevie Cortona, Music; Rick, Alice, Susanna, Jeff, Stevie Cortona; House


Claire, Mary, Rose, Alice; Some bar Suzie, Stevie, Susanna, Laura; Bar la Posta Rick; Bar la Posta Alice, Anne; Pre-world cup final Rose, Alice, Susanna, Claire, Jeff, Stevie, Laura, Mike, Nathan; Italy wins the world cup Mary, Alice, Rose, Susanna; Italy wins Jeff, Alice, Mary; Three Buffons Lee, Mike, Stevie, Rose, Mary, Susanna, Claire, Alice, Jeff; Italy wins Cortona Cortona; Above


Alice, Rose, Claire, Rick; Sienna Stevie, Rose, Mary, Nathan, Rick, Claire, Alice; Sienna Jeff; Sienna Claire, Nathan, Jeff, Rick; Sienna View from duomo; Sienna


Alice; Montecio Rick; Montecio Rosie; Montecio


Day One: Hike up to the Ombretto Pass

Becky, Jeff; Dolomite alpine meadow Alice, Anne, Nathan, Rick, Cows; Dolomite alpine meadow Rick; Dolomite alpine meadow Alice, Mary, Claire; Psuedoglacial snow Suzie; Dolomite alpine meadow Suzie, Lee; Ombretto Pass Hughie; Ombretto Pass Jeff; Ombretto Pass Hiking in the Dolomites; Jeff, Stephen, Nathan, Suzie, Claire Hiking; Nathan, Alice, jeff, Claire Hiking; Claire, Jeff, Hugh, Suzie, Nathan Hiking; Hugh

Campground (Malga Cipalda)

Mary, Becky, Alice, Jasper, Claire, Jeff, Nathan; Malga Cipalda Nathan, Charlie, Laura, Stephen, Anne, Becky, Lee, Rick, Hughie, Mike; Malga Cipalda Hiking; Campsite

Day 2: Hike up to Sass de Roi

Jeff; Sass de Roi Claire, Hughie; Sass de Roi Hughie, Jeff, Claire, Charlie; Sass de Roi Charlie; Sass de Roi Malga Cipalda; Sass de Roi Claire; Sass de Roi Hughie, Jeff; Alta via della cresta Claire, Charlie, Lee; Route 613 Hiking; Charlie Hiking; Claire, Alice Hiking; Claire, Alice Hiking; Jeff Hiking; Hugh Hiking; Alice, Jeff, High


Stevie, Rick, Mary, Jeff, Rose; Arezzo Mary, Rose, Jeff, Stevie; Arezzo


Pretty Trees More Pretty More Flowers Flowers with Butterfly Cortona; Sunset Cortona Cortona; Night Cortona; Sunset Cortona; Madonna Cortona; Sunset


Rick, Alice, Mary; Lago di Garda Jeff, Claire, Rose, Stevie, Mary, Rick, Anne, Alice, Susanna; Castiglion Fiorentino Mike, Stevie, Alice, Rose, Rick, Nate, Jeff; Pantheon, Rome Pretty lake on the way to the Dolomites Same lake, still pretty

Full sets are available at italypics until I take them down, which I'll probably do next time SCCS talks about needing more space.

Jeff Kaufman : 2006
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