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Family -- 2005 -- Winter pictures


Eileen, Ben, Molly Singing party -- Barbara, Jon, Ben, Nicky Singing party -- Jeff, Nicky Eileen Molly, Nicky Nicky, Ben, Jeff, Molly, Mich Rosie in the sewing room Rosie, with snow and car Rick, on a jetty Jeff and Mich in the car Micheline Alice, Jeff, on a rock Alice, Mich, Jeff at Rosie's dance concert


Rosie, with accordion Davy, with accordion Anne and Kathryn Winnie Alice Nathan, Claire Susanna, Claire, Kathryn Laura, Davy, Anne, Phil Hughie, Stevie, Phil, Davy Claire, Anne, Susanna Playing music Izzy storytelling More music Phil Playing frisbee Erjie Abby Suzie

Jeff Kaufman : 2005
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