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Family -- 2005 -- Summer pictures


NEFFA -- Morris -- Rose, Alice 1 NEFFA -- Morris -- Rose, Alice 2 NEFFA -- Meghan, Claire, Abby, Susanna NEFFA -- Rapper -- Rose, Alice

Micheline's Fasion Show

Fashion show -- Micheline 1 Fashion show -- Micheline 2


Treehouse -- Alice, Jeff, Mich, Michael, Stevie Treehouse -- Stevie playing bagpipes Treehouse - Risk -- Stevie, Michael, Alice, Jeff, Mich, Claire Woods Hole -- Beach -- Rose, Mich, Molly, Jeff


Paws in a guitar case 1 Paws in a guitar case 2 Paws in the garden


Mich in Bluemont, picking berries Tennessee -- Eating ice cream on the back porch, Susanna, Mich Tennesee -- Playing Boggle


Jeff and Mich at Mich's graduation Mich and Lily at their graduation

Abby and Eric's Wedding

Abby and Eric's wedding -- Stevie, Jeff, Mike, Nathan, Martin Abby and Eric's wedding -- Claire, Rose, Susanna, Claudia, Fiona Abby and Eric's wedding -- Anne, Kathryn Abby and Eric's wedding -- Stevie, Mike, Nathan, Jeff, Rose, Claire, Mary


Eating lunch in New York with the other Kaufmans Ricky sleeping Alice at her violin recital Rick at Big Slide Park Singing Party -- Alice, Rose, Mary, Mich, Gary, Eileen, Robin Kunitz Jeff attacked at Meeting Jeff and Rose at Alice's CWS soccer game Jeff in the Previa

Jeff Kaufman : 2005
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