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Schedule (ical, past)

TueMay22 safety team meeting 6:30pm somerville
WedMay23 play tunes with cecilia 7pm somerville
SatMay26 visit julia at marlboro * marlboro vt
SunMay27 carslile visit and make tree house * carslile
MonMay28 sailing with rick, david, and kids morning community boating
WedMay30 practice with rick and stevie evening medford
ThrMay31 play date 5:30pm somerville
FriJun1 play contra with rick and stevie evening deerfield nh
SunJun3 bida evening masonic hall
MonJun4 swat dinner evening somerville
ThrJun14 practice evening somerville
SunJun17 bida: family dance evening masonic hall
MonJun18 bida meeting 6:30-8pm julie's
TueJun19 treehouse? * marion
WedJun20 treehouse? * marion
ThrJun21 swat dinner evening somerville
ThrJun21 treehouse? * marion
FriJun22 treehouse? * marion
SatJun23 ezra and sonja's wedding 3:30pm concord
SatJun23 treehouse? * marion
SunJun24 treehouse? * marion
MonJun25 treehouse? * marion
TueJun26 treehouse? * marion
TueJun26 play mit evening student center
ThrJun28 luis and abdi to dinner evening somerville
SunJul1 bida evening masonic hall
MonJul2 swat dinner evening somerville
MonJul16 bida meeting 6:30-8pm julie's
ThrJul19 swat dinner evening somerville
MonJul30 travel to chicago evening ?
TueJul31 in chicago * chicago
WedAug1 in chicago * chicago
ThrAug2 in chicago * chicago
MonAug6 swat dinner evening somerville
ThrAug16 swat dinner evening somerville
MonAug20 bida meeting 6:30-8pm julie's
SunSep2 bida evening masonic hall
MonSep3 swat dinner evening somerville
SatSep15 play concord with alex and ? 8pm-11pm concord nh
SunSep16 bida: family dance evening masonic hall
ThrSep20 swat dinner evening somerville
MonSep24 bida meeting 6:30-8pm julie's
MonOct1 swat dinner evening somerville
SatOct6 play contra with rick and stevie evening peterborough
SunOct7 bida evening masonic hall
ThrOct11 play portland evening portland me
ThrOct18 swat dinner evening somerville
SunOct21 bida: open band evening masonic hall
MonOct22 bida meeting 6:30-8pm julie's
WedOct24 play amherst evening amherst ma
SunNov4 bida: family dance evening masonic hall
MonNov5 swat dinner evening somerville
ThrNov15 swat dinner evening somerville
SunNov18 bida evening masonic hall
MonNov19 bida meeting 6:30-8pm julie's
SunDec2 bida: open band evening masonic hall
MonDec3 swat dinner evening somerville
SunDec16 bida evening masonic hall
MonDec17 bida meeting 6:30-8pm julie's
SunJan6 bida evening masonic hall (2019)
MonJan7 bida meeting 6:30-8pm julie's
SatJan19 play northboro evening northboro ma
SunJan20 bida: family dance evening masonic hall
SatFeb2 play peterborough? evening peterborough nh
SunFeb3 bida evening masonic hall (2019)
MonFeb4 bida meeting 6:30-8pm julie's
SunFeb17 bida evening masonic hall (2019)
FriFeb22 play weekend * pasadena ca (2019)
SatFeb23 play weekend * pasadena ca (2019)
SunFeb24 play weekend * pasadena ca (2019)
SunMar3 bida: open band evening masonic hall (2019)
MonMar4 bida meeting 6:30-8pm julie's
SunMar17 bida evening masonic hall (2019)
FriMar22 dance weekend? * cambridge (2019)
SatMar23 dance weekend? * cambridge (2019)
SunMar24 dance weekend? * cambridge (2019)
MonApr8 bida meeting 6:30-8pm julie's (2019)
SunApr7 bida: family dance evening masonic hall (2019)
FriApr12 neffa * mansfield (2019)
SatApr13 neffa * mansfield (2019)
SunApr14 neffa * mansfield (2019)
SunApr21 bida evening masonic hall (2019)
SunJan1 danner says he can have a dog understand "don't do it till I say X" noon earth (2023)
MonJul12 bet dave casserly $100 to his $900 that we have driverless cars * boston (2027)
SunDec16 bet max newman $0.10 to his $0.05 that ray kurzweil won't still be alive noon earth (2063)

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