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Contra dance tunes, ones I can play first. Links are from a few places:

Calliope HouseE (mp3 snippet) (mp3 snippet) (chords) (mp3 second)
Indian PointEm (mp3 snippet) (image) (mp3 first) (mp3 first)
Road to LisdoonvarnaEm (image) (mp3)
Swallowtail JigEm (mp3 snippet) (image) (mp3)
Fair Jenny'sD/G (image) (mp3)
All the RageE (mp3 snippet) (image) (mp3 second)
Hundred PipersA (mp3 snippet) (image) (mp3)
Maison de GlaceD (image) (chords) (mp3)
BlackjackG (image) (mp3)
Star Above The GarterG (mp3 snippet) (mp3) (image)
Le TourmentEm (mp3 at 2:02)
Road to BanffA (mp3)
Smash the WindowsD (mp3)
Scarce O' TattiesAm (mp3)
The Soup DragonB/D (mp3)
Jamie AllenG (image) (mp3)
Marie's WeddingG (image) (mp3)
Old Grey CatEm (mp3 snippet) (image) (mp3 second)
Bus StopAm (mp3 snippet) (mp3 snippet) (mp3 snippet) (image) (mp3 second) (mp3 third)
Angeline the BakerD (mp3 snippet) (mp3) (mp3 chords) (mp3 chords+melody)
Sandy BoysAmix (mp3 snippet) (image) (mp3 second)
Arkansas TravelerD (image) (mp3 second)
La BastrangueD (image) (mp3)
Let The Bottle CirculateEm? (mp3)
Dedicado a JosBm/D (mp snippet3) (image) (mp3 second)
TamlinDm (mp3 snippet) (mp3 snippet) (image) (mp3 second) (mp3 first)
Flying Home to ShellyG (mp3 snippet) (mp3 snippet) (image) (mp3)
Over the WaterfallD (image) (mp3 first)
Staten IslandD (image) (mp3 first)
Road to BostonD (image) (mp3)
GalopedeG (image) (mp3)
Baghad GusEm (mp3 snippet) (mp3)
The Rain of LoveEm (mp3)
Highland LaddieG (mp3)
Coleman's marchD (image) (mp3 second) (mp3)
Gold and SilverD (mp3)
Golden SlippersD (image) (mp3)
Shenandoah FallsA (mp3 snippet) (image) (mp3)
Rainy night in MontagueDm (mp3 first) (mp3 first) (mp3)
Evit GabrielEm (mp3 snippet) (mp3 snippet) (image)
Evil DianeE (mp3 snippet) (mp3 snippet) (mp3 second)
Arigana HighwayAm? (mp3)
On the DanforthA (image) (mp3)
CatharsisGm (mp3 snippet) (mp3)
Lady Anne MontgomeryD (mp3 snippet) (image) (mp3 first) (mp3 first)
Far From HomeG (image) (mp3)
Julia DelanyDm (mp3 snippet) (mp3 snippet) (mp3 snippet) (image) (mp3 second) (mp3)
Kitchen GirlA/Am (mp3 snippet) (image)
The WrenBm or Em (image) (mp3 first)
Battle of WaterlooAmix (mp3)
Scotland the braveD (image) (mp3)
High road to lintonA (mp3 snippet) (mp3)
Beth cohen'sAmodal (mp3 snippet) (mp3 snippet) (image) (mp3 second)
Liza JaneA (mp3 snippet) (image) (mp3)
McQuillen's SqueezeboxC (mp3)
Frank's ReelA (mp3 second) (image)
Hollow PoplarG (image)
RedwingG (mp3)
The Girl I Left Behind MeG (mp3 snippet) (mp3)
Brenda Stubbert'sAm (youtube) (youtube) (mp3 first) (image)
Turkey StrumstickG (mp3) (chords) (mp3 first)
Round the HornG (mp3)
Gaspe ReelD (mp3 first)
Chorus JigD (image) (mp3)
CorrienteA (mp3) (image) (mp3 second)
Down the BraeAm (image) (mp3)
Meeting of the WatersA (image) (mp3)
Reel St Antione? (mp3 snippet) (mp3 snippet)
Devil's DreamA (mp3)
Dancing BearEm (mp3)
Hommage a Edmund ParizeauA (mp3)
Unnamed Vamp 2011-04-07D (mp3)
Silver SpearD (youtube)
Wallace's CrossAm/G (soundcloud) (mp3 first)
Summer NightsA (mp3)
Under the SeaD (mp3)
St. Anne's?
Time Will EndG (not F) (mp3)
Jingle BellsG or Gm (mp3)
Unnamed Tune 2012-01-22Em (mp3) (mp3)
I've Got A FeelingG/Em (mp3) (mp3 chords) (mp3 melody) (mp3 melody alternate B)
Goodbye My Lady LoveBm/D (mp3)
Trip to MoscowAm (mp3)
Unnamed Tune 2015-07-17? (mp3)
Unnamed Tune 2015-12-24? (mp3)
Unnamed Tune 2016? (mp3)
Marcel MartinE(youtube, second)
Fleur de MandragoreA(youtube, second) (mp3)
Coal Miner'sD(youtube, first)
Good Day Miss IrisAm(youtube, first)
Thomas ShrugG(youtube, third)
Bentons DreamA(youtube)
Spotted PonyD
NEFFA NappingD(mp3)
Sheebeg SheemoreD (mp3)
Ashoken FarewellD (mp3)
Haapavesi WaltzD (mp3) (mp3)
Julia's WaltzD (mp3) (chords)
Far awayD
Amelia'sD (image)
Midnight on the WaterD? (mp3)
English Dances
Speed the plowA
Key to the cellarEm (mp3 snippet)
Gathering Peascods
Unknown HamboEm (mp3)
Morris Tunes
Highland MaryG
Bonny Green GartersD/G
Black Jack/JokeG
Step BackD? (mp3)
Banks of the DeeD
The Girl I left Behind MeG
Scottiche a VirmouxG (youtube)
Bacca Pipes JigEm/G (mp3)
Balance the StrawG (youtube)
Three MusketeersDm (youtube first)
Lass of Richmond HillD (youtube second)
SteamfittersG (youtube)
Cookoo's NestEm (youtube)
ValentineG (youtube)
Rock the CradeleD
Father KellysD (mp3 snippet) (youtube) (youtube)
Smash the Windows
March of St TimothyG (image)
Haste To The WeddingD? (mp3 snippet) (youtube)
Out on the oceanG (image)
Old favoriteG
Flowers of Edinburgh? (mp3 snippet) (youtube)
Reel St JosephD?
ColeraineAm (mp3 snippet)
Jenny Lind PolkaD/C (image)
Masters in this hall?
Benton's DreamAmix (mp3 snippet)
The ReconcilliationA (mp3 snippet) (youtube)
Glouchester GirlA? (mp3 snippet) (mp3 snippet) (youtube)
To Learn
The Wild OneDm (mp3 first) (image)
Roaring BarmaidG
Seanamhac Tube StationGm (youtube)
Road to erogie? (youtube)
Hommage a le Belle Gaspiese? (mp3 snippet)
Sue's Dream? (mp3 snippet)
Growling and GrumblingAm/A (mp3 snippet) (mp3 snippet)
Flying Tent? (mp3 snippet) (mp3 snippet)
Paddy on the landfill? (mp3 snippet)
Star of Munster? (mp3 snippet)
Beeswax Sheepskin? (mp3 snippet) (mp3 snippet)
Reel EugeneBm/D (mp3 snippet) (youtube)
Salvation Reel? (mp3 snippet)
Scollay's Reel? (mp3 snippet)
Silver Spire? (mp3 snippet)
Butlers of Glen Av?
Canal in October?
Mary Devlin's?
Glen Echo Jig?
Wedding Reel?
Point Au Pique?
Blue Raven? (mp3)
Jonah's Pepper? (mp3)
Yesterdays NoodlesAm? (mp3)
Rare? (mp3)

(When I'm playing piano, there are a few riffs I'll do for specific tunes: riffs.)

The mp3 snippets are from Contracast. They are used under the creative commons by-nc-nd license.
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