The probabilities of Can't Stop

Can't Stop is a board game. Several players roll dice to try and be the first one to get their pieces up three collumns. There are 11 columns labeled 2 through 12, and each corresponds to a pairing of two dice. Players roll four dice and if there is no combination of two dice that can add to one of the three collumns that they have mobile pieces in, they bust. A central judgement in this game is how likely am I to bust with these three columns? Not being too efficient with probablility and as there are only a finite number of possibilities, I decided to write a little program to calculate the probabilities by counting. The program is written in java and is here.

The program can either be invoked with

java csprb 6 7 8
where 6 7 8 is the roll that we want the probablitity of, or with
java csprb all
in which case the probablities for all unique rolls are calculated. As this won't change between runnings, the output, sorted by ascending probability of busting, is here. The format is ways-of-busting : roll : probability-of-busting

Jeff Kaufman : 2005
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