Note: PlayMusic is being discontinued in favor of mpd. Their server is a lot better and their clients are ok. PlayGUI has been ported over to their command set, and is now here

PlayMusic is a pair of java programs designed to allow one music server to be controlled by one or more clients. These clients can either run a java GUI program or use a telnet text based interface.

Because this is all written in Java, it is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.

The server is PlayMusicD, the client is PlayGui.


Release 0-0-5


The readme :

Older versions are here.


These are from version 0-0-3. Current (0-0-5) screenshots are almost identical, with the exception that there is now a pause button and a random-queue-up button.


Mac OS X

Windows, etc

While PlayMusic does run on Windows and any other OS that supports Java, I don't have any screenshots. Feel free to submit some.

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