Jeff :: statmbx


This is a program that allows you to check your mail without starting a mail client. I really like it because I will spend forever reading mailing lists once I get started and having a quick check of "is there anything in my box I should deal with right now" is nice.

It reads mbx files (using From, not ContentLength) and prints out something that looks like this:

  Joe Smith                    Neat Idea
  Jane Doe                     Re: Neat Idea

  Mike Jones                   Have you done any work yet?
  Millie Daain                 Fwd: stupid chain email
  Millie Daain                 Fwd: more chain email, with a *really* long titl...
If you give the --only-names argument you'll instead get just a listing of mailboxes that have unread mail:
[chat] [sccs]
To get ride of the square brackets, don't use them in ~/.statmbx.


By default, statmbx reads from "~/.statmbx". If you want it to read from elsewhere, change the value of STATMBX_CONFIG_FILE_NAME and recompile. This file should look like:
#[sillyness] mail/a-list-I-dont-care-about
#[archived] mail/archived-mail
[swil] mail/swil
[debate] mail/debate
[chat] mail/chat
[other] mail/other
[events] mail/events
[sccs] .mail
The format is "displayname -- space -- location relative to your home directory". Blank lines and lines with "#" in initial position are ignored. These boxes are listed in program output in the order listed in the config file.

Note: By default, mailbox title in normal mode will be bolded with escape codes. To disable this, set the compile time flag STATMBX_DO_BOLD to 0


Version: 0.2

Source: statmbx.c
Linux x86-32 binary: statmbx


This program should work on any unix. Maybe only linux. Might work on windows with cygwin. Download the source file, compile it, set up ".statmbx", run it.