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Sophmore Paper

Jeff Kaufman

I intend on completing an honors major in Computer Science and a course major and honors minor in Linguistics. These fields have an obvious intersection, Computational Linguistics, and I do intend to do quite a bit of work on that aspect. Natural Language Methods will be one of my two honors preparations for Computer Science, and my Computer Science thesis will likely be on computational linguistic research done during the summer of 2007 at Swarthmore.

The two fields are also more broadly related, both looking at systems of communication. In my freshman year I studied Mandarin Chinese, and the character system was one of the most interesting (and challenging) parts of the class. I took Logic not to learn logical reasoning but to learn logical notation and see how people used it. In Mathematics the notation is what interests me most, often more than the properties of the Mathematical objects themselves. To people in these fields this can appear as missing the point and focusing on the tool rather than its use, but it is the structure and development of these tools that interests me.

The courses I plan to take, then, are the following:

Semester Department Number Course Name
Fall 2006 CPSC 40 Computer Graphics
  CPSC 65 Natural Language Processing
  LING 100 Thesis, two credits
Spring 2007 LING 43 Morphology and the Lexicon
  LING 61 Structure of Navajo
  LING 105/6 Seminar in Phonology or Morphology, one or two credits
Summer 2007 CPSC   Research at Swarthmore
Fall 2007 CPSC 27 Computer Vision
  CPSC 63 Artifical Intellegence
  CPSC 180 Thesis, two credits
  CPSC 199 Senior Honors Study
Spring 2008 CPSC 127 Advanced Perception, if offered
  LING 199 Senior Honors Study, one half credit

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