Boston Area Playable Dances

Dances reachable from boston that a contra dance band might play at. Many of these dances don't run in the summer.

name and link when contact believed accurate as of
MIT several tuesdays each month Ann Cowan -- abcowan3 at gmail dot com 2012-01-24
Medway first saturdays Maria Roberts -- mariadebern at gmail dot com (medwaycontras at gmail dot com isn't checked) 2012-01-24
Northboro 3rd saturdays Ken Bennett -- northborocontradance at @yahoo dot com 2012-01-24
BIDA 3rd sundays Julie Vallimont -- julie at bidadance dot org 2012-01-24
Cotuit 2nd saturdays Christine -- seachris33 at comcast dot net 2011-03-08
NEFFA TNDC every thursday Lisa Greenleaf -- laleaf at verizon dot net 2011-03-08
Concord Experienced Dance first fridays Lisa Greenleaf -- laleaf at verizon dot net 2011-03-08
JP second and fourth saturdays ? 2011-06-13
Rehobeth second and fourth fridays shawnkendrick at mediaone dot net (pretty much doesn't book outside groups) 2011-03-08
Concord NH 3rd saturdays except july and august dwh at nhvt dot net 2011-03-08
Gilmanton NH 2nd saturdays Gale Wood -- gtwood at worldpath dot net (bounces) 2011-03-08
Kingston NH 4th saturdays Glen Coppelman -- glenncopp at rcn dot com 2011-03-08
Worcester 2nd saturdays contact web page 2011-03-08
Brown 1st and 3rd fridays contradance at brown dot edu 2011-03-08
Mystic (Pie) 4th saturdays Nancy Smith Worthen -- otter4815 at cox dot net; lpaigeg at gmail dot com 2011-03-08

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