The Past


SatOct24 socially distanced birthdays 4pm-6pm playstead
SunOct18 solstice music test 5pm internet
FriSep25 singing party 8:30pm internet
SatSep12 socially distant family gathering 5pm playstead park
MonSep7 off * * (2020)
FriSep4 sailing with rick and kids * mystic lakes
FriSep4 off * * (2020)
ThrSep3 talk to glenn 8pm internet
WedSep2 see family 4pm carlisle
TueSep1 singing test call 7:30pm interneyt
TueSep1 sailing with david 5pm courageous
SunAug30 sailing with family and too much wind 2pm courageous
WedAug26 sailing with david 5pm cbi
MonJul20 talk to glenn 8:30pm internet
FriJul17 doctor 6:30pm atrius heath kenmore
ThrJul16 socially distanced medford visit evening medford
MonJul13 talk to glenn 8:30pm-10:30pm internet
SatJul11 talk to glenn 8:30pm-10:30pm internet
ThrJul9 talk to glenn 8:45pm-10:30pm internet
SunJul5 talk to glenn 1pm-3pm internet
SatJul4 talk to glenn 8pm-10pm internet
FriJul3 talk to glenn 5:30pm-6:00pm internet
FriJul3 off * * (2020)
ThrJul2 off * * (2020)
TueJun30 socially distant family dinner evening medford
SunJun21 board games online with swatfolks 9pm internet
WedJun17 doctor 8:30am internet
SunJun14 board games online with swatfolks 9pm internet
TueJun2 talk to glenn about series singing 5pm internet
TueMay5 skype lesson with andrew 8:30pm internet
TueApr28 talk to ajeya and paul 8:30pm internet
TueMar31 music with chris 9:00pm internet
MonMar30 music with audrey 8:30pm internet
SunMar29 talk about electronic contra with julie 10:00am internet
ThrMar26 music with audrey 8:30pm internet
MonMar23 music with cecilia 8:30pm internet
SunFeb23 see uncle stephen evening medford
SatFeb22 singing party 6pm somerville
MonFeb17 LAX-BOS (to Eastern Time) 1:22pm-9:47pm JetBlue 688
MonFeb17 off * * (2020)
MonFeb17 in ca? * la
SunFeb16 in ca? * la
SatFeb15 in ca? * la
FriFeb14 in ca? * la
ThrFeb13 in ca * la
WedFeb12 in ca * la
TueFeb11 in ca * la
MonFeb10 BOS-LAX (to Pacific Time) 3:34pm-7:22pm JetBlue 687
SatFeb8 play contra with kf evening worcester
FriFeb7 tropical dance party 6:30pm-8pm argenziano school
FriFeb7 ea dinner 6:30pm somerville
SatFeb1 play contra with kf evening peterborough
ThrJan30 leland and bryn to dinner evening somerville
TueJan28 NYC-BOS 2pm-6:30pm Northeast Regional 174
MonJan27 stay with lauren 10pm washignton heights
MonJan27 dinner with garrison and arushi 8pm peacefood
MonJan27 BOS-NYC 3:10pm-6:47pm Acela 2171
MonJan20 off * * (2020)
SunJan19 bida contra+ceilidh evening cambridge
SunJan19 bida family dance 5pm-7:30pm masonic hall
WedJan15 play contra with kf evening amherst
SunJan12 practice with Cecilia 1pm Somerville
ThrJan2 lead neffa open band evening concord
WedJan1 off * * (2020)


TueDec31 off * * (2019)
WedDec25 off * * (2019)
TueDec24 off * * (2019)
SatDec21 singing party at gary and eileen's 6pm somerville
SunDec15 run sound for bida 6pm-11pm cambridge masonic hall
SatDec14 gwwc meetup afternoon somerville
SatDec14 familiy christmas 9am medford
SatDec14 secular solstice evening somerville
WedDec11 sound with tyler 5pm masonic hall
SunDec1 bida open band evening masonic hall
SatNov30 potluck and singing 5pm barb and jon's
FriNov29 gingerbread houses afternoon barb and jon's
FriNov29 off * * (2019)
ThrNov28 off * * (2019)
MonNov25 bida meeting evening somerville
MonNov25 RIC-BOS 9:34am-11:04am JetBlue flight 382
ThrNov21 BOS-RIC 5:56pm-7:49pm JetBlue flight 381
SunNov17 LAX-BOS (to Eastern Time) 10:37-7:07am JetBlue 988
SunNov17 play dance weekend with fr * LA
SatNov16 play dance weekend with fr * LA
FriNov15 place dance weekend with fr * LA
ThrNov14 in ca with davy and kathryn * la
WedNov13 BOS-LAX (to Pacific Time) 3:40pm-7:10pm JetBlue 687
MonNov4 pa tuning with tyler 5pm masonic hall
SunNov3 coaching with andrew and kf * somerville
ThrOct31 SFO-BOS (to Eastern Time) 8:20am-4:54pm JetBlue 434
WedOct30 in ca * ca
TueOct29 in ca * ca
MonOct28 BOS-SFO (to Pacific Time) 10am-1:50pm JetBlue 1833
SunOct27 ea dinner 6:30pm somerville
SatOct26 basement shelves with rick * medford
FriOct25 home at 5pm to take oli and felix overnight 5pm somerville
WedOct23 home at 5pm to take oli and felix 5pm somerville
MonOct21 bida safety meeting evening somerville
SunOct20 bida family dance 5pm-7:30pm masonic hall
ThrOct10 medford dinner evening medford
SunOct6 bida double dance (hall managing) 3pm-7pm masonic hall
SatOct5 gaming 5:30pm somerville
FriOct4 bida safety meeting evening somerville
SunSep29 singing party 4pm barb and jon's
FriSep27 will visiting * somerville
ThrSep26 will visiting * somerville
WedSep25 will visiting * somerville
TueSep24 will visiting * somerville
MonSep23 will visiting * somerville
MonSep23 music with will evening somerville
MonSep23 music with ruthie and ruby evening somerville
SatSep21 ea dinner evening somerville
SatSep21 host family workshop 10am-noon honey pot, stow
FriSep20 ssc meetup evening cambridge
SunSep15 bida open band 6:30pm-11pm masonic hall
SunSep15 bida family dance 5pm-6:30pm masonic hall
FriSep13 SFO-BOS (to Eastern Time) 2:03pm-10:48pm JetBlue 534
FriSep13 in mtv * ca
ThrSep12 in mtv staying with eva ca
ThrSep12 in mtv * ca
WedSep11 dinner and music with beth evening ca
WedSep11 in mtv * ca
TueSep10 staying at ultravoilet evening ca
TueSep10 dinner with chris evening ca
TueSep10 in mtv * ca
MonSep9 BOS-SFO (to Pacific Time) 3:30pm-7:14pm JetBlue 633
MonSep9 staying at ultraviolet evening ca
MonSep9 in mtv * ca
SatSep7 gillian and marissa's wedding * pinewoods
MonSep2 off * * (2019)
SatAug31 visit alice g * needham
ThrAug29 bida safety drafting meeting evening somerville
FriAug16 bida safety drafting meeting evening somerville
SunAug11 see barb and jon * valley pond
SatAug10 ea dinner 6:30pm somerville
WedAug7 play amherst with kf evening amherst ma
TueJul30 play contra with kf evening copley
MonJul29 bida retreat 3pm-8pm danahey park
WedJul24 work trip * vt
TueJul23 work trip * vt
MonJul22 work trip * vt
SatJul20 ea dinner 6:30pm somerville
FriJul12 play greenfield with kingfisher evening greenfield
SunJul7 play bida with kf evening masonic hall
SatJul6 play montpelier with kf evening montpelier
FriJul5 off * * (2019)
ThrJul4 see chris green morning memorial drive median
ThrJul4 alice and alex's anniversary 4pm medford
ThrJul4 off * * (2019)
TueJul2 birthdays at family dinner evening medford
SunJun30 ea dinner 6:30pm somerville
SatJun29 visit julie 2pm somerville
FriJun28 bida safety meeting 6:30 somerville
WedJun26 bida meeting 6:30pm julie's
SunJun23 treehouse * marion
SatJun22 treehouse * marion
FriJun21 treehouse * marion
ThrJun20 treehouse * marion
WedJun19 treehouse * marion
TueJun18 treehouse * marion
MonJun17 treehouse * marion
SunJun16 family dance setup 5pm-8pm masonic hall
MonMay27 off * * (2019)
WedMay22 bida meeting evening julie's
SatMay18 kingfisher tour * poughkeepsie ny
FriMay17 kingfisher tour * ithaca ny
ThrMay16 kingfisher tour * rochester ny
WedMay15 kingfisher tour * baltimore md
TueMay14 kingfisher tour ? clemmons nc
MonMay13 kingfisher tour * charlotte nc
SunMay12 play weekend with FR * leaf (2019)
SatMay11 play weekend with FR * leaf (2019)
FriMay10 play weekend with FR * leaf
ThrMay9 play contra with fr evening asheville
WedMay8 drive to richmond with lily * car
SunMay5 LHR-BOS 3:55pm-6:40pm (to Eastern Time) VS11
ThrMay2 in london * london
WedMay1 in london * london
TueApr30 in london * london
FriApr26 BOS-LHR 10:20pm-10:00am (to Greenwich Time) VS12
SunApr21 bida evening masonic hall (2019)
SatApr20 singing party 1pm gary and eileen's
FriApr19 passover 6pm medford
SunApr14 neffa * mansfield (2019)
SatApr13 neffa * mansfield (2019)
FriApr12 neffa * mansfield (2019)
ThrApr11 practice with cecilia 6pm somerville
SunApr7 bida: family dance evening masonic hall (2019)
SatApr6 rick helping with bathroom 10:30am-5pm somerville
MonApr1 sound workshop 6:30pm-8:30pm somerville
FriMar29 sound workshop 6:30pm-8:30pm somerville
WedMar27 bida safety meeting evening somerville
SunMar24 dance weekend * cambridge (2019)
SatMar23 dance weekend * cambridge (2019)
FriMar22 dance weekend * cambridge (2019)
WedMar20 in nyc * nyc
SunMar17 bida evening masonic hall (2019)
WedMar13 bida safety meeting 8pm somerville
WedMar6 bida board meeting 6:30pm jeff's
SunMar3 bida: open band evening masonic hall (2019)
FriMar1 kingfisher in deerfield evening deerfield
TueFeb26 LGB-BOS (to Eastern Time) 10:24am-6:44pm JetBlue 2404
MonFeb25 in ca * la
SunFeb24 play weekend with the free raisins * pasadena ca (2019)
SatFeb23 play weekend with the free raisins * pasadena ca (2019)
FriFeb22 play weekend with the free raisins * pasadena ca (2019)
FriFeb22 museum with davy and kathryn * la
ThrFeb21 in ca visiting ellen and david * la
WedFeb20 in ca, visiting ellen and david * la
TueFeb19 BOS-LGB (to Pacific Time) 9:15am-12:57pm JetBlue 2405 17A
TueFeb19 flying to ca * la
MonFeb18 off * * (2019)
SunFeb17 bathroom work * somerville
SunFeb17 bida evening masonic hall (2019)
SatFeb16 bathroom work * somerville
ThrFeb14 play contra with fr evening scout house
TueFeb12 family birthday evening medford
SunFeb10 bathroom work * somerville
SatFeb9 bathroom work * somerville
SatFeb9 play contra with cecilia 7:30-10:30pm cotuit
SunFeb3 bathroom work * somerville
SunFeb3 bida evening masonic hall (2019)
SatFeb2 bathroom work * somerville
ThrJan31 lead neffa open band evening scout house
SunJan27 bathroom work * somerville
SatJan26 ea dinner evening somerville
SatJan26 bathroom work * somerville
MonJan21 off * * (2019)
SunJan20 bida: family dance -- cancelled evening masonic hall
SatJan19 play northboro with cecilia -- cancelled evening northboro ma
WedJan16 bida meeting 6:30pm julie's
SunJan13 meeting morning cfs
SatJan12 talk to engineer afternoon somerville
SatJan12 singing party evening somerville
SunJan6 bathroom demo * somerville
SunJan6 bida evening masonic hall (2019)
SatJan5 bathroom demo * somerville
WedJan2 bida safety meeting 6:30pm somerville


FriDec21 solstice evening somerville
MonDec17 mike coming over 6:30pm somerville
SunDec16 hall manage early 6pm masonic hall
SunDec16 bida evening masonic hall
SatDec15 singing party evening eileen's
WedDec12 bida safety meeting 6:30pm somerville
MonDec10 food for jessica's family evening arlington
FriDec7 practice with cecilia evening somerville
WedDec5 practice with cecilia 7pm somerville
MonDec3 swat dinner evening somerville
SunDec2 bida: open band evening masonic hall
FriNov30 dermatologist (levin) 1:30pm kenmore
FriNov30 play contra with rick and stevie evening newfields nh
ThrNov29 practice with rick and stevie evening ?
WedNov28 bida meeting 6:30pm julie's
SunNov25 ea dinner 6:30pm somerville
FriNov23 practice with rick and stevie evening ?
SunNov18 pick up rick at the airport (SWISS Flight 52) 8:50pm logan terminal E
SunNov18 bida hall managing early evening masonic hall
SatNov17 party 2pm stevie and val's
ThrNov15 work dinner evening somerville
MonNov12 RIC-BOS 8:30am-9:58am jetblue 382
SunNov11 visit julia's parents * richmond
SatNov10 visit julia's parents * richmond
FriNov9 visit julia's parents * richmond
ThrNov8 BOS-RIC 1:16pm-3:02pm jetblue 1281
ThrNov8 visit julia's parents * richmond
MonNov5 doctor's 8am harvard vanguard
MonNov5 swat dinner evening somerville
SunNov4 bida: family dance evening masonic hall
SatNov3 singing party evening medford
SatOct27 play jp with cecilia evening jp
WedOct24 play amherst with cecilia evening amherst ma
SunOct21 bida: open band evening masonic hall
SatOct20 party 1:30pm-4pm david and jenny's
FriOct19 bida open bandleading party evening somerville
ThrOct18 swat dinner evening somerville
WedOct17 SFO-BOS (to Eastern Time) 8:36pm-5:12am JetBlue 834
MonOct15 BOS-SFO (to Pacific Time) 7:03am-10:42am JetBlue 133
ThrOct11 play portland with cecilia evening portland me
WedOct10 bida meeting evening julie's
MonOct8 doctor's 8am harvard vanguard
SunOct7 play bida with cecilia evening masonic hall
SunOct7 bida evening masonic hall
SatOct6 play contra with rick and stevie evening peterborough
ThrOct4 practice with cecilia evening somerville
MonOct1 doctor's 8am davis
MonOct1 swat dinner evening somerville
SunSep30 ea dinner 6:30pm somerville
MonSep24 doctor's 7:50pm kenmore
ThrSep20 swat dinner evening somerville
SunSep16 hall manage family dance 5pm-8pm masonic hall
SunSep16 bida: family dance evening masonic hall
SatSep15 sailing with rick and lily morning mystic lakes
SatSep15 play concord with rick and stevie 8pm-11pm concord nh
SunSep9 cecilia and korri 5pm somerville
SunSep9 matt over for piano stuff 2pm somerville
SatSep8 practice with jon and cecilia 12:30 somerville
SunSep2 dawn dance evening brattleboro
ThrJul12 solar visit: bsc 6pm somerville
MonAug20 bida meeting 6:30-8pm somerville
ThrAug16 swat dinner evening somerville
TueAug14 play mit with cecilia evening mit
SunAug12 lily : celeste morning ?
SunAug12 ea dinner 6:30pm somerville
TueAug7 dinner with amp folks? evening ?
MonAug6 swat dinner evening somerville
SunAug5 see avi morning somerville
ThrAug2 ORD-BOS (to Eastern Time) 7:39pm-11pm Jet Blue 112
ThrAug2 in chicago * chicago
WedAug1 in chicago * chicago
TueJul31 in chicago * chicago
MonJul30 BOS-ORD (to Central Time) 5:03pm-7:04pm Jet Blue 1011
MonJul23 bida meeting 6:30-8pm somerville
ThrJul19 swat dinner evening somerville
MonJul9 picnic evening sandy beach
MonJul2 swat dinner evening somerville
SunJul1 bida evening masonic hall
TueJun26 talk to byrd 11:30am 115 Dummer St, Brookline, MA 02446
TueJun26 play mit evening student center
SunJun24 treehouse * marion
SatJun23 treehouse * marion
FriJun22 treehouse * marion
ThrJun21 treehouse * marion
WedJun20 treehouse * marion
TueJun19 treehouse * marion
MonJun18 bida meeting 6:30-8pm julie's
SunJun17 bida: family dance evening masonic hall
ThrJun14 practice evening somerville
MonJun4 swat dinner evening somerville
SunJun3 bida evening masonic hall
FriJun1 play contra with rick and stevie evening deerfield nh
ThrMay31 play date 5:30pm somerville
WedMay30 practice with rick and stevie evening medford
SunMay27 carslile visit and make tree house * carslile
SatMay26 visit julia at marlboro * marlboro vt
WedMay23 play tunes with cecilia 7pm somerville
TueMay22 safety team meeting 6:30pm somerville
SunMay20 bida: open band evening masonic hall
FriMay18 play contra 8pm-11pm manchester nh
ThrMay17 swat dinner evening somerville
SunMay13 porchfest afternoon somerville
WedMay16 bida jam evening somerville
MonMay7 swat dinner evening somerville
SunMay6 bida evening masonic hall
SunMay6 play weekend * woodstock ct
SatMay5 play weekend * woodstock ct
FriMay4 play weekend * woodstock ct
MonApr30 bida meeting evening somerville
SunApr29 help ben move stuff back in morning somerville
SatApr28 sheep shearing festival morning waltham
SunApr22 neffa * mansfield
SatApr21 neffa * mansfield
FriApr20 neffa evening mansfield
SunApr15 SFO-BOS (to Eastern Time) 8:36pm-5:11am JetBlue 834
SunApr15 play weekend * CA (2018)
SatApr14 play weekend * CA (2018)
FriApr13 play weekend * CA (2018)
FriApr13 see nathan * Santa Cruz CA
ThrApr12 BOS-SJC (to Pacific Time) 6:10pm-9:56pm JetBlue 471
MonApr9 sound workshop evening somerville
SunApr8 lily:celeste 10am arlington
WedApr4 sound workshop evening somerville
TueApr3 lily's birthday evening medford
MonApr2 swat dinner evening somerville
SunApr1 hall managing late evening bida
SunApr1 drywall with stevie * somerville
SatMar31 seder 5pm medford
SatMar31 ben visting noon somerville
SunMar25 ceiling work with stevie * somerville
FriMar23 practice with stevie and alex evening medford
TueMar20 play mit evening mit student center
MonMar19 bida meeting evening somerville (2018)
SatMar17 drywall with stevie * somerville
ThrMar15 swat dinner evening somerville
WedMar14 talk to persis 8:45pm internet
WedMar14 talk to Lisa 8pm internet
TueMar13 see uncle stephen evening medford
SatMar10 SJU-BOS 4:51am-7:56am JetBlue flight 262
SatMar3 BOS-SJU (to Puerto Rico Time) 10:45pm-3:41am JetBlue Flight 61
TueFeb27 family birthday evening medford
SunFeb25 singing party 5pm gary and eileen's
ThrFeb22 ea discussion and dinner 6:30pm clover in kendall
MonFeb19 PDX-BOS (to Eastern Time) 9:35am-5:45pm Alaska Flight 30
SunFeb18 play dance weekend * corvallis
SatFeb17 play dance weekend * corvallis
FriFeb16 play dance weekend * corvallis
ThrFeb15 play thursday dance evening martin's
MonFeb12 BOS-PDX (to Pacific Time) 4:20pm-8:06pm Alaska Flight 33
SatFeb10 dinner at abby's evening carslile
TueJan30 family birthday evening medford
SatJan27 singing party 6pm somerville
SatJan20 gaming 1pm somerville
ThrJan18 doctor's 8:20am harvard vanguard
SunJan14 PHX-BOS (to Eastern Time) 1:32pm-8:20pm American Flight 2748
SatJan13 play frolic * phoenix az (2018)
FriJan12 play frolic * phoenix az (2018)
ThrJan11 BOS-PHX (to Mountain Time) 4:20pm-8:18pm American Flight 2082
MonJan8 bida meeting evening somerville (2018)
SunJan7 play bida with stevie and alex 6pm-11pm masonic hall
FriJan5 practice with stevie and alex evening medford
FriJan5 dentist 10am kendall sq dental
TueJan2 family christmas evening medford


ThrDec28 contra 7:30-10:30 scout house
WedDec27 wise family christmas morning somerville
ThrDec21 swat dinner evening somerville
SunDec17 giving discussion 2pm-4:30pm somerville
SunDec17 caroling party? 5pmish gary and eileen's
SatDec16 lunch with tj etc noon somerville
SatDec16 secular solstice 8pm-10pm mit chapel
ThrDec14 visit robots with lily evening waltham
WedDec13 vision appt 8:15am harvard vanguard davis
MonDec11 family dinner evening medford
FriDec8 talk at harvard 7pm harvard
ThrDec7 holiday party 7pm-10pm science museum
MonDec4 swat dinner evening somerville
FriDec1 bandleading party 6:30pm somerville
ThrNov30 LAX-BOS 11:50pm-8:13am JetBlue flight 688
MonNov27 FLL-LGB 6:55pm-9:35pm JetBlue flight 943
MonNov27 PHL-FLL 1:03pm-3:51pm JetBlue flight 975
MonNov20 bida meeting evening somerville
FriNov17 BOS-RIC 4:45pm-6:34pm JetBlue Flight 1281
TueNov14 ATL-BOS 7:52pm-10:36pm JetBlue 796
MonNov13 BOS-ATL 9pm-11:53pm JetBlue Flight 997
MonNov6 swat dinner evening somerville
SunNov5 hall managing 6:30pm-9:30pm masonic hall
SunNov5 bida family dance 5:30pm-6:30pm masonic hall
SunNov5 games 1pm masonic hall
SatNov4 singing party 6pm somerville
SatNov4 Jules' Birthday 2pm Jules and Lucas'
ThrNov2 tunes potluck 6:30pm medford
MonOct30 family dinner evening medford
SatOct28 jeremy visiting 10am-noon somerville
SatOct28 singing party 6pm eileen's
MonOct23 bida meeting evening somerville
SatOct21 dishwasher morning somerville
ThrOct19 swat dinner evening somerville
TueOct17 family birthdays 6:30pm medford
MonOct16 CLT-BOS 9:40am-11:56am American Flight 1982
SunOct15 play contra * Jonesborough TN
SatOct14 play contra * Jonesborough TN
FriOct13 BOS-CLT 7:45am-10:17am American Flight 455
FriOct13 play contra * Jonesborough TN
ThrOct12 talk at MIT about EA 5pm-7pm MIT
MonOct9 ea meetup 6:30pm-9:00pm clover
SatOct7 stevie and val's wedding * holliston (2017)
FriOct6 party 7pm-10pm medford
ThrOct5 see family evening medford
WedOct4 family to dinner 6pm-9pm somerville
MonOct2 swat dinner evening somerville
SatSep23 games 2pm-5pm somerville
ThrSep21 swat dinner evening somerville
SunSep17 PHX-BOS (to Eastern Time) 9:59-5:54 American Flight 2399
SunSep17 SMF-PHX (to Mountain Time) 7:25pm-9:13pm American Flight 1445
SunSep17 play echo summit * sacramento (2017)
SatSep16 play echo summit * sacramento (2017)
FriSep15 play echo summit * sacramento (2017)
ThrSep14 CLT-SMF (to Pacific Time) 2:54pm-5:18pm American Flight 572
ThrSep14 BOS-CLT 11:01am-1:26pm American Flight 1760
SunSep10 rick over to finish hooking things up 9am-1pm somerville
MonSep4 PDX-BOS (to Eastern Time) 10:45pm-7:01am JetBlue flight 96
MonSep4 northwest passage * portland (2017)
SunSep3 northwest passage * portland (2017)
SatSep2 northwest passage * portland (2017)
FriSep1 northwest passage * portland (2017)
TueAug29 BOS-PDX (to Pacific Time) 6:37pm-9:54pm JetBlue flight 95
MonAug21 bida meeting evening somerville
SunAug20 treehouse * marion
SatAug19 treehouse * marion
ThrAug17 treehouse * marion
WedAug16 treehouse * marion
TueAug15 treehouse * marion
MonAug14 treehouse * marion
SunAug13 treehouse * marion
ThrAug10 Ariel and Garth to dinner 6:30pm somerville
MonAug7 swat dinner evening somerville
SunAug6 hall manage early at BIDA 5pm-8:30pm somerville armory
SatAug5 play for michael's wedding 6pm-10pm arlington
MonJul31 bida meeting evening somerville
SatJul29 help rick with cleaning * medford
FriJul28 ea meetup 6:30pm somerville
WedJul26 Shawn to dinner 6:30pm somerville
SatJul22 help rick with cleaning * medford
ThrJul20 swat dinner evening somerville
SunJul16 hall managing 6pm-9:30pm masonic hall
TueJul11 Rose and Oli's birthday evening medford
SunJul9 fly RIC-BOS 5:15pm-7:01pm Delta flight 5998
SatJul8 play contra * roanoke va
FriJul7 play contra * roanoke va
ThrJul6 fly BOS-RIC 8:55am-10:47am Delta flight 5893
ThrJul6 play contra evening roanoke va
MonJul3 swat dinner evening somerville
SunJul2 hall manage 6pm-9:30pm masonic hall
SunJul2 Oli's birthday 4pm-5:30pm sandy beach
SunJun25 party 1pm alex and miriam's
SatJun24 mandolin emporium with rick 2pm lexington
MonJun19 bida meeting evening angela's
SunJun18 work on basement with stevie 9:30am somerville
SunJun18 family dance 5:30pm masonic hall
ThrJun15 swat dinner evening somerville
SatJun10 sailing with rick, david, and lily morning community boating
SatJun10 singing party 6pm gary and eileen's
FriJun9 keep open * boston
ThrJun8 keep open * boston
WedJun7 keep open * boston
TueJun6 keep open * boston
MonJun5 swat dinner evening somerville
MonJun5 keep open * boston
SunJun4 keep open * boston
SatJun3 keep open * boston
FriJun2 keep open * boston
SunMay28 visit abby etc noon carlisle
MonMay22 bida meeting evening somerville
SatMay20 amy and derek's wedding evening albany (2017)
FriMay19 work retreat in boston * north end
FriMay19 amy and derek's wedding * albany (2017)
ThrMay18 contra dance with noreaster evening scout house
ThrMay18 work retreat in boston * north end
WedMay17 work retreat in boston * north end
TueMay16 work retreat in boston * north end
TueMay16 play mit contra with rick and alex evening mit
MonMay15 work retreat in boston * north end
SatMay13 rick watches kids while I fix notes 11am somerville
SatMay13 porchfest 2pm-4pm somerville
MonMay8 eye appt 3:30-5:30 harvard vanguard medford
MonMay1 swat dinner evening somerville
MonApr24 bida meeting 6:30pm-8:30pm Julie's?
SunApr23 neffa * mansfield
SatApr22 neffa * mansfield
FriApr21 hang out in medford with relatives * medford
FriApr21 neffa evening mansfield
FriApr21 claire visiting * medford
ThrApr20 swat dinner evening somerville
ThrApr20 claire visiting * medford
WedApr19 claire visiting * medford
TueApr18 claire visiting * medford
MonApr17 claire visiting * medford
SunApr16 claire visiting * medford
SatApr15 passover 5pm carol's
FriApr14 ea dinner 6:30pm somerville
ThrApr13 talk to julie about sound 7pm her house
WedApr12 run sound workshop 6:30pm-8:30pm somerville
MonApr10 fly to Boston 2:39pm-4:11pm JetBlue 782
SunApr9 play contra 7:30-10:30 glen echo
SunApr9 play contra * richmond (2017)
SatApr8 play contra * richmond (2017)
FriApr7 play contra evening richmond (2017)
ThrApr6 PHL-BOS 10:15am-11:42am Jet Blue 160
ThrApr6 fly to Richmond 4:20pm-6:06pm JetBlue 1281
WedApr5 stay with Anne evening philly
WedApr5 BOS-PHL 12:20pm-1:55pm Jet Blue 759
WedApr5 talk at swat 4:30pm-5:30pm philly
MonApr3 run sound workshop 6:30pm-8:30pm somerville
SunApr2 bida annual meeting evening masonic hall
SatApr1 bida safety team meeting evening somerville
ThrMar30 doctor's appt 8:30am davis
ThrMar30 talk at yale 3:30pm-4:20pm new haven ct
FriMar24 science museum 5pm-9pm boston
MonMar20 bida meeting 6:30pm-8:30pm julie's
SunMar19 ariel over 9am-11am somerville
SatMar18 MSY-BOS (to Eastern Time) 6:40am-10:50am JetBlue 1300
FriMar17 work retreat * new orleans
ThrMar16 work retreat * new orleans
WedMar15 work retreat * new orleans
TueMar14 work retreat * new orleans
MonMar13 BOS-MSY (to Central Time) 8:10am-11:04am JetBlue 410
MonMar13 work retreat * new orleans
SunMar12 drive home 7am-noon car
SatMar11 play contra * NYC
FriMar10 drive to NYC * car
FriMar10 play contra evening NYC
ThrMar9 play contra evening concord ma
MonMar6 bida safety meeting 7:30-10pm somerville
MonMar6 vist aquarium * boston
SatMar4 lily hanging out with rose * medford
FriFeb24 life insurance testing 7pm-7:30pm somerville house
SunFeb19 run sound for bida evening masonic hall
SatFeb18 dinner in medford with anne etc evening medford
SatFeb18 lily visiting rose * medford
MonFeb13 bida meeting 6:30pm-8:30pm julie's
SunFeb12 juliana visit 10:30am somerville
SatFeb11 snow party 11am david and jenny's
TueFeb7 fly SEA-BOS (to Eastern Time) 12:13pm-8:22pm JetBlue Flight 598
MonFeb6 visit susanna, dan, and ezra with claire morning portland
MonFeb6 play contra 7:30pm-10pm portland or
SunFeb5 ice cream with mary and tyler evening portland
SunFeb5 play dance weekend * seattle (2017)
SatFeb4 play dance weekend * seattle (2017)
FriFeb3 play dance weekend * seattle (2017)
ThrFeb2 play contra evening seattle (2017)
ThrFeb2 fly BOS-SEA (to Pacific Time) 11am-2:23pm JetBlue Flight 597
TueJan31 family birthday evening medford
SunJan15 bida family dance evening masonic hall
SunJan15 BWI-BOS 10:20am-11:40am Jet Blue Flight 626
SatJan14 play contra evening baltimore
SatJan14 BOS-BWI 12:27pm-2:03pm Jet Blue Flight 1927
MonJan9 bida meeting 6:30pm-8:30pm julie's


SunDec11 board games 3pm-5pm citadel
FriDec9 solstice 8pm mit
ThrDec8 bida safety committee meeting ? Medford
WedDec7 solstice rehearsal evening somerville house
MonDec5 bida meeting 6:30pm-8:30pm julie's
SatDec3 play contra with alex evening peterborough
SunNov20 run sound for bida evening somerville
SunNov13 fellowship dinner 6pm-7pm harvard
FriNov11 brunch potluck 7:30pm cambridge
MonNov7 bida meeting 6:30pm-8:30pm angela's
MonNov7 Bus to Boston 10am-1pm greyhound
SunNov6 sleep evening derek's parents
SunNov6 Drive to Albany evening car
SunNov6 play dance weekend * ottawa (2016)
SatNov5 play dance weekend * ottawa (2016)
FriNov4 play dance weekend * ottawa (2016)
ThrNov3 YTZ-YOW 6:25pm-7:31pm Porter flight 245
ThrNov3 BOS-YTZ 3:30pm-5:25pm Porter flight 944
TueNov1 safety comittee meeting 6:30pm angela's
SunOct30 talk to drew noon-1pm internet
MonOct24 ORD-BOS 6:35pm-9:56pm American Flight 366
MonOct24 SGF-ORD 3:50-5:27 American Flight 3715
SunOct23 play dance weekend * springfield mo
SatOct22 play dance weekend * springfield mo
FriOct21 ORD-SGF 1:30pm-3:09pm American Flight 3715
FriOct21 BOS-ORD 10:07am-11:59am American Flight 2253
FriOct21 play dance weekend * springfield mo
SunOct16 bida family dance 5:30-11pm masonic hall
SunOct16 talk about kids 2pm internet
MonOct10 birthday dinner 6:30pm medford
SatOct8 honk * davis
FriOct7 ea dinner 6:30pm medford
MonOct3 bida meeting 6:30pm-8:30pm julie's
SunOct2 bida open band 6pm-11pm masonic hall
WedSep28 talk on careers panel 6pm-7:30pm MIT 54-100
SatSep24 play jp contra with alex evening jp
SunSep18 apple picking 10am-2pm brooksby farm, 54 felton st, peabody
SatSep10 fix things at somerville house morning somerville
SatSep17 ea meetup 6:30pm clover kendall
SunSep11 baby welcoming morning meeting
ThrSep8 talk at yale ? yale
TueSep6 rick's birthday dinner evening medford
MonSep5 dinner with jimmy's family evening melrose
SunSep4 swatfriends over noon-5pm somerville
SunSep4 run sound for bida evening somerville
WedAug31 meeting with contractor 10am somerville
MonAug29 bida meeting 6:30pm-8:30pm julie's?
SunAug21 vacation * treehouse
SatAug20 vacation * treehouse
FriAug19 vacation * treehouse
ThrAug18 vacation * treehouse
WedAug17 vacation * treehouse
TueAug16 vacation * treehouse
MonAug15 vacation * treehouse
SunAug14 fly to BOS 7:10pm-9:40pm southwest flight 120
SunAug14 play dance weekend * atlanta (2016)
SatAug13 play dance weekend * atlanta (2016)
FriAug12 play dance weekend * atlanta (2016)
ThrAug11 fly to ATL 5:25pm-8:20pm southwest flight 1415
SunAug7 fly OAK-BOS (to Eastern Time) 11:39pm-8:14pm JetBlue Flight 276
SunAug7 EA Global * Berkeley
SunAug7 in CA * East Bay
SatAug6 in CA * East Bay
SatAug6 EA Global * Berkeley
SatAug6 in CA * East Bay
FriAug5 EA Global * Berkeley
FriAug5 in CA * East Bay
FriAug5 Mobile Week Conference * Sunnyvale
ThrAug4 talk to will 6pm leverage
ThrAug4 in CA * East Bay
ThrAug4 Mobile Week Conference * Sunnyvale
WedAug3 Mobile Week Conference * Sunnyvale
WedAug3 in CA * East Bay
TueAug2 Mobile Week Conference * Sunnyvale
TueAug2 in CA * East Bay
MonAug1 work from SFO morning SFO
MonAug1 dinner with ajeya 7pm berkeley
MonAug1 talk to people at GiveWell 1:30pm 135 Main St, 14th floor
MonAug1 in CA * East Bay
SunJul31 oncall secondary * *
SunJul31 in CA * East Bay
SatJul30 oncall secondary * *
SatJul30 in CA * East Bay
SatJul30 dinner with mike and alicorn 6pm Richmond CA
FriJul29 fly BOS-OAK (to Pacific Time) 7:09pm-10:48pm JetBlue Flight 1475
FriJul29 oncall secondary * *
ThrJul28 dinner at dkg's 6pm dkg's, arlington
SatJul23 potluck 5pm-9pm abby's
MonJul18 bida meeting 6:30pm-8:30pm angela's
SunJul17 oncall primary * *
SatJul16 oncall primary * *
FriJul15 dinner 7pm citadel
FriJul15 oncall primary * *
ThrJul14 oncall primary * *
WedJul13 oncall primary * *
TueJul12 oncall primary * *
MonJul11 oncall primary * *
SunJul10 fly BWI-BOS 3:35pm-4:55pm Southwest Flight 534
SunJul10 fly RDU-BWI 1:30pm-2:35pm Southwest Flight 3467
SatJul9 allison's wedding * ? (2016)
FriJul8 fly BWI-RDU 12:05pm-1:10pm Southwest Flight 1837
FriJul8 fly BOS-BWI 9:15am-10:45am Southwest Flight 611
ThrJul7 oncall secondary * *
WedJul6 ea meetup 6:30pm clover kendall
WedJul6 oncall secondary * *
TueJul5 oncall secondary * *
MonJul4 oncall secondary * *
SunJul3 fly MKE-BOS (to Eastern Time) 7:40pm-10:50pm Southwest Flight 1052
SunJul3 play dance weekend * Milwaukee, WI (2016)
SatJul2 play dance weekend * Milwaukee, WI (2016)
FriJul1 fly BOS-MKE (to Central Time) 4:45pm-6:25pm Southwest Flight 1990
FriJul1 play dance weekend * Milwaukee, WI (2016)
SunJun26 wiki researchathon 1pm-5pm MIT Building 8, room 205
SatJun25 birthday party 6pm medford
FriJun24 community dinner 7:30pm citadel
SunJun19 bida evening masonic hall
WedJun15 visit erik morning somerville
TueJun14 fly to BOS (really delayed) 1:40pm-4:27pm Delta 1500
TueJun14 fly to ATL (delayed) 11:31am-12:58pm Delta 265
MonJun13 talk to michelle 10am internet
MonJun13 skype with peter hurford 5pm internet
MonJun13 play contra evening louisville
SunJun12 play dance weekend * lexington ky (2016)
SatJun11 play dance weekend * lexington ky (2016)
FriJun10 fly to LEX 1:45pm-3:00pm Delta 4713
FriJun10 fly to DTW 11:08am-1:15pm Delta 2443
FriJun10 play dance weekend * lexington ky (2016)
ThrJun9 zoo * franklin park zoo
WedJun8 travel from pendle hill * car
TueJun7 lead ea session 1pm-2:30pm pendle hill
MonJun6 travel to pendle hill * car
SunJun5 run sound for open band with jonah 6pm-11pm masonic hall
MonMay30 marlboro * marlboro
SunMay29 marlboro * marlboro
SatMay28 marlboro * marlboro
FriMay27 marlboro * marlboro
ThrMay26 dinner with ps team 5:45pm-8pm five horses tavern, 400 highland ave somerville
SunMay22 play contra evening enfield
SatMay21 ea discussion 11:30am-1:30pm peacefood cafe, 460 Amsterdam Ave NYC
SatMay21 play contra evening nyc (2016)
FriMay20 play contra evening nyc (2016)
ThrMay19 play contra evening concord (2016)
WedMay18 ea meetup 6:30pm clover
ThrMay12 ea discussion 5pm-7:30pm MIT 1-134
MonMay9 zoning meeting evening somerville
SunMay1 seder 3pm medford
SatApr30 moderate Global Health and Development panel 2pm-2:55pm wong auditorium
SatApr30 eagx boston * mit
WedApr27 meter repair noon-4pm somerville
MonApr25 bida meeting evening julie's
SunApr24 fly to BOS 9:56pm-11:51pm Delta flight 1354
SunApr24 trillium twirl * battle creek mi (2016)
SatApr23 trillium twirl * battle creek mi (2016)
FriApr22 fly to DTW 10:56am-1:15pm Detla flight 1342
FriApr22 travel to MI afternoon plane (2016)
ThrApr21 engineer visit 5pm somerville
WedApr20 estimate 10am somerville
MonApr18 talk at harvard evening harvard
SunApr17 neffa * mansfield (2016)
SatApr16 neffa * mansfield (2016)
FriApr15 neffa evening mansfield (2016)
ThrApr14 talk and ea meetup 6pm mit, clover
WedApr13 dormer estimate 5:30pm somerville
WedApr13 dormer estimate 1pm somerville
WedApr13 final bathroom inspection 10am-noon somerville
MonApr11 eye appt 2:45pm-4:20pm Medford Opthamology 26 City Hall Mall Medford
ThrApr7 sound workshop 6pm somerville
MonApr4 sound workshop 6pm somerville
SunApr3 bida evening masonic hall (2016)
MonMar28 bida meeting evening julie's
FriMar25 play greenfield evening grange (2016)
ThrMar24 talk at bua 8am bua
SatMar19 sing 7:30pm folk hotel
MonMar14 bida meeting 6:30pm julie's
FriMar11 talk to reg roome 8am somerville
ThrMar10 talk at yale 1pm-2:15pm yale
MonFeb29 bida meeting evening julie's
WedFeb24 cogo labs 4pm cogo labs
SatFeb20 ben's goodbye party 7pm-9pm cambridge
FriFeb19 dinner at the kunitz's evening newton
WedFeb17 zba hearing 6pm Aldermanic Chambers, 2nd Floor, Somerville City Hall, 93 Highland Ave
TueFeb16 anna born 4:13am cambridge birth center
WedFeb3 mike to dinner 7pm somerville
MonFeb1 bida meeting evening julie's
SunJan31 oncall primary * *
SunJan31 run sound at bida 6pm-11pm masonic hall
SatJan30 oncall primary * *
FriJan29 oncall primary * *
ThrJan28 oncall primary * *
WedJan27 ea dinner evening somerville
WedJan27 oncall primary * *
TueJan26 oncall primary * *
MonJan25 oncall primary * *
SatJan23 watch lily when julia's at salon 7:40pm-9pm somerville
SunJan17 run sound for bida 5pm-11pm masonic hall
SunJan17 bida with family dance evening masonic hall
SunJan17 luke helping with house * somerville
WedJan13 dinner with rick and eileen evening somerville
SatJan16 singing party 6pm somerville
TueJan5 fly to BOS (to Eastern Time) 12:01am-8:19am JetBlue flight 688
SunJan3 play contra evening Santa Barbara (2016)
SatJan2 play contra evening LA (2016)
FriJan1 play advanced dance 4pm san diego
FriJan1 play nyd dance 7pm san diego


ThrDec31 play contra evening san diego (2015)
WedDec30 fly to SAN (to Pacific Time) 4:59pm-8:30pm JetBlue flight 19
SunDec27 star wars 5pm capitol theatre
SunDec27 singing party noon medford
SatDec26 revels ? sanders
TueDec22 cfs reunion 8pm john harvard's
SunDec20 run sound at bida evening masonic hall
SatDec19 family christmas * medford
MonDec14 rehearse with audrey evening somerville
SunDec13 EA dinner evening somerville
FriDec11 solstice 8pm-10pm mit chapel
ThrDec10 solstice run-through 8:30pm mit chapel
TueDec8 play mit with alex evening mit student center
MonDec7 bida meeting evening julie's
SunDec6 oncall primary * *
SunDec6 bida evening masonic hall
SatDec5 oncall primary * *
SatDec5 holiday party evening folk hotel
FriDec4 oncall primary * *
ThrDec3 oncall primary * *
WedDec2 oncall primary * *
TueDec1 oncall primary * *
TueDec1 talk at mit sloan 11:30-1pm mit
MonNov30 solstice working meeting 6:30pm somerville
MonNov30 oncall primary * *
FriNov27 off * * (2015)
ThrNov26 off * * (2015)
WedNov25 scott to dinner evening somerville
WedNov25 rough inspection 1pm-3pm somerville
MonNov23 ssc talk 5pm sever 203
SatNov21 singing party 6pm gary and eileen's
FriNov20 talk to electrician 8:30am somerville
ThrNov19 in CA * CA
WedNov18 SFO-BOS (to Eastern Time) 11pm-7:40am Virgin America Flight 358
WedNov18 in CA * CA
TueNov17 in CA * CA
MonNov16 BOS-SFO (to Pacific Time) 6:59pm-10:45pm Virgin America Flight 357
MonNov16 in CA * CA
SunNov15 run sound at bida for open band evening masonic hall
SatNov14 ea dinner 6pm somerville
SatNov14 speak at conference 2:15pm-3:05pm harvard
FriNov13 play greenfield evening guiding star grange (2015)
WedNov11 tunes party 6pm somerville
SunNov8 fly to BOS 7:55pm-9:27pm JetBlue Flight 1786
SunNov8 play pittsburgh weekend morning pittsburgh
SatNov7 play pittsburgh weekend * pittsburgh
FriNov6 play pittsburgh weekend evening pittsburgh
FriNov6 work from google PIT * PIT
ThrNov5 fly to PIT 5:26pm-7:19pm JetBlue Flight 1685
MonNov2 bida meeting evening julie's
SunNov1 cider and donuts party 10am shirley ma
SatOct31 swatfriends over 1pm-6pm somerville
FriOct30 ea people over 6pm-9pm somerville
WedOct28 dinner 6pm somerville
SunOct25 fly to boston 4:24pm-7:18pm JetBlue flight 1392
SunOct25 tampa fall ball * tampa (2015)
SatOct24 tampa fall ball * tampa (2015)
FriOct23 tampa fall ball * tampa (2015)
ThrOct22 fly to tampa 4:56pm-8:13pm JetBlue flight 691
SunOct18 bida -- family dance evening masonic hall
ThrOct15 talk to Sunday Midday 8:00am internet
WedOct14 talk to cnni 9:30pm internet
WedOct14 talk at tufts 5:30pm tufts
TueOct13 be interviewed about donation stuff 11-12 somerville
TueOct13 interview people at BU 12:30pm-4pm 100 Bay State Road, 5th Floor
MonOct12 rick over 5:30-8:30 somerville
SunOct11 oncall primary * *
SunOct11 alex's birthday ? medford
SunOct11 30th anniversary contra afternoon Greenfield MA (2015)
SatOct10 potluck brunch 10am-1pm somerville
SatOct10 oncall primary * *
SatOct10 honk * davis
FriOct9 oncall primary * *
FriOct9 spark in the dark evening ccc
ThrOct8 adam to dinner evening somerville
ThrOct8 oncall primary * *
WedOct7 oncall primary * *
TueOct6 oncall primary * *
MonOct5 oncall primary * *
MonOct5 bida meeting evening julie's
SunOct4 ea meetup 6pm-9pm somerville
SunOct4 bida: pick up stands evening masonic hall
ThrOct1 talk to Sarah 6pm internet
WedSep30 play contra evening amherst
SunSep27 baby skype 9am internet
FriSep25 swatfriends over 6pm somerville
SatSep26 dinner with Dan and Joan 6pm-9pm newton
SunSep20 riversing evening weeks footbridge
SatSep19 framing afternoon somerville
FriSep18 doctor's appt 9:30am soemrville hospital
TueSep15 zoo * philly
TueSep15 talk about EA at Haverford 8pm philly
MonSep14 talk about EA at penn 6pm philly
SunSep13 play glen echo evening glen echo (2015)
SunSep13 footfall * timber ridge (2015)
SatSep12 footfall * timber ridge (2015)
FriSep11 footfall * timber ridge (2015)
ThrSep10 play contra with the free raisins evening glenside pa
MonSep7 off * *
ThrSep3 free raisins rehearsal * medford
SatAug29 talk to plumber 9am somerville
SatAug29 ea dinner evening bhfh
SunAug9 work on house * somerville
SatAug8 work on house * somerville
TueAug4 fly to BOS (to Eastern Time) 9:51pm-6:30am United Flight 1731
TueAug4 in CA * CA
MonAug3 in CA * CA
SunAug2 ea global * CA
SatAug1 ea global * CA
FriJul31 ea global * CA
ThrJul30 oncall primary * *
ThrJul30 fly to SFO (to Pacific Time) 5:07pm-8:50pm United Flight 1699
SunJul19 bida party evening sam's
SatJul18 trip to ptown * ptown
SunJul12 rose's birthday noon medford
SatJul11 gaming ? david's
FriJul10 bida meeting evening sam's
SunJul5 ea dinner discussion evening medford
SunJul5 amy picks up sound equipment 11am somerville
SunJul5 oncall primary * *
SatJul4 oncall primary * *
FriJul3 off * *
FriJul3 oncall primary * *
ThrJul2 off * *
WedJul1 oncall primary * *
TueJun30 oncall primary * *
MonJun29 oncall primary * *
SunJun28 tree house * marion
SatJun27 tree house * marion
SatJun27 play contra with rick, kira, stevie evening mystic ct
FriJun26 tree house * marion
WedJun24 play contra evening amherst
SunJun21 bida? evening masonic hall
SunJun21 swing into summer * pinewoods
SatJun20 swing into summer * pinewoods
FriJun19 swing into summer evening pinewoods
ThrJun18 show apartment 6pm somerville
TueJun16 max and sofia over 6:30pm somerville
MonJun15 electrician 4:30pm somerville
SunJun14 fly to BOS 9:45pm-11:30pm Delta Flight 1793, Seat 16F
SunJun14 fly to DTW (to Eastern Time) 5:25pm-8:51pm Delta Flight 3641, Seat 8D
SunJun14 play dance weekend * oaklahoma (2015)
SatJun13 play dance weekend * oaklahoma (2015)
FriJun12 play dance weekend * oaklahoma (2015)
ThrJun11 fly to OKC (to Central Time) 9:00pm-10:15pm Southwest Flight 464
ThrJun11 fly to ATL 5:05pm-8:10pm Southwest Flight 449
SunJun7 oncall secondary * *
SatJun6 oncall secondary * *
FriJun5 oncall secondary * *
ThrJun4 oncall secondary * *
WedJun3 oncall secondary * *
TueJun2 music 6:30pm somerville
TueJun2 oncall secondary * *
MonJun1 oncall secondary * *
MonJun1 play scout house evening scout house
WedMay27 talk to contractor 4:30pm somerville
TueMay26 dinner with rick evening medford
MonMay25 cookout evening medford
MonMay25 dawn dance 5:30am-7am brattleboro vt
MonMay25 marlboro * marlboro vt
MonMay25 off * *
SunMay24 marlboro * marlboro vt
SatMay23 marlboro * marlboro vt
ThrMay21 nathaniel monson visiting evening somerville
WedMay20 bida meeting 6:30pm julie's
TueMay19 dinner with rick evening medford
MonMay18 dinner with work folks 6pm-8pm West Bridge
SunMay17 EA discussion 6pm 111 Perkins Street, 121 JP
SatMay16 david and allison arrive morning somerville
SatMay16 porchfest 2pm-4pm somerville
ThrMay14 music with rick, kira, stevie evening somerville
SunMay10 fly home from leaf 6pm-8:09pm US Airways Flight 1806
SunMay10 play leaf * asheville
SatMay9 play leaf * asheville
FriMay8 fly to leaf 9:40am-11:59am US Airways Flight 601
FriMay8 play leaf * ashevilla
SunMay3 bida evening masonic hall
ThrApr30 talk to James noon work
WedApr29 bida meeting evening julie's
TueApr28 talk to elliot 7:45pm internet
SunApr26 NEFFA * Mansfield
SatApr25 NEFFA * Mansfield
FriApr24 NEFFA evening Mansfield
WedApr22 ea discussion 6pm clover
TueApr21 music with rick, kira, stevie evening medford
SunApr19 run sound evening bida
SatApr18 fiddlehead frolic * Ithaca
WedApr15 bida board meeting evening julie's
MonApr13 hea panel 6pm-7pm harvard
SatApr11 oncall primary * *
FriApr10 seder evening medford
FriApr10 oncall primary * *
ThrApr9 oncall primary * *
TueApr7 oncall primary * *
WedApr8 oncall primary * *
MonApr6 oncall primary * *
SunApr5 lead bida open band evening bida
SunApr5 oncall secondary * *
SatApr4 talk to everett 11am somerville
SatApr4 talk to electrican 9am somerville
SatApr4 oncall secondary * *
SatApr4 play dance with free raisins evening montpelier vt (2015)
FriApr3 play music evening medford
FriApr3 oncall secondary * *
ThrApr2 drive home from new haven 8:30pm-11:30pm car
ThrApr2 dinner with yale eas 5:30pm-6:30pm yale
ThrApr2 talk at yale 7pm-8pm yale
ThrApr2 drive to new haven 1pm-4pm car
ThrApr2 oncall secondary * *
WedApr1 oncall secondary * *
TueMar31 talk to plumber 7:30am somerville
TueMar31 talk at mit 7pm mit
TueMar31 oncall secondary * *
MonMar30 talk to plumber 8am somerville
MonMar30 oncall secondary * *
SunMar29 CVG-BOS 7:55pm-10:04pm Delta 3480
SunMar29 pigtown fling * cincinnati (2015)
SatMar28 pigtown fling * cincinnati (2015)
FriMar27 BOS-CVG 5pm-7:24pm Delta 825
FriMar27 pigtown fling * cincinnati (2015)
ThrMar26 talk to electrician 8:30am somerville
WedMar25 talk to electrician 4:30pm somerville
WedMar25 talk to plumber 8:30am somerville
TueMar24 talk to plumber 4:30pm somerville
SunMar22 memorial service afternoon scout house
FriMar20 fly home (to Eastern Time) 10:27am-6:59pm Jet Blue Flight 534
WedMar18 dinner with julia and luke evening berkeley
MonMar16 dinner 5pm-7pm Ajeya's house
MonMar16 talk at berkeley 3pm-5pm dwinelle hall, berkeley
MonMar16 talk to givewell 11:30-12:30 givewel
MonMar16 talk to elie 10:30am-11:30am 131 Steuart, Suite 501
SatMar14 talk to roofer morning somerville
SatMar14 fly to CA (to Pacific Time) 8pm-11:43pm Jet Blue Flight 833
TueMar10 talk to roofer morning somerville
TueMar10 talk to jeremy about masonry 10am-11am somerville
TueMar10 music with rick/kira/stevie evening medford
SatMar7 play swinging tern double dance * hanover nj
ThrMar5 talk to carlo about masonry 8:30am somerville
TueMar3 talk at harvard 5:30pm harvard
SatFeb28 work on stairs * somerville
SatFeb21 ea meetup 6pm-9pm medford
FriFeb20 family birthday 6:30pm medford
ThrFeb19 closing noon registry of deeds
ThrFeb19 walkthrough 10:30am somerville
ThrFeb19 play contra evening concord ma
WedFeb18 play contra evening amherst ma
TueFeb17 music with rick, kira, stevie evening medford
MonFeb16 off * *
SunFeb15 oncall primary * *
FriFeb13 abby and kids to dinner evening medford
SunFeb8 oncall primary * *
SatFeb7 oncall primary * *
TueFeb3 music with rick, kira, stevie evening medford
TueFeb3 oncall primary * *
TueFeb3 dentist 8am kendall
MonFeb2 oncall primary * *
SunFeb1 oncall secondary * *
SatJan31 oncall secondary * *
FriJan30 oncall secondary * *
FriJan30 play contra with the raisins evening albany ny (2015)
ThrJan29 oncall secondary * *
WedJan28 oncall secondary * *
TueJan27 oncall secondary * *
MonJan26 oncall secondary * *
FriJan23 oncall primary * *
ThrJan22 oncall primary * *
WedJan21 singing evening medford
WedJan21 oncall primary * *
TueJan20 oncall primary * *
TueJan20 practice with rick, kira, stevie evening medford
MonJan19 off * *
SunJan18 run sound for open band evening masonic hall
SatJan17 arisia * boston
FriJan16 play arisia 6pm-11pm Westin Boston Waterfront hotel
ThrJan15 practice with mari and amy evening medford
SatJan10 play double dance * NYC
FriJan9 work from google nyc * google nyc
FriJan9 play village contra evening nyc
ThrJan8 drive to nyc evening car
WedJan7 david and al leave morning logan
WedJan7 talk about pagespeed evening boston
SunJan4 swatf visiting * medford
ThrJan1 david and al arrive afternoon medford
ThrJan1 off * * (2015)


WedDec31 low key nye party evening alex and miriam's
WedDec31 off * * (2014)
MonDec29 off * * (2014)
FriDec26 off * * (2014)
ThrDec25 off * * (2014)
WedDec24 off * * (2014)
TueDec23 off * * (2014)
SunDec21 caroling party 4pm-8pm arlington friends house
SatDec20 party 7pm-11pm medford
SatDec20 oncall primary * *
SunDec14 ea dinner evening medford
SatDec13 gaming with swatf * medford
FriDec12 dentist 8am-9am kendal sq dental
ThrDec11 holiday party 7:30pm-11:30pm 1 benett st cambridge
ThrDec11 doctor's appointment 9:20am-10:20am davis
WedDec10 oncall primary * *
TueDec9 music with rick, kira, stevie evening medford
SunDec7 oncall primary * *
SatDec6 oncall primary * *
FriDec5 oncall primary * *
ThrDec4 oncall primary * *
WedDec3 oncall primary * *
TueDec2 oncall primary * *
MonDec1 oncall primary * *
SunNov30 oncall secondary * *
SatNov29 oncall secondary * *
FriNov28 oncall secondary * *
FriNov28 off * * (2014)
ThrNov27 oncall secondary * *
ThrNov27 off * * (2014)
WedNov26 oncall secondary * *
TueNov25 oncall secondary * *
MonNov24 oncall secondary * *
SatNov22 music with ben and ruthie 11am-2pm medford
MonNov17 Uncle Stephen to dinner evening medford
MonNov17 Uncle Stephen to dinner evening medford
SunNov16 oncall primary * *
SunNov16 Thanksgiving afternoon Carol's
SatNov15 play contra * Poughkeepsie NY
FriNov14 oncall primary * *
ThrNov13 oncall primary * *
ThrNov13 practice with rick, kira, stevie evening medford
WedNov12 play hampshire contra evening hampshire college
TueNov11 oncall primary * *
MonNov10 oncall primary * *
SunNov9 fly home (to Eastern Time) 5:25pm-11:40pm Southwest 4257, 5239
SunNov9 fire ant frolic * austin tx (2014)
SatNov8 fire ant frolic * austin tx (2014)
FriNov7 fire ant frolic * austin tx (2014)
FriNov7 fly to dance weekend 11:35am-5:05pm (to Central Time) American Airlines 1186:24A; 383:18F
WedNov5 practice with jon and audrey evening medford
SunNov2 cider and donuts party 11:30am-3pm shirley ma
SunNov2 ea dinner 6pm medford
FriOct31 first day back at work * home
ThrOct30 talk to mike 7pm-8pm internet
TueOct28 drive rose's car to shop 2pm medford
SunOct26 red house * marion
SatOct25 red house * marion
FriOct24 red house * marion
TueOct21 games with owen and allison 6pm medford
MonOct20 church talk on biotech risk 5:30pm sever 102
ThrOct16 talk to Toya 8:15am 24 Jay St #1 Cambridge
MonOct13 Elie Hassenfeld talk 8pm-9pm harvard
SunOct12 practice with fr * Boston
SatOct11 call contra evening Worcester
ThrOct9 tunes at jon's 7pm jon cannon's
SunOct5 lead bida open band evening masonic hall
SunOct5 lunch with abby and phoebe 12:30pm medford
WedOct1 lily to doctor 2pm davis
TueSep30 play mit with rick, kira, and stevie 8pm-10:30pm mit
MonSep29 inspection 10am Somerville
SunSep28 ydw * kinhaven
SatSep27 ydw * kinhaven
FriSep26 ydw evening kinhaven
WedSep24 dinner at barb and jon's evening newton
MonSep22 talk at harvard 7pm-9pm harvard
SunSep21 adriondack dance weekend * lake george ny
SatSep20 adriondack dance weekend * lake george ny
FriSep19 adriondack dance weekend evening lake george ny
TueSep16 music with rick, kira, stevie evening medford
SatSep13 potluck and music noon carol's, bedford
TueSep9 sit in at MIT evening MIT student center
MonSep8 lunch with sameer noon 320 longwood ave
SunSep7 run sound at bida 6pm-11pm BIDA
SatSep6 play Montpelier with the free raisins evening Montpelier vt
FriSep5 run sound 6:30pm-11:30pm Scout House
ThrSep4 practice with stevie, rick, kira evening medford
TueSep2 start paternity leave * home
MonSep1 off * *
ThrAug28 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
SunAug31 gaming 12:30pm-5pm medford
SunAug31 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
SatAug30 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
FriAug29 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
FriAug29 brass practice 7pm-8pm medford house
WedAug27 picnic with julia and lily 6pm-8pm sandy beach
WedAug27 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
TueAug26 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
MonAug25 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
SatAug16 party evening medford
FriAug15 ea discussion with rob evening medford
FriAug15 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
ThrAug14 practice with rick, kira, stevie 7pm-9pm medford
ThrAug14 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
WedAug13 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
TueAug12 wayne staying with us evening medford
TueAug12 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
MonAug11 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
SunAug10 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
SatAug9 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
FriAug8 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
ThrAug7 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
WedAug6 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
TueAug5 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
MonAug4 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
SunAug3 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
SatAug2 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
FriAug1 train from nyc 7pm-10:45pm train
FriAug1 talk to 2S 9am-5pm 100 Avenue of the Americas 6th ave 7th floor nyc
ThrJul31 talk to EG 1pm-5pm 640 Fifth Avenue, 19th Floor New York, NY 10019
WedJul30 train to nyc 5:35pm-9:50pm train
SunJul27 drop off rental car 1pm albany airport
SunJul27 porch 2pm-6pm john and vivian's
SatJul26 play contra evening brooklyn
FriJul25 play contra with the free raisins 8pm-11pm glen echo (2014)
ThrJul24 free raisins play contra evening glenside (2014)
WedJul23 play contra evening bloomington
TueJul22 play contra evening indianapolis
MonJul21 play contra evening cincinatti
SunJul20 play contra 4pm-9:30pm toronto island (2014)
SatJul19 free raisins play contra evening buffalo ny (2014)
FriJul18 play contra with the free raisins 8pm-11pm pittsburgh pa (2014)
ThrJul17 free raisins play contra evening rochester ny (2014)
WedJul16 play contra with the free raisins 7:30pm-10:30pm amherst ma (2014)
MonJul14 see holly 12:30pm-2:00pm london victoria bus station
MonJul14 fly back to boston (to Eastern Time) 5:10pm-7:40pm virgin atlantic flight 11
MonJul14 Oxford to London 10:35am-12:30pm Oxford tube bus
SunJul13 dinner with will evening oxford
SunJul13 visit people * england
SatJul12 lunch 11am-3pm Toby and Dette's
SatJul12 dinner 5pm-7pm Michelle's
SatJul12 visit people * england
FriJul11 dinner evening Owen's
FriJul11 visit people * oxford, england
ThrJul10 wander around with toby, dette, and rose * oxford, england
WedJul9 dinner evening Stephanie's
WedJul9 conference * oxford, england
TueJul8 dinner evening Lucy's
TueJul8 conference * oxford, england
MonJul7 dinner evening Michelle's
MonJul7 conference * oxford, england
SunJul6 dinner with gwwc 7pm-9pm Rajastan, on Cowley Road
SunJul6 London Victoria to Oxford 2:40pm-4:16pm Megabus
SunJul6 illminster to hamersmith 8:30am-11:40am Berrys
SunJul6 in england * Horton, Somerset, UK
SatJul5 alice's wedding * Horton, Somerset, UK
FriJul4 off * *
FriJul4 alice's wedding * Horton, Somerset, UK
FriJul4 alice's quaker wedding 1pm-2pm Horton, Somerset, UK
FriJul4 session 8pm Five Dials
ThrJul3 London Waterloo to Yeovil Junction 12:20pm-2:38pm Megabus
ThrJul3 off * *
WedJul2 lunch with paul and julia noon google london
WedJul2 work from london * england
TueJul1 lunch with paul noon google london
TueJul1 Morris, singing, etc 6:30pm Cecil Sharp house
TueJul1 work from london * england
MonJun30 dinner with Ginny, Davy, Kathryn evening Brantford
MonJun30 work from london * england
SunJun29 in england * england
SatJun28 in england * england
SatJun28 arrive england (to Greenwich Time) 9:10am heathrow
FriJun27 fly to england 9:40pm virgin atlantic 12
TueJun24 practice with Rick, Kira, Stevie 7pm-9pm Medford
MonJun23 in marion * marion ma
SunJun22 in marion * marion ma
SatJun21 play contra with free raisins evening concord nh
SatJun21 in marion * marion ma
FriJun20 to marion evening marion ma
ThrJun19 play contra with free raisins 7:30pm-10:30pm scout house
WedJun18 ea dinner evening clover
TueJun17 call mit 8pm-10:30pm mit
SunJun15 fly home from FL 11am-1:57pm Flight 192, seat 17A
SatJun14 june bug bash * tampa
FriJun13 fly to FL 11:59am-3:12pm Flight 391, seat 17A
FriJun13 june bug bash evening tampa
TueJun10 pagespeed 1.8 dinner 5:30pm catalyst
SunJun8 meeting: lily welcoming, potluck 10am-1pm cfs
FriJun6 orlin to dinner evening medford
WedJun4 pictures with daniel evening medford
MonJun2 recording with fr * ithaca
SunJun1 vist laurie 10:30pm-11:50pm ithaca
SunJun1 recording with fr * ithaca
SatMay31 recording with fr * ithaca
ThrMay29 practice with fr evening medford
MonMay26 dinner at barb and jons evening Newton
MonMay26 marlboro ale * marlboro ma
MonMay26 off * *
MonMay26 play dawn dance 3:30am-7am brattleboro vt
SunMay25 marlboro ale * marlboro ma
SatMay24 marlboro ale * marlboro ma
FriMay23 marlboro ale evening marlboro ma
WedMay21 rehearse with fr and andrew * amy's
TueMay20 rehearse with fr and andrew evening amy's
SunMay18 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
SunMay18 play contra evening enfield ct
SatMay17 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
SatMay17 play cdny 8pm-11pm nyc
FriMay16 lunch with alex benn noon google nyc
FriMay16 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
FriMay16 play village contra evening nyc
FriMay16 work from google nyc 9am-5pm google nyc
ThrMay15 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
ThrMay15 drive to nyc evening car
WedMay14 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
WedMay14 practice with fr evening medford
TueMay13 Muddy with Lily evening Medford uu church
TueMay13 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
MonMay12 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
SunMay11 singing 7pm-9pm jesse and ben's
SunMay11 singing 4pm-6pm gary and eileen's
SunMay11 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
SatMay10 ea dinner 6pm-9pm beacon hill friend's house
SatMay10 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
FriMay9 80k meeting 8am-9am internet
FriMay9 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
ThrMay8 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
WedMay7 practice with fr evening medford
WedMay7 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
TueMay6 play mit with rick and kira 8pm-10:30pm mit
TueMay6 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
MonMay5 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
SatMay3 play dance weekend * owen sound CA
FriMay2 play dance weekend * owen sound CA
ThrMay1 drive west 7pm car
ThrMay1 may day 5am-7am weeks footbridge
WedApr30 practice with fr evening medford
WedApr30 lend cedar pa system 7:30pm medford
SunApr27 play contra medley 11am-11:30am neffa ms dance hall
SunApr27 neffa * mansfield
SatApr26 play contra 10pm-11:30pm neffa hs dance hall
SatApr26 neffa * mansfield
FriApr25 play contra medley 9pm-9:30pm neffa hs dance hall
FriApr25 neffa evening mansfield
ThrApr24 practice with rick and kira 7:10pm-9pm medford
WedApr23 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
TueApr22 see nir and leah 8:25pm Medford
MonApr21 Suzie's birthday 6pm-8pm Medford
SunApr20 play dance weekend * boone nc
SatApr19 play dance weekend * boone nc
FriApr18 play dance weekend evening boone nc
FriApr18 drive to nc 8am-6pm car
ThrApr17 lunch with Toby and Julia 12:30-1:45 Google
ThrApr17 drive to nj 7pm-11:30pm car
WedApr16 harvard ea discussion with toby 6:30pm-8pm elliot house dining room
TueApr15 rehearse 7-9pm medford
MonApr14 drive julia's family to the airport 6:30am car
SunApr13 passover 4pm-8pm medford
SatApr12 singing party evening Medford
SatApr12 pick up Toby evening airport
ThrApr10 jen and eric visit 7:30pm-8:30pm medford
TueApr8 paternity leave ends * medford
SunApr6 bida 7:30pm-10:30pm masonic hall
SatApr5 ea meetup 6pm-9pm clover
FriApr4 doctor's 9am Davis
FriApr4 take Rosie to doctors 11:30am-4pm bi
ThrApr3 Alex, Miriam, Julia over evening Medford
WedApr2 doctor's noon davis
MonMar31 doctor's appt 1pm-2pm davis
SatMar29 visit from abby and phoebe 10am-noon medford
FriMar28 visiting nurse here 10am-11am medford
ThrMar27 doctor's visit 1pm-2pm davis
WedMar26 paternity leave starts * cambridge birth center
WedMar26 lily born 12:08pm cambridge birth center
FriMar21 due date ? ?
SunMar16 lw 3pm-6pm citadel
SunMar16 dinner with lw and ray 6pm-7:30pm sugar and spice
SunMar16 talk to Alexei 11:30am internet
SunMar16 bida 7:30pm-10:30pm masonic hall
SatMar15 games 6:30pm-11pm Medford
SatMar15 ea meetup 1pm-3pm clover food lab, upstairs
WedMar12 gaming at chris' 7pm-11:30pm winter hill
TueMar11 ea talk 7pm-9pm harvard
MonMar10 music with Rick and Kira 7pm-9pm Medford
SunMar9 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
SatMar8 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
FriMar7 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
FriMar7 dentist 10am-11am one kendall square
ThrMar6 music with rick and kira 7pm-9pm medford
ThrMar6 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
WedMar5 practice with fr and andrew 9am-9pm amy's
TueMar4 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
TueMar4 practice with fr and andrew 6pm-9pm amy's
MonMar3 bida meeting 6:30pm Julie's
MonMar3 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
SunMar2 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
SunMar2 play contra evening montreal
SatMar1 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
SatMar1 play contra evening ottowa on
FriFeb28 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
FriFeb28 play mad robin dance evening burlington vt
ThrFeb27 fly back from CA (to Eastern Time) 10:50pm VA 358
ThrFeb27 oncall secondary 2am-2pm *
ThrFeb27 in CA * CA
WedFeb26 talk to ea folks evening david's
WedFeb26 oncall secondary 2am-2pm *
WedFeb26 in CA * CA
TueFeb25 see orlin 10:30am-1:30pm rock ridge
TueFeb25 oncall secondary 2am-2pm *
TueFeb25 nginx users summit 2pm-5pm Dogpatch Studios, 991 Tennessee St, SF
TueFeb25 in CA * CA
MonFeb24 see ben lt and ryan cary 6:35pm-10pm leverage
MonFeb24 oncall secondary 2am-2pm *
MonFeb24 in CA * CA
SunFeb23 party thing 6pm-10pm david 's
SunFeb23 in CA * CA
SatFeb22 in CA * CA
FriFeb21 fly to CA (to Pacific Time) 6:55pm VA 357
ThrFeb20 meet with study people 5pm-5:30pm google lobby
TueFeb18 EA talk at harvard 7pm-9pm harvard
MonFeb17 talk to lucas 1pm-2pm internet
MonFeb17 off * *
SunFeb16 dance flurry * saratoga springs ny
SatFeb15 dance flurry * saratoga springs ny
FriFeb14 dance flurry 7pm-11pm saratoga springs ny
ThrFeb13 rehearse 7pm-9pm Amy's
SunFeb9 lego movie 2:30pm-4:30pm boston common lowes
SatFeb8 play jp dance 2:30pm-5:30pm jp
FriFeb7 stevie's party 7:30pm-11:30pm folk hotel
ThrFeb6 rehearse 7pm-9pm Amy's
TueFeb4 bida meeting evening Julie's
SunFeb2 bida 7:30pm-10:30pm masonic hall
SatFeb1 rehearse 11am-3pm Amy's boyfriend's parent's house
SatFeb1 play coco contra evening Chatham NY
FriJan31 free raisins play contra 8pm-11pm albany ny
ThrJan30 birthday dinner 6:30pm medford
TueJan28 talk to news people 6pm-7pm medford
TueJan28 music with Rick and Kira 7:10pm-9pm Medford
MonJan27 dinner with Nate 7pm-9pm scholar's
SunJan26 see abby and other family 5pm-8pm medford
SunJan26 gary's birthday brunch 11:30am somerville
SunJan26 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
SunJan26 practice with amy and audrey 2pm-5pm amy's
SatJan25 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
SatJan25 party 5pm-11pm medford
FriJan24 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
ThrJan23 julia to dinner 6:30pm work
ThrJan23 song night 7:30pm-9:30pm justin and hannah's
ThrJan23 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
WedJan22 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
WedJan22 practice with amy and audrey 5:30pm-8pm amy's
TueJan21 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
MonJan20 off; build baby furniture * *
MonJan20 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
SunJan19 run sound for bida 6pm-11pm masonic hall
SunJan19 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
SunJan19 bida 7:30pm-10:30pm masonic hall
SatJan18 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
FriJan17 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
ThrJan16 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
WedJan15 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
WedJan15 play contra with the free raisins 7:30pm-10:30pm amherst ma
TueJan14 music with rick and kira evening medford
TueJan14 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
MonJan13 Julia to lunch 11:45am-1pm work
MonJan13 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
SunJan12 meeting 10am-noon cfs
SunJan12 lesswrong 2pm-5pm mit
SatJan11 drive to Hartford 4pm-6pm car
SatJan11 drive home from hartford 11pm car
SatJan11 pizza before dance 6pm-7pm Hartford
SatJan11 play contra with the free raisins 8pm-11pm hartford ct
FriJan10 games 7pm-10pm medford
ThrJan9 dinner with molly, barb, etc 7:30pm-9pm 2067 Mass Ave Cambridge
WedJan8 lunch with sam 11:45am-1:30pm google
TueJan7 bida meeting evening amy's
MonJan6 play contra with the free raisins evening scout house
SunJan5 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
SunJan5 bida 7:30pm-10:30pm masonic hall
SatJan4 greenfield contra 8pm-11:30pm greenfield
SatJan4 see alex, ben noon medford
SatJan4 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
FriJan3 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
ThrJan2 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
WedJan1 off * ?


TueDec31 set up for nye 3:30pm-7pm scout house
TueDec31 nye evening scout house
TueDec31 off * ?
FriDec27 off * ?
ThrDec26 off * ?
WedDec25 off * ?
TueDec24 off * ?
MonDec23 potluck and caroling evening abby's, heather's
MonDec23 off * ?
SunDec22 revels with family 1pm-3pm harvard sq
SatDec21 solstice 6pm-11pm citadel
SatDec21 practice for solstice 4pm-6pm citadel
WedDec18 dinner with swatfriends evening adam's
TueDec17 fr practice 7pm-9pm audrey's
MonDec16 instrument shopping with jon evening ?
SunDec15 bus home from NYC 11:45am-3:45pm bus
SunDec15 family christmas 6pm-9pm medford
SatDec14 solstice evening nyc
FriDec13 bus to NYC 6pm-10pm bus
WedDec11 holiday party 7:30pm-11pm children's museum
TueDec10 talk to keith 5:30pm 25 first st
MonDec9 practice with rick and kira 7:10pm medford
SunDec8 talk to alexander 2pm-5pm internet
SunDec8 ea dinner evening medford
SatDec7 sam and eloise's party 9pm-10pm somerville
SatDec7 gary and eileen's 5:30pm-9pm somerville
SatDec7 talk to nisan 3pm internet
FriDec6 party evening folk hotel usa
ThrDec5 midi feet with jon evening jon's
TueDec3 bida meeting 6:30pm-9pm amy's
SunDec1 bida 7:30pm masonic hall
SunDec1 Drive Home 7am-8pm car
SatNov30 off * richmond va
FriNov29 off * richmond va
ThrNov28 Drive to Richmond 9am-10pm car
ThrNov28 off * ?
WedNov27 dinner with jeremy and saskia evening medford
WedNov27 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
TueNov26 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
MonNov25 talk to keith 5pm 25 first st
MonNov25 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
SunNov24 neffa meeting 1pm-3pm southboro ma
SatNov23 games 12:30pm-2:30pm Alex's
SatNov23 fr rehearsal 3pm-6pm amy's
SatNov23 free raisins play kingston 8pm-11pm 163 main st kingston nh
ThrNov21 contra 7:30pm-10:30pm scout house
ThrNov21 surveying ? harvard
WedNov20 short-notice bida meeting evening Julie's
TueNov19 call mit 8pm-10:30pm mit student center
SunNov17 music with fr and andrew noon amy's
SunNov17 bida 7:30pm masonic hall
SatNov16 play contra evening northboro ma
FriNov15 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
FriNov15 spark in the dark 7:30pm-10:30pm masonic hall
ThrNov14 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
WedNov13 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
TueNov12 practice with raisins 7pm-9pm amy's
TueNov12 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
MonNov11 play music with rick and kira 7pm-9pm medford
MonNov11 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
SunNov10 ice cream 1:30pm-2pm christina's
FriNov8 peter singer talk 4pm-5pm Harvard Science Center D
TueNov5 bida meeting evening Amy's
SunNov3 lesswrong 2pm-5pm citadel
SunNov3 bida 7:30pm masonic hall (2013)
SatNov2 play contra with the free raisins 8pm-11pm peterborough nh
FriNov1 play contra with free raisins 8pm-11pm scout house
WedOct30 ultrasound 3:15pm-4pm Cambridge Hospital
WedOct30 Jaan Tallinn talk at Harvard 5:30pm-6:30pm Science Center A
TueOct29 practice with amy and audrey 7pm-9pm amy's
SunOct27 lesswrong 2pm-5pm citadel
SunOct27 talk to ben todd 1:30pm internet
SatOct26 watch dart 10am-7pm amherst ma
TueOct22 first time homebuyer's seminar 6pm-9pm 395 Trapelo Road Belmont
TueOct22 lunch with cam 11:45am-12:35pm google
MonOct21 play music with rick, kira, isabel 7pm medford
SunOct20 talk with 80k 2pm-3pm internet
SunOct20 lw meetup 3pm-5pm internet
SunOct20 bida 6pm-10pm masonic hall (2013)
SatOct19 ea meetup evening medford
FriOct18 dentist 3:30pm-4:30pm kendall square dental associates
FriOct18 lw/hpmor meetup 7pm-9pm MIT 6-120
ThrOct17 from nyc 10:03am-1:41pm acela 2154
ThrOct17 end of will's talk evening harvard
ThrOct17 dinner with paul c evening porter square
WedOct16 dinner 5:45pm risotteria
WedOct16 stay with chris evening 1075 dean st. Brooklyn
WedOct16 velocity * NYC
TueOct15 obnyc meetup 7pm-11pm 60 West 23rd Street APT 904
TueOct15 stay with chris evening 1075 dean st. Brooklyn
TueOct15 velocity * NYC
MonOct14 stay with chris evening 1075 dean st. Brooklyn
MonOct14 to nyc 1:15pm-4:45pm acela 2167
SunOct13 anne, abby, etc for dinner 5pm-8pm medford
SatOct12 honk 2pm-4pm davis
SatOct12 play dance with the free raisins evening worcester
FriOct11 free raisins play contra 8pm-11pm bates college, lewiston me
WedOct9 thomas pogge talk 8pm-9pm Harvard: Sever 214
TueOct8 play mit 8pm-10:30pm mit
MonOct7 practice with rick, kira, isabel 7pm-9pm medford
SunOct6 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
SunOct6 rehearse with free raisins 11am-2pm ?
SunOct6 bida 7:30pm masonic hall (2013)
SatOct5 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
SatOct5 run sound for regency dance 6pm-11pm Chelmsford Center
FriOct4 goodbye party for ben evening citadel
WedOct2 outdoor contra 7pm-9pm davis
TueOct1 bida meeting evening julie's
SunSep29 house inspection 3pm-5pm porter square
SunSep29 stevie over 1pm-2:30pm medford
SatSep28 open house 1pm-2pm porter square
FriSep27 lunch with lucas and david noon-1pm outside
FriSep27 go night evening melrose
ThrSep26 contra 7:30pm-9pm scout hosue
TueSep24 talk at hhip 7pm-9pm harvard
SunSep22 talk to chris sea 11am internet
SunSep22 housewarming 6:30pm-8:30pm citadel
SunSep22 talk about giving 1:30pm-3pm internet
SunSep22 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
SatSep21 games etc 12:30pm-8pm david german's
SatSep21 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
FriSep20 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
FriSep20 play contra evening rutland
ThrSep19 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
ThrSep19 play the thursday dance 7:30pm-10:30pm concord
WedSep18 see julia b 6pm-9pm alex and miriams
WedSep18 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
TueSep17 practice with rick, isabel etc evening medford
TueSep17 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
MonSep16 free raisins practice 7pm-10pm amy's
MonSep16 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
SunSep15 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
SunSep15 bida 7:30pm masonic hall (2013)
SatSep14 skype 10am-11am internet
SatSep14 ice cream party 2pm-5pm 146 Warren St Arlington
SatSep14 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
SatSep14 call contra evening worcester
FriSep13 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
ThrSep12 dinner 6pm-7:30pm Le's Restaurant, 35 Dunster Street Cambridge
ThrSep12 larry temkin talk 8pm-10pm Harvard University Science Center, Hall E
ThrSep12 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
WedSep11 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
WedSep11 play contra with the free raisins 7:30pm-10:30pm hampshire college red barn
TueSep10 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
MonSep9 ea interview 7am-8am internet
MonSep9 julia to lunch 11:50am-1:10pm google
MonSep9 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
SunSep8 meet William Russell 10am-1pm ithaca
SatSep7 play cornell dance evening ithaca ny
SatSep7 play contra evening cornell
FriSep6 leave for ithaca 4:30pm downtown
ThrSep5 contra 7:30pm-10:30pm scout house
WedSep4 rehearse evening amy's
TueSep3 bida meeting 6:30pm-9pm julies's
TueSep3 sound committee meeting 5:30pm-6:30pm julie's
MonSep2 dinner evening barb and jons
MonSep2 dawn dance 1:30am-7am brattleboro vt
SunSep1 bida 7:30pm masonic hall (2013)
SatAug31 gaming 7pm-11pm 350 3rd street, Apt 1217, Cambridge MA
ThrAug29 contra 7:30-9:30pm scout house
TueAug27 80k advisory meeting 7am-8am internet
TueAug27 lunch with garth 11:50am-1pm google
SunAug25 singing party 6pm-10pm 46 Jason St arlington
SunAug25 lesswrong meetup 2pm-5pm mit
SatAug24 help mark move morning ?
SatAug24 spark in the dark 7:30pm-10:30pm whistlestop
ThrAug22 contra evening scout house
WedAug21 outdoor contra 7pm-9pm davis
SunAug18 see ricky and kelly * vt
SatAug17 see ricky and kelly * vt
ThrAug15 contra evening concord
TueAug13 dinner with work people evening kendall
SatAug10 sailing with julia 3pm-5pm mystic lake, new sunfish
FriAug9 singing 7pm-10pm Folk Hotel USA
ThrAug8 contra dance 7:30pm-9:30pm scout house
WedAug7 dinner with susanna and dan evening medford house
WedAug7 lunch with max 12:30pm-1:30pm google
TueAug6 lunch with lucas 11:45am-1pm google
MonAug5 train back from red house morning marion
SunAug4 at red house * marion
SatAug3 at red house * marion
FriAug2 to red house, with chris evening marion
FriAug2 lunch with chris jacoby 11:45am-1pm google
ThrAug1 outing with family and work * canobie lake
WedJul31 ben's party 6:30pm-9:30pm 828 Hammond St., Brookline, MA
SunJul28 ea meetup evening medford
SatJul27 call contra evening cfs
SatJul27 lowell folk festival 12:30pm-5:30pm lowell ma
ThrJul25 contra evening scout house
WedJul24 see orlin etc evening alex and miriam's
TueJul23 provincetown offsite * provincetown
SatJul20 free raisins play new haven contra evening new haven ct
FriJul19 play contra with the free raisins 8pm-11pm 1119 5th St SW, Charlottesville VA
ThrJul18 play house party evening mebane nc
WedJul17 play contra 8pm-11pm charlotte nc
TueJul16 free raisins play contra 8pm-10:30pm Clemmons NC
MonJul15 free raisins play contra evening grey eagle, asheville nc
SunJul14 play contra with the free raisins 7:30pm-10:30pm glen echo (2013)
SunJul14 lw megameetup * boston
SunJul14 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
SatJul13 lw megameetup * boston
SatJul13 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
FriJul12 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
FriJul12 watch morris 6pm park st
ThrJul11 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
ThrJul11 interview about contra 12:30-1:45 kenmore
ThrJul11 contra evening scout house
WedJul10 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
TueJul9 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
TueJul9 lunch with lucas noon CAM
TueJul9 skype with andrew 8pm-9pm internet
MonJul8 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
SunJul7 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
SunJul7 bida 7:30pm masonic hall (2013)
SunJul7 rose's birthday party afternoon medford
SatJul6 singing / dancing / music party 6pm-11pm medford house
SatJul6 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
FriJul5 off * ?
FriJul5 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
ThrJul4 off * ?
ThrJul4 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
WedJul3 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
TueJul2 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
TueJul2 play copley dance with audrey and michael evening copley square
MonJul1 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
MonJul1 contra evening scout house
SunJun30 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
SunJun30 lunch with julia noon-1pm elephant walk
SunJun30 practice with amy 2pm-3:30pm medford
SunJun30 meeting 10am-11am cfs
SatJun29 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
FriJun28 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
FriJun28 go 7pm-9pm muncie's, melrose
FriJun28 lunch with EAs 11:45am-12:30pm google
ThrJun27 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
ThrJun27 dinner and discussion 7pm-10pm jim's
WedJun26 eye exam 8:10am-9:10am 366 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington
WedJun26 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
TueJun25 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
MonJun24 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
SunJun23 fly home (to Eastern Time) 9:35am-8:30pm american 3610 SJC-LAX, american 202 LAX-BOS
SatJun22 diplomacy * oakland
SatJun22 sleep evening chudzicki's
FriJun21 sleep evening chudzicki's
ThrJun20 velocity conference * Santa Clara CA
ThrJun20 sleep evening 1280 Persian Dr., Sunnyvale, CA
WedJun19 velocity conference * Santa Clara CA
WedJun19 sleep evening 1280 Persian Dr., Sunnyvale, CA
WedJun19 dinner with weibin evening ?
TueJun18 velocity conference * Santa Clara CA
TueJun18 sleep evening 1280 Persian Dr., Sunnyvale, CA
TueJun18 see orlin evening oakland
MonJun17 fly to CA (to Pacific Time) 5pm-8:32pm jet blue 471 BOS-SJC
MonJun17 sleep evening 1280 Persian Dr., Sunnyvale, CA,
SunJun16 bida 7:30pm masonic hall (2013)
SunJun16 practice with amy and audrey afternoon ?
SatJun15 play contra with the free raisins evening concord nh
SatJun15 provincetown with family 8am-5pm ferry
WedJun12 chris green to dinner evening medford
MonJun10 meet with loan officer 10am-10:30am eastern bank, one broadway
SunJun9 Alison and Owen's Celebration Contra 2:30pm-6pm Payson Park Church, 365 Belmont Street, Belmont, MA
SunJun9 julia's birthday party 6pm-9pm medford house
SatJun8 play contra 8pm-11pm cotuit
TueJun4 bida meeting evening julie's
SunJun2 play great bear groove with the free raisins * fallbrook lodge oswego ny
SatJun1 play great bear groove with the free raisins * fallbrook lodge oswego ny
FriMay31 play great bear groove with the free raisins evening fallbrook lodge oswego ny
MonMay27 catapult * atlanta
MonMay27 off * atlanta
MonMay27 fly home 5:45pm-8:30pm Delta 444
SunMay26 catapult * atlanta
SatMay25 catapult * atlanta
FriMay24 catapult * atlanta
FriMay24 fly to atlanta 7:15am-10:07am Delta 1501
FriMay24 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
ThrMay23 rehearse with amy and audrey 6:30pm-9pm Amy's
ThrMay23 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
ThrMay23 see photographer 8:30am-9:30am medford
WedMay22 dinner discussion 7pm-10pm 12 Wendell St Apt 6 Cambridge, MA 02138
WedMay22 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
TueMay21 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
TueMay21 see danner 6pm-7pm boston common
MonMay20 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
SunMay19 bida; run sound 7:30pm masonic hall (2013)
SunMay19 see stephanie noon-2pm Amsterdam Falafelshop at 248 Elm Street, Somerville
SatMay18 play contra with free raisins (bring sound) evening montpilier vt (2013)
FriMay17 google io * san francisco
FriMay17 fly back to boston, arrive 7:36am next morning (to Eastern Time) 10:49pm UA1529 out of SFO
ThrMay16 google io * san francisco
ThrMay16 lunch with nginxers 12:30pm-2pm Luce Wine Restaurant 888 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
WedMay15 skype with julia 5pm internet
WedMay15 google io * san francisco
TueMay14 in sf * san francisco
TueMay14 see swatfolks evening david's
MonMay13 in sf * san francisco
MonMay13 see mark 6pm-10pm 6078 Fairlane Drive in Oakland, CA 94611
SunMay12 in sf * san francisco
SunMay12 EA meetup 6pm-9pm 1313 Curtis St Berkeley, CA 94702
SatMay11 Fly to sf (to Pacific Time) 9:46am-1:25pm *
SatMay11 in sf * san francisco
SatMay11 scott's party 6pm-10pm 1245A Francisco St, Berkeley
ThrMay9 practice with amy and audrey 6pm-9pm amy's
TueMay7 bida meeting 6:30pm-9pm julie's
SunMay5 lesswrong 2pm-5pm mit
SunMay5 bida; run sound 7:30pm masonic hall (2013)
SatMay4 play contra with the free raisins evening deerfield
WedMay1 may day 5am-7am charles river
TueApr30 play mit with rick, audrey, and stevie 8pm-10:30pm lobdell
SunApr28 practice with amy and audrey 10am-1pm medford
SatApr27 smartgiving dinner 6pm beacon hill friends house
SatApr27 powergrid etc noon-5pm alex's
FriApr26 dinner 6:30pm-7:15pm Nud Pob Thai at 738 Commonwealth Ave
FriApr26 peter singer talk 7:30pm-9pm BU Morse Auditorium 602 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston
ThrApr25 suzie's family birthday 6:30-8:30pm medford
WedApr24 dinner at HHIP 6pm-8pm Eliot Memorial Dining Hall
TueApr23 bida board meeting 6:30pm-8:30pm Julie's
SunApr21 bida; run sound 7:30pm masonic hall (2013)
SunApr21 neffa * mansfield (2013)
SatApr20 neffa * mansfield (2013)
FriApr19 neffa evening mansfield (2013)
WedApr17 see toby ord 5pm-8pm ?
SunApr14 singing party 5pm-9pm medford
SunApr14 schilling day 2pm-6pm a harvard dorm
SatApr13 buy pants noon-1pm target
SatApr13 play worcester with the free raisins evening worcester ma (2013)
SatApr13 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
WedApr10 Giving What We Can GIM and Jonas Vollmer speaking 9pm-11pm Tufts: Eaton 201
TueApr9 run sound workshop evening medford
SunApr7 bida; annual meeting 7:30pm masonic hall (2013)
SunApr7 talk to lisa with amy and audrey noon-2:30pm medford
SunApr7 sound workshop 3pm-6pm masonic hall
SatApr6 play medway with the free raisins; linda leslie calling 7:30pm medway
SatApr6 brunch with ben and rachel 10:30am-noon true bistro
SatApr6 see uncle steven 3:30pm-5:30pm medford
TueApr2 see julia b 6:30pm-9pm alex and miriam's
SunMar31 seder 4pm medford
SunMar31 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
SatMar30 chris weiler's wedding celebration dance 7:30pm-10:30pm masonic hall
SatMar30 run sound for wedding 10:30am-4pm masonic hall
FriMar29 seder 6:30pm-9pm carol's
FriMar29 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
ThrMar28 contra at the scout house (andrew and noah playing) 7:30pm-10:30pm scout house
ThrMar28 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
WedMar27 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
TueMar26 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
TueMar26 Toby Ord's talk at harvard 8pm-9:30pm Emerson Hall 108
TueMar26 dinner 6:30pm-7:30pm meet at emerson hall, harvard university
MonMar25 lunch with julia and toby 11:45am google 3cc
MonMar25 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
SunMar24 play contra with the free raisins 7pm-10pm powder mill barn, enfield ct
SunMar24 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
SatMar23 buy mandolin 10am-noon Mandolin Brothers: 629 Forest Ave, Staten Island, NY 10310
SatMar23 coffee with lincoln quirk 6pm-7pm the bean, 13th and broadway
SatMar23 play contra with the free raisins evening NYC: CDNY
SatMar23 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
FriMar22 free raisins play contra evening brooklyn
FriMar22 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
ThrMar21 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
WedMar20 rehearse with amy and audrey 6:30pm-8:30pm Medford
WedMar20 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
TueMar19 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
MonMar18 bida meeting 6:30pm-9pm julie's
MonMar18 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
SunMar17 bida 7:30pm masonic hall (2013)
SunMar17 bida 2pm-5pm mit
SunMar17 meeting 10am-11:30am cfs
SatMar16 play east sandwich evening 91 Old County Rd, East Sandwich
SatMar9 call worcester contra 8pm-11pm worcester ma
SunMar3 bida 7:30pm masonic hall (2013)
SunMar3 lesswrong 2pm-5pm mit
SunMar3 dinner with lesswrongfolk 6pm-7pm mu lan
ThrFeb28 Alice's family birthday 7pm-9pm medford
WedFeb27 bida meeting 6:30pm-9:30pm Julie's
SunFeb24 cd release dance 7:30pm-10:30pm masonic hall
SatFeb23 brunch with ben and rachel 10:30am-noon true bistro
SatFeb23 singing party 5pm-8pm gary and eileen's
ThrFeb21 fly out of philly (US Airways flight 1804) 11:15am-1:29pm PHL-BOS
ThrFeb21 free raisins play contra 7pm-9:30pm unh
WedFeb20 fly out of boston (US Airways flight 897) 9:30am-11am BOS-PHL
WedFeb20 talk at swat: pagespeed 12:20pm-1:30pm swarthmore college science center 183
WedFeb20 talk at swat: google 6:00pm-7:30pm swarthmore college science center 199
WedFeb20 train to anne's 8:15pm-8:40pm R3
WedFeb20 stay with anne and lee evening philly
TueFeb19 call mit 8pm-10:30pm mit
MonFeb18 off * ?
MonFeb18 practice with the free raisins 3pm-6pm west medford
SunFeb17 bida 7:30pm masonic hall (2013)
SunFeb17 lesswrong 2pm-5pm mit
SunFeb17 run sound for bida evening masonic hall
SunFeb17 oncall-primary 5am-5pm ?
SatFeb16 david's birthday noon-6pm david and jenny's
SatFeb16 call northboro 8pm-11pm 40 Church St Northboro MA
SatFeb16 oncall-primary 5am-5pm ?
FriFeb15 oncall-primary 5am-5pm ?
ThrFeb14 oncall-primary 5am-5pm ?
WedFeb13 oncall-primary 5am-5pm ?
TueFeb12 oncall-primary 5am-5pm ?
MonFeb11 oncall-primary 5am-5pm ?
SunFeb10 frolic in the snow * ?
SunFeb10 oncall-secondary 5am-5pm ?
SatFeb9 oncall-secondary 5am-5pm ?
FriFeb8 oncall-secondary 5am-5pm ?
ThrFeb7 fly home (UA268 to DEN, then US386 to BOS) 8:06am-6:36pm plane
WedFeb6 pagespeed meeting * mountain view
WedFeb6 sleep 9pm 5 Fairchild Drive, Mountain View, CA
WedFeb6 contra 8pm-10:30pm 2138 Cedar St, Berkeley
WedFeb6 oncall-secondary 5am-5pm ?
WedFeb6 dinner with orlin and chudzicki 6:30pm-7:45pm cafe gratitude, berkeley CA
TueFeb5 pagespeed meeting * mountain view
TueFeb5 sleep 9pm 5 Fairchild Drive, Mountain View, CA
TueFeb5 dinner 6:30pm-8:30pm CasCal
TueFeb5 oncall-secondary 5am-5pm ?
MonFeb4 meet ken for lunch 11:45am 3cc lobby
MonFeb4 fly to ca (UA1539 to DEN, then UA1595 to SJC) 3:25pm-9pm plane
MonFeb4 sleep 9pm 5 Fairchild Drive, Mountain View, CA
MonFeb4 oncall-secondary 5am-5pm ?
SunFeb3 bida 7:30pm masonic hall (2013)
SatFeb2 play medway with rick and stevie evening medway
FriFeb1 birthday party evening medford
ThrJan31 bida tunes party 6:00pm-9pm audrey's
TueJan29 play mit with the free raisins 8pm-10:30pm mit
SatJan26 play contra with free raisins 8pm kingston nh (2013)
FriJan25 smartgiving meetup 6:30pm-9:30pm medford
TueJan22 callmit 8pm-10:30pm mit student center 491
SunJan20 bida 7:30pm masonic hall (2013)
SunJan20 arisia * boston
SunJan20 run sound for bida 6pm-11pm masonic hall
SunJan20 help audrey move sound evening ?
SatJan19 tea with lesswrongfolk 1pm-3pm Jim's
SatJan19 arisia * boston
FriJan18 play contra at arisia with free raisins 6pm-8pm boston
FriJan18 arisia afternoon boston
TueJan15 practice; max newman clinicing 6:30pm-9:30pm Amy's
SunJan13 YTS * western ma
SatJan12 YTS * western ma
FriJan11 YTS evening western ma
ThrJan10 load sound gear for yts evening medford
TueJan8 rose, danner, gary, eileen visit evening medford
MonJan7 bida meeting 6:30pm julie's
SunJan6 bida 7:30pm masonic hall (2013)
SatJan5 play medway with free raisins 7:30pm medway
FriJan4 play contra with the free raisins 8pm-11pm belfast me
FriJan4 leave for belfast 2:30pm ?
ThrJan3 practice with amy and audrey evening medford
WedJan2 david chudzicki leaves morning medford
TueJan1 Lee clms by now most Amrcns beliv E sapient ETs 12am Earth (2013)
TueJan1 off * ?
TueJan1 david chudzicki visiting * medford
TueJan1 party with swatfriends noon-7pm medford


MonDec31 off * ?
MonDec31 david chudzicki visiting * medford
MonDec31 help run sound at new years dance 4pm-midnight concord scout house
MonDec31 meet audrey, drive to NYE, set up sound 2pm walter's
SunDec30 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
SatDec29 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
SatDec29 dinner party 7pm-10pm 12 Wendell St Apt 6 Cambridge
SatDec29 see hobbit 1pm-3pm arlington
FriDec28 singing party evening medford
FriDec28 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
ThrDec27 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
WedDec26 come back from philly * philly
WedDec26 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
WedDec26 off * ?
TueDec25 off * ?
TueDec25 in philly * philly
TueDec25 gaming with stevie, nate, mike evening yardley
TueDec25 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
MonDec24 off * ?
MonDec24 in philly * philly
MonDec24 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
SunDec23 in philly * philly
SunDec23 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
SatDec22 to philly morning car
SatDec22 family christmas morning medford
SatDec22 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
FriDec21 singing 6pm-9pm gary and eileen's
FriDec21 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
ThrDec20 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
WedDec19 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
TueDec18 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
MonDec17 effective giving discussion 12:15pm-1:15pm chatham cafe 3cc
MonDec17 carol service 8pm memorial church, harvard square
MonDec17 dinner 6:30pm work
MonDec17 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
SunDec16 megameetup * yc
SatDec15 winter solstice * nyc
FriDec14 play contra with the free raisins evening wellesley college
WedDec12 caroling evening somerville
MonDec10 bida "advance" 6:30pm julie's
SunDec9 hanukkah party 5pm-9pm 112 summer st
SatDec8 talk to walter and audrey about nye sound 2pm-5pm walter's
SatDec8 80k Review Meeting 9am-11am online
SatDec8 play contra with the free raisins 8pm cotuit ma
ThrDec6 get christmas tree evening medford
WedDec5 google holiday party 6:30pm-10:30pm Moakley Courthouse, One Courthouse Way, Boston
MonDec3 learn songs for 12/15 evening medford
SunDec2 call bida 7:00pm-10:30pm masonic hall
SunDec2 bida evening masonic hall
SatDec1 games, food, cocoa noon-9pm david and jenny's
FriNov30 play go evening melrose
ThrNov29 dkg etc for robo rally 6:30pm-9:30pm medford
WedNov28 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
TueNov27 dinner 7:30pm 27 Maple Ave., Cambridge
SunNov25 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
SunNov25 drive to boston * car
SatNov24 in richmond * richmond
FriNov23 in richmond * richmond
FriNov23 thanksgiving afternoon richmond
ThrNov22 drive to richmond * car
MonNov19 ben, taryn, alex, miriam to dinner evening medford
SunNov18 bida evening masonic hall (2012)
SunNov18 oncall primary 5am-5pm *
SunNov18 lesswrong 2pm-5pm cosi
SunNov18 meeting 9am-11am cfs
SatNov17 party! 6pm-11pm medford
SatNov17 free raisins practice 4:30pm medford
SatNov17 free raisins photo 4pm medford
ThrNov15 play contra with the Free Raisins 7:30pm-10:30pm scout house
MonNov12 bida meeting 7pm-9:30pm julie's
SunNov11 free raisins play fall frolic 2pm-10pm greenfield
SunNov11 practice with amy and audrey 10am-noon medford
SatNov10 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
FriNov9 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
FriNov9 smartgiving meetup 6:30pm medford
ThrNov8 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
WedNov7 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
TueNov6 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
TueNov6 vote ? brooks
TueNov6 gaming 7pm-10pm alex and miriam's
MonNov5 oncall secondary 5am-5pm *
MonNov5 optphil g+ hangout 9:30pm-10:30pm internet
SunNov4 bida 7:30pm-10:30pm masonic hall
SunNov4 bida sound for performers workshop 5pm-6:30pm masonic hall
SunNov4 cider and donuts party ? 41 Parker Rd., Shirley, MA
SatNov3 run sound for maple/offspring fundraiser 7pm-10:30pm
ThrNov1 bida tunes party 7pm 2 Chestnut St Apt 24 Cambridge
SunOct28 creative time with the free raisins 10am-1pm medford
SatOct27 play (and call) pie dance 8pm-11pm mystic CT
FriOct26 play contra with the free raisins 8pm-11pm wesleyan university
ThrOct25 robbie and kai-ting to dinner 7pm medford
SunOct21 bida evening masonic hall (2012)
SunOct21 lesswrong 2pm-5pm 25 ames
SunOct21 meeting 10am-11am cfs
SatOct20 free raisins play contra (emily troll subbing) 8pm northboro ma
ThrOct18 bida meeting 6:35pm medford
MonOct15 see barb, jon, molly, etc evening newton
SunOct14 oncall secondary 10am-10pm *
SunOct14 test k10 2pm walter's
SunOct14 meeting 10am-11am cfs
SatOct13 oncall secondary 10am-10pm *
SatOct13 see cgreen etc 1pm-9pm 43 Aberdeen
ThrOct11 rehearsal 7pm-9pm Amys
WedOct10 bida sound committee working session 7:30pm julie's
WedOct10 oncall primary 10am-10pm *
TueOct9 g+ hangout: smartgiving 8pm-10pm online
MonOct8 oncall primary 10am-10pm *
SunOct7 bida evening masonic hall
SunOct7 oncall primary 10am-10pm *
SatOct6 play medway with rick and stevie evening medway
SatOct6 honk! 12:30pm davis
FriOct5 oncall primary 10am-10pm *
FriOct5 pick up julia 9:35pm 20 Bradston Street, Boston, main entrance
ThrOct4 oncall primary 10am-10pm *
WedOct3 oncall primary 10am-10pm *
TueOct2 call mit 8pm-10:30pm mit student center 491
MonOct1 oncall primary 10am-10pm *
SunSep30 oncall secondary 10am-10pm *
SunSep30 meeting morning cfs
SatSep29 oncall secondary 10am-10pm *
SatSep29 Rick's birthday adventure 9:30am-2pm nashoba vally winery
SatSep29 party afternoon 4323 Washington St in Roslindale, MA 02131
FriSep28 bida square dance 7:30pm-10:30pm masonic hall
ThrSep27 oncall secondary 10am-10pm *
WedSep26 bida meeting 7pm-9:30pm julie's
WedSep26 oncall secondary 10am-10pm *
TueSep25 play mit with rick and audrey evening mit
MonSep24 oncall secondary 10am-10pm *
SunSep23 riversing 6pm-7:30pm weeks footbridge
SunSep23 HIP Meeting 6pm Harvard Science Center Cafe
SatSep22 call 4th saturday dance 8pm cfs
ThrSep20 oncall primary 10am-10pm *
WedSep19 oncall primary 10am-10pm *
TueSep18 call mit 8pm-10:30pm mit student center: lobdel
MonSep17 oncall primary 10am-10pm *
SunSep16 free raisins play bida 7:30pm-10:30pm masonic hall
SatSep15 play contra with the free raisins 8pm east sandwich
SatSep15 kayaking and potluck 2pm or later 38 Pinkham Rd., Sandwich MA
FriSep14 oncall secondary 10am-10pm *
FriSep14 smart giving meetup 6pm-9pm west medford
ThrSep13 practice with rick and audrey 7pm-9pm medford
WedSep12 outdoor contra 7pm davis
TueSep11 talk to nathaniel 9:30pm phone
MonSep10 Rick's birthday evening medford
SunSep9 meeting morning cambridge
SatSep8 play JP with free raisins evening JP
SatSep8 sailing 1:30pm mystic lake
FriSep7 thurn und taxis 7pm medfod
FriSep7 music with rosie 9pm medford
ThrSep6 contra 9pm scout house
ThrSep6 swimming 11pm walden pond
ThrSep6 thurn und taxis 7pm medford
MonSep3 party afternoon emily and spike's house
SunSep2 bida; running sound evening masonic hall
SatSep1 pick up Amy 3:20pm 112 Summer St Somerville MA
SatSep1 pick up Jon 3:30pm 96 Richdale Ave #2, Cambridge MA
SatSep1 play for a wedding 4:30pm arrive 258 Andover Street, Georgetown, MA
FriAug31 powergrid party evening alex's
ThrAug30 contra evening concord
WedAug29 free raisins play contra evening amherst ma
TueAug28 fix julia's laptop evening medford
SunAug26 marion * marion
SunAug26 oncall primary 10am-10pm *
SatAug25 marion * marion
SatAug25 call contra 7pm arrive 6:30pm South Chatham Village Hall, 2567 Main St Chatham MA
SatAug25 oncall primary 10am-10pm *
FriAug24 marion evening marion
FriAug24 oncall primary 10am-10pm *
ThrAug23 oncall primary 10am-10pm *
WedAug22 oncall primary 10am-10pm *
TueAug21 oncall primary 10am-10pm *
TueAug21 dinner and gaming 6pm alex and miriam's
MonAug20 bida meeting 7pm julie's
MonAug20 oncall primary 10am-10pm *
SunAug19 bida resumes, open band, help run sound evening masonic hall
SunAug19 lesswrong 2pm-5pm 25 ames
SatAug18 play contra with free raisins evening east sandwich
SatAug18 practice with free raisins 3pm Amy's
FriAug17 oncall secondary 10am-10pm *
ThrAug16 contra w/mean lids 9pm concord
ThrAug16 oncall secondary 10am-10pm *
ThrAug16 dinner, gaming with davy and kathryn evening medford
WedAug15 bida pre-open band party 6pm 112 Summer St
WedAug15 oncall secondary 10am-10pm *
TueAug14 play mit evening mit
MonAug13 oncall secondary 10am-10pm *
MonAug13 dentist 8am 5 longfellow place suite 205 boston - boston endontics
SunAug12 talk to raymond about programming 8pm internet
SatAug11 gaming at alex's 11am-4pm somerville
SatAug11 dinner at gary and eileen's 5pm west somerville
FriAug10 laura and victor to dinner 6:30pm west medford
ThrAug9 sarah's birthday 6pm 217 Kelton Street, Apt 3 in Allston
WedAug8 pick up alice 8:25pm 820 Harrison ave, Boston opposite Blunch
SatAug4 play contra with free raisins evening syracuse
FriAug3 play contra with free raisins evening ithaca NY
ThrAug2 play contra with free raisins evening rochester NY
WedAug1 play contra with free raisins evening baltimore
TueJul31 play contra with free raisins evening winston salem
MonJul30 free raisins play contra evening knoxville
SunJul29 play glen echo with the free raisins evening DC
SunJul29 lunch with micheline 11am 7700 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda MD original pancake house
SatJul28 rafting, dinner with nathaniel monson and other swatties 2pm-7pm Harper's Ferry
FriJul27 play contra with free raisins evening glen echo
ThrJul26 leave for tour evening boston
WedJul25 practice with the free raisins evening west medford
TueJul24 practice with the free raisins evening west medford
SunJul22 sound for performers workshop 6pm Julie's house
SunJul22 varnish floor ? west medford
SatJul21 varnish floor ? west medford
SatJul21 audrey over, test pack corolla 10:30am west medford
SatJul21 party evening janet and carl's
FriJul20 dentist 12:30 Kendall Square Dental Associates One Kendall Square, Suite B3104
WedJul18 maddie to dinner 5:30pm west medford
TueJul17 talk to yboris evening internet
SunJul15 practice interview for mike 1pm 25 ames
SunJul15 lesswrong 2pm 25 ames
SunJul15 mike raimondi to dinner evening west medford
SatJul14 Jonah's birthday party 6:00pm 112 Summer Street
FriJul13 party 6pm west medford
ThrJul12 testing 9am moakley 3rd floor #3400
WedJul11 bida meeting 6pm julie's
MonJul9 sound committee meeting 6:30pm-10pm julie's
SunJul8 rose's birthday party 4pm west medford
SunJul8 practice driving with julia 7pm west medford
SatJul7 alex and miriam's wedding dance, run sound evening arrive 5:30 masonic hall
SatJul7 dinner at lucas's 4pm 11 Walden Street, Apt C1, Cambridge
FriJul6 smartgiving meetup 6pm west medford
FriJul6 visit abby's noon carslile
TueJul3 outdoor contra 7pm copley
MonJul2 internet privacy meetup 6:30pm 14 Laurel Street, Cambridge
SunJul1 lesswrong 2pm 25 ames
SunJul1 quaker meeting 10am cfs
ThrJun28 rick and suzie to lunch 12:20pm work
WedJun27 julia comes back evening south station
SunJun24 music with mglicks 6:30pm west medford
SatJun23 playing and calling at 4th sat contra evening cfs
FriJun22 gaming with swatfriends 7:30pm alex and miriams
ThrJun21 contra prom 7:30pm scout house
WedJun20 in ca * ca
WedJun20 SJC-BOS 9pm Jet Blue Flight 472
TueJun19 in ca * ca
TueJun19 sleep evening Quality Inn 5 Fairchild Drive, Mountain View
TueJun19 see blake 5:30pm-8pm mtv
MonJun18 BOS-ORD 8am American Flight 2003
MonJun18 ORD-SJC 10:20am American Flight 1103
MonJun18 sleep evening Quality Inn 5 Fairchild Drive, Mountain View
SunJun17 bida evening masonic hall
SatJun16 Alex and Miriam's wedding 2:30pm swarthmore
FriJun15 drive to philly 5:15pm leave from 43 Aberdeen Ave Cambridge
ThrJun14 contra, get bida box from daniel 7:30pm scout house
TueJun12 call mit 8pm-10:30pm lobdel
MonJun11 skype with julia 10pm internet
SunJun10 skype with julia 7:30pm computer
SatJun9 help run sound for the Boston Swing Dance Network 6pm-1am St. James Armenian Church Watertown
SatJun9 help alex and miriam move 10am 5 Durham street, #3 Somerville
FriJun8 skype with julia 9pm online
ThrJun7 contra 7:30pm scout house
ThrJun7 paul christiano to lunch noon google
WedJun6 outdoor contra 6pm JP Boathouse
TueJun5 skype with julia 8pm internet
MonJun4 bida meeting 7pm julie's
SunJun3 fly out of miami 9:48am United Air Lines Flight 0649
SunJun3 nyc to boston 2pm chinatown bus
SunJun3 fly out of quito 12:05 LAN Ecuador Flight 516
SatJun2 last day in quito * quito
SunMay27 visit mindo * mindo
SatMay26 visit mindo * mindo
SunMay13 start in quito evening quito
SunMay13 fly out of newark 6:10am American Airlines Flight 1921
SunMay13 fly out of miami 1:45pm LAN Airlines Flight 3503
SunMay13 fly out of bogota 6:45pm AIRES Aerogal Flight 605
SatMay12 play cdny with the free raisins 8pm-11pm Chinatown YMCA, 273 Bowery St NYC
SatMay12 Music Technology Open House 3pm-6pm 6th floor, "EDUC", 35 W 4th St, NYC
SatMay12 leave for nyc and then ecuador 10am south station
SatMay12 meet audrey at bus station 9:40am south station
WedMay9 gaming evening medford
TueMay8 call mit 8pm student center
MonMay7 practice with amy and audrey evening west medford
SunMay6 bida, running sound evening masonic hall
SatMay5 play medway with rick, alice, stevie 7:30pm-10:30pm medway ma (2012)
FriMay4 julia to lunch 12:40pm work
MonApr30 bida meeting 7pm julie's
SatApr28 fourth sat contra evening cfs
SatApr28 record feet with audrey 3pm-5pm medford
SatApr28 audrey test drive lucas's car noon medford
FriApr27 bida spark in the dark evening masonic hall
MonApr23 see jon and jonah 6:30pm tommy doyle's
SunApr22 neffa * mansfield (2012)
SunApr22 suzie's birthday 6pm medford
SatApr21 neffa * mansfield (2012)
SatApr21 play for intro to ceilidh dancing with audrey 1pm room 125 at neffa
SatApr21 free raisins play neffa 10am high school dance hall at neffa
SatApr21 running sound at neffa 4:45pm-6:00pm HS Aud
FriApr20 neffa afternoon mansfield (2012)
FriApr20 running sound at neffa 6:45pm-8:00pm MS105/106
ThrApr19 host neffa sound workshop 7pm-9:30pm west medford
WedApr18 smartgiving dinner 6pm medford
TueApr17 bida meeting (sick, via skype) 7pm julies
MonApr16 see gregory robbins (33189, vax records) 7pm MGH main campus, cox building, room 515, 5th floor
SunApr15 bida 7:30pm masonic hall (2012)
SatApr14 play medway with free raisins 7:30pm-10:30pm medway ma (2012)
FriApr13 google orientation * california
FriApr13 fly home 9:50pm-6:19am JetBlue 472
ThrApr12 google orientation * california
ThrApr12 talk to anna salamon 7pm berkeley ca
WedApr11 google orientation * california
WedApr11 see dchudz 6:30pm 361A South Van Ness Ave, San Francisco
TueApr10 google orientation * california
TueApr10 see ben orlin 6:30pm 5687 Miles Avenue #8, Oakland CA
MonApr9 start at google 8am lobby of CL3: 1300 Crittenden Lane, Mountain View, CA 94043
SunApr8 fly to california 6:33pm-10:10pm JetBlue 471
SunApr8 housing 11pm 550 Moreland Way, Santa Clara, CA 95054, parking space #349 or #350, room #2507
SatApr7 dance evening PACC
FriApr6 passover 5pm carol and steve's
TueApr3 dinner, music with jon 6pm willow st somerville
SunApr1 bida evening masonic hall
SunApr1 lesswrong 2pm 25 ames
SunApr1 get tires sorted out for corolla morning sullivan tire, brighton
SatMar31 get flat tire 9pm I95S, mile 14, Maine
SatMar31 play at DEFFA with the Free Raisins 6pm-6:50pm Maine: DEFFA Main Hall
TueMar27 bida jamming party 6pm 66 boston ave
MonMar26 bida board meeting 7pm julie's
SatMar24 fourth sat contra evening cfs
FriMar23 potluck 5:30pm-10:30pm 66 boston ave
WedMar21 lunch noon google
WedMar21 davis contra 7pm-9pm davis square: A
SunMar18 picnic with family noon east medford
SunMar18 lesswrong 2pm kendall
SunMar18 bida 7:30pm masonic hall
SatMar17 gaming with alex and nathaniel 6pm alex's
FriMar16 dinner with dkg 6:30pm kendall
ThrMar15 contra with elixir 7:50pm-9:30pm scout house
WedMar14 see ali and bruce with julia 8pm-10:30pm club passim: harvard square
TueMar13 play mit (w/ audrey, becca-bc, tavi) 8pm mit
MonMar12 dinner with ben lawent 6:30pm-8:00pm 6 Chestnut Street Boston: Beacon Hill Friends House
MonMar12 claire sets 8:30pm-9:00pm davis: the burren
SunMar11 optphil discussion 6pm medford
SunMar11 practice with audrey, becca, tavi noon medford
SunMar11 teach audrey to drive stick 11am medford
SatMar10 play contra with the free raisins evening cotuit
ThrMar8 practice with free raisins 6:30pm amy's
ThrMar8 see dkg's 10:30am-noon cambridge
WedMar7 purim 6:30pm 201 central st somerville ma
SunMar4 bida, I'm running sound evening masonic hall
SatMar3 see avenue Q * rhode island
ThrMar1 gwwc launch; paul farmer talking 6pm harvard hall 104 in harvard yard
WedFeb29 see dkg's 9:45am-2:45pm cambridge
TueFeb28 call mit 8pm student center 491
MonFeb27 bida meeting 7pm julie's
SunFeb26 painting * 63 pinckney
SatFeb25 call fourth saturday dance evening cfs
SatFeb25 stevie and alice's birthdays 5pm medford
SatFeb25 painting morning 63 pinckney
WedFeb22 programming games noon ?
TueFeb21 run sound at mit evening mit student center
SunFeb19 bida 7:30pm masonic hall
SunFeb19 moving 9am 63 pinckney to west medford
SatFeb18 free raisins play contra evening concord NH
SatFeb18 museum 11am Harvard Museum of Natural Histor
MonFeb13 mbta public meeting (full, couldn't get in) 6pm boston public library room 700
MonFeb13 dinner with julia 7pm S&S
SunFeb12 from ithaca * car
SatFeb11 see laurie * ithaca
FriFeb10 to ithaca evening car
ThrFeb9 lunch with dkg 11:59am Sebastian's
ThrFeb9 free raisins play scout house 7:30pm-10:30pm concord scout house
SunFeb5 play for alice's rapper team * medford
SatFeb4 play for folk fusion evening watertown: st james
SatFeb4 skating afternoon harvard square
FriFeb3 potluck 5pm 66 boston ave
WedFeb1 play amherst dance evening amherst ma
WedFeb1 amy picks me up 4:10pm work
WedFeb1 pick audrey up 4:30pm 30 Fairfield Street in the back bay
TueJan31 bida meeting 6:30pm julie's
SunJan29 allison in town 1:30pm 5A Durham St #3
SunJan29 family birthday 5:30pm medford
SatJan28 practice with amy and audrey 11am 63 Pinckney
SatJan28 fourth sat contra evening cfs
FriJan27 ecd 7:30pm-9:30pm harvard square
ThrJan26 advent evening workish
WedJan25 talk to raoul 5:30pm Starbucks on the corner of Broadway and Ames
TueJan24 play piano with la banane enchantee 8pm student center 491
SunJan22 music, games morning medford
SatJan21 northboro contra w/ free raisins (cancelled) evening northboro
SatJan21 dinner, games evening medford
FriJan20 dinner with julia evening S&S
TueJan17 dinner with paul c 6pm cosi
SunJan15 bida (running sound) 7:30pm masonic hall
SunJan15 music, games morning medford
SatJan14 party evening medford
FriJan13 play at arisia w/ mglicks, audrey 7pm boston
ThrJan12 skype with givewell:holden 9pm internet
WedJan11 bida tunes party 6:30pm 36A rogers
TueJan10 sit in at mit with jonah and floppy evening mit student center
SunJan8 dinner with blake, herbert, mstone, kegan 7pm 597 Broadway Somerville
SunJan8 quaker meeting (earlier entries weren't listed) 10am cfs
SatJan7 parents to dinner 6pm 63 pinckney
SatJan7 practice with audrey and mglicks 11am 63 pinckney
FriJan6 autotegrity exit party 7pm charles hotel, one bennett st, 02138
SunJan1 lesswrong 2pm cosi


SatDec31 chudzicki etc over 3pm west medford
SatDec31 new years dance evening scout house
FriDec30 party, potluck, etc w/ david chudzicki 11am on david and jenny's
ThrDec29 family vacation * medford
WedDec28 family vacation * medford
TueDec27 family vacation * medford
MonDec26 family vacation * medford
SunDec25 family vacation * medford
SatDec24 family vacation * medford
FriDec23 caroling party evening heather's
FriDec23 family vacation * medford
ThrDec22 dancing 7:30pm-10:30pm scout house
ThrDec22 family vacation * medford
WedDec21 to medford for dinner evening medford
MonDec19 party w/ chris green and swatfolk 6:00pm-9:00pm 63 Pinckney
SunDec18 family christmas 1pm west medford
SunDec18 free raisins play bida 7:30pm masonic hall
SatDec17 party in medford with gary and eileen evening medford
FriDec16 dinner with paul etc 6:30pm acetiuna
ThrDec15 jamming evening 63 pinckney
WedDec14 caroling 7pm-9pm davis
TueDec13 sit in at mit with jumpstart 8pm student center 407
MonDec12 bida board meeting with special guest max 7pm julie's
SunDec11 play fsgw contra with free raisins 7:30pm-10:30pm glen echo ballroom, dc
SatDec10 drive to dc 7:30am-4pm I95
SatDec10 dinner, talking with nathaniel monson evening dc
ThrDec8 cogolabs holiday party 6:30pm-10:00pm The Living Room 101 Atlantic Ave Boston
TueDec6 sit in at mit (amy calling 1/3) 8pm student center 491
MonDec5 optimal philanthropy discussion 6pm 63 pinckney
SunDec4 lw meetup 2pm cosi
SunDec4 review scout house performance with amy and audrey 11am 63 pinckney
ThrDec1 appt with maureen flynn 617-638-5106 9am boston medical center: 830 harrison ave moakly building suite 3400
TueNov29 larissa book person to dinner evening 63 pinckney
SunNov27 thanksgiving party 4pm 11 Park Ave Apt. 3R Somerville, MA 02144
SatNov26 bus home * 95
FriNov25 walk around hollywood cemetary afternoon richmond
ThrNov24 thanksgiving with julia's family afternoon richmond
TueNov22 bus to richmond * 95
SunNov20 bida 7:30pm masonic hall
SunNov20 potluck and games noon david and jenny's
SatNov19 call northboro w/carol evening northboro ma
ThrNov17 birthday tunes at jon's 7pm 10 willow ave #2, somerville
TueNov15 play music; dinner at 6 7:30pm west medford
SunNov13 brunch 11am-2pm 63 pinckney
SatNov12 free raisins play worcester contra dance 8pm-11pm 114 main st worcester ma
FriNov11 play barn dance 7:30pm-11pm 303 Nahanton St., Newton, MA
WedNov9 bolder giving thing 6:30pm-9:30pm 16 Prentiss Street Porter Sq
TueNov8 bida meeting 6:30pm 36A Rogers Ave, Somerville
SunNov6 drive back from swat * car
SunNov6 dinner in medford 6:30pm west medford
SatNov5 play swarthmore dance evening upper tarble
FriNov4 free raisins play for experienced dance 8pm-11pm scout house
ThrNov3 fr practice 7pm amy's
SatOct29 help out at dart evening cambridge
ThrOct27 fr practice 6pm amy's
TueOct25 meet with ttc researcher 7pm cosi
SunOct23 square dance 3pm-6pm burren
SunOct23 lunch at rosie's with family 11:30am-2pm east medford
SatOct22 call contra 8pm scout house
SatOct22 lesswrong meetup 2pm cosi
TueOct18 dinner and gaming evening medford
MonOct17 garth, ariel to dinner 6:30pm 63 pinckney
SunOct16 bida 7:30pm masonic hall
SatOct15 bida tunes party 6pm 66 boston ave somerville
WedOct12 gaming 6:30pm 63 pinckney
TueOct11 free raisins play mit 8pm mit
MonOct10 ricky's wedding * stowe vt
MonOct10 free raisins play monday dance evening scout house
MonOct10 pick up amy, audrey 5:50pm porter square
SunOct9 ricky's wedding * stowe vt
SatOct8 ricky's wedding * stowe vt
ThrOct6 bida meeting 6:30pm 66 boston ave
WedOct5 talk to carl schulman 7pm online
WedOct5 drs appt 9:30am 178 Savin St Malden MA
TueOct4 sit in at mit (w/ carol, debby) 8pm-10:30pm mit
SunOct2 stephanie, jeff, and mark lee to dinner dinner 63 pinckney
SatOct1 help rose and danner move ? ?
SatOct1 play medway with free raisins 7:30pm-10:30pm medway ma
FriSep30 housewarming (nicole, alex, sally) 6pm-11:30pm 66 boston ave somerville
WedSep28 jamming at carol's (6:40pm alewife ride with nell) 7pm bedford
TueSep27 call mit 8pm mit student center 407
SunSep25 hipps to lunch 12:30pm 63 pinckney
SatSep24 play pie dance 8pm-11pm mystic ct
WedSep21 mark lee, rationalists, etc over dinner 63 pinckney
TueSep20 bida sound workshop (5:30 for setup) 6pm mit student center 491
TueSep20 sit in with edward wallace et al 8pm mit student center 491
MonSep19 practice with free raisins 7pm 112 Summer St, #2
SunSep18 bida 7:30pm masonic hall
SatSep17 hang out with family * medford
FriSep16 science museum with lesswrong evening boston
ThrSep15 see garth griffin, ariel horowitz 6:30pm 38 Packard Ave Somerville
WedSep14 bida meeting 6:30pm 66 Boston Ave Somerville MA
TueSep13 sit in with norfly; awesome dance 8pm mit student center: lobdell
SunSep11 bida party 5:30pm-9pm 63 pinckney
SunSep11 chris jacoby visiting * 63 pinckney
SatSep10 gaming 1pm 63 pinckney
SatSep10 chris jacoby visiting * 63 pinckney
FriSep9 amy over for music evening 63 pinckney
FriSep9 chris jacoby visiting evening 63 pinckney
ThrSep8 dinner w/davy and kathryn dinner medford
MonSep5 shared calling gig evening scout house
SunSep4 less wrong meetup 2pm cosi, near kendall
SatSep3 call 8pm scout house
SatSep3 rick's birthday party noon medford
SatSep3 help alex and miriam move in 9:45am 5 durham st somerville
TueAug30 hearing re obi 8:30am court
MonAug29 mandolin lesson 5:15pm 63 pinckney
SunAug28 hurricane irene * medford house
SatAug27 free raisins play kingston 8pm-11pm town hall 163 Main Street kingston nh
FriAug26 dave and miranda's going away party 7:30pm 399B #4 broadway cambridge
WedAug24 audrey and amy over for tunes 7pm 63 pinckney
MonAug22 dinner 7:30pm david and jenny's
SunAug21 bida 7:30pm masonic hall
SunAug21 busking with alice and julia 11:30am davis
SunAug21 less wrong meetup 2pm stata center room 261
SatAug20 georges island with julia * ferry, boston harbor
FriAug19 advercruise 11:45am wtc boston; spirit of boston
FriAug19 bida board meeting evening 63 pinckney
ThrAug18 amy, audrey over for calling practice and tunes 6:30pm 63 pinckney
WedAug17 outdoor contra evening davis square
MonAug15 mandolin lesson 6pm 63 pinckney
SatAug13 play cotuit dance with free raisins evening Freedom Hall, 976 Main St, Cotuit MA
SunAug14 less wrong meetup 2pm stata center room 261
FriAug12 party evening medford
ThrAug11 multicaller evening 7:30pm west cambridge youth center
TueAug9 play mit with free raisins 8pm-10:30pm mit
SunAug7 practice with amy and audrey 4pm 63 pinckney
SatAug6 julia's parents around * medford
ThrAug4 dip teaching session 5:30pm-6:30pm adverplex
TueAug2 localfox dinner 6:30pm cbc
SunJul31 drive back from philly with julia's parents * car
SatJul30 david german's wedding 3:30pm swarthmore
FriJul29 pre wedding party evening philly
TueJul26 teach mandolin 6pm-7pm 63 pinckney
TueJul26 court date 9am-10:30am ?
MonJul25 dinner in medford evening medford
SunJul24 somerville musicy thingy 2pm-2:45pm somerville ma
SunJul24 julia's friend laura to dinner 6pm 63 pinckney
SatJul23 spVk in the dVrk III? evening st john's?
ThrJul21 visit greek american political club, call themis 339 227 0607 7pm 281 green st central square cambridge
WedJul20 practice with michael and audrey 6:30pm 63 pinckney
TueJul19 teach mandolin 6pm-7pm 63 pinckney
SunJul17 bida 7:30pm masonic hall
SatJul16 call 8pm scout house -- 6:45pm debby's
WedJul13 pick up julia's bike evening hub bicycle
TueJul12 sit in at mit (with jumpstart) 8pm student center coffeehouse -- 3rd floor
MonJul11 drop off julia's bike 5:30pm hub bicycle
MonJul11 bida meeting 6:30pm ?
SunJul10 meeting -- bring *key* and banner 9:40am cfs
ThrJul7 gaming 7pm 63 pinckney
TueJul5 outdoor contra 8pm-10pm davis square
SatJul2 rose's birthday evening medford
WedJun29 help julie move evening 28 windsor
TueJun28 sit in at mit 8pm student center 491
MonJun27 from marion 6:10pm train
SatJun25 julia family birthday 6pm marion
FriJun24 to marion 8pm rosie's car
WedJun22 pymeetup 6pm NERD
SunJun19 bida 7:30pm masonic hall
SatJun18 play concord dance evening concord nh
SatJun18 simon's potluck lunch davis
WedJun15 culinary smackdown 6pm julie's
TueJun14 localfox dinner evening hungry mother
MonJun13 practice with audrey and michael friedman 6:30pm 63 Pinckney
SunJun12 trip for rick's birthday * martha's vineyard
SatJun11 call dance (potluck before) 8pm (6:30pm potluck) scout house
SatJun11 ben orlin and gf to lunch afternoon 63 pinckney
WedJun8 pt 8:30am assemsq
SunJun5 play for contra dance 4:30pm Smith Barn 38 Felton Street Peabody, MA 01960
SunJun5 pinewoods work weekend (back by 3:45) morning plymouth
SatJun4 pinewoods work weekend * plymouth
FriJun3 to pinewoods (kingston train 5pm-6:04pm) 5pm plymouth
ThrJun2 music with mglicks and strav 7:30pm 63 pinckney
WedJun1 bida board meeting 6:30pm 28 windsor
WedJun1 pt 8:30am assemsq
MonMay30 memorial day off, stick around in albany * ?
SunMay29 susanna's wedding ? albany ny
WedMay25 outdoor contra 7pm davis
TueMay24 music with steve and mglicks 7:30pm 63 pinkney
SunMay22 danner's birthday ? medford
SatMay21 see swatfolks? ? ?
ThrMay19 dentist 3pm-3:45pm porter
ThrMay19 gaming party 7pm 63 pinckney
ThrMay19 pt 8:30am assembley sq
WedMay18 guitar with stephen t and mglicks 7pm 33 bay st cambridge ma
TueMay17 1/6th of the calling at mit 8pm-10:30pm student center
MonMay16 pt 8am assembley sq
SunMay15 bida evening masonic hall
SunMay15 alice's graduation; graduation lunch morning smith
SatMay14 ivy day and home tour (morris) * smith
FriMay13 pt 9am assembley sq
ThrMay12 puerto rico with housemates evening 63 pinckney
WedMay11 bida changing of the board party 7pm julie's
MonMay9 bida meeting 6:30pm 63 pinckney
MonMay9 pt 8am assembly square
MonMay9 dentist 3:45pm porter square
SunMay8 lillac sunday * arnold arboretum
SatMay7 play dance (w/audrey and victor) 7:30pm medway
WedMay4 pt 8:30am assembley sq
WedMay4 hack night 6pm 99 first street, cambridge ma, upstairs at
TueMay3 practice for 5/7 7:15pm 63 pinckney
SunMay1 may day 5am weeks footbridge
SatApr30 seder 5pm medford
SatApr30 sheap shearing festival afternoon gore place, waltham
FriApr29 medford people over dinner 63 pinckney
ThrApr28 advent evening adverplex
WedApr27 amy's recital 7pm-10pm 1140 Boyleston Recital Hall 1A
TueApr26 doctor's appt 5:30pm near home depot, under planet fitness
SunApr24 jamming, potluck lunch 2pm-9pm 10 Matignon Rd Cambridge, MA 02140
SunApr24 church, easter 11am harvard square
SatApr23 seder 5pm carol and steve's
FriApr22 suzie birthday dinner medford
WedApr20 clean bathroom evening 63 pinckney
TueApr19 sit in at mit 8pm-10:30pm student center 491
SunApr17 neffa morning mansfield
SunApr17 bida and membership meeting evening masonic hall
SatApr16 neffa * mansfield
SatApr16 free raisins play at neffa 3:30pm-4:20 mansfield middle school dance hall
SatApr16 volunteer 5:15pm-6:45pm ms auditorium
SatApr16 play for renegade 2pm-3pm neffa
FriApr15 neffa evening mansfield
FriApr15 volunteer at neffa 6:45pm-8:45pm ms auditorium
WedApr13 audrey over 5:30pm 63 pinckney
TueApr12 drs appt 8am medford family care
MonApr11 pymeetup: education 6:45pm nerd
SunApr10 clean bathroom evening 63 pinckney
SatApr9 housewarming 1pm-4pm 63 pinckney
SatApr9 call for a birthday party (w/ full tilt) 6-10pm pacc
WedApr6 bida board meeting 6:45pm 63 pinckney Apt 3
TueApr5 visit rose evening boston medical center
SunApr3 brunch with muddy 12-3pm gillian, hannah, and leora's
SatApr2 meet victor at alewife, play deerfield with jump start 5:45pm deerfield ma
SatApr2 groceries afternoon stop and shop
SatApr2 visit rose afternoon boston medical center
FriApr1 buy incredibow ? ?
ThrMar31 make dinner, really clean bathroom evening 63 pinckney
WedMar30 teach waltzing, go out for dinner with jenny's family mit student center 491 6pm
SatMar26 free raisins play swat 7:30pm-10:30pm upper tarble
FriMar25 bida spVk in the dVk II 7:30pm-10:30pm masonic hall
SunMar20 bida + caller's workshop evening masonic hall
SunMar20 see swatfolks (including julia bertaut) 1pm david and jenny's
SatMar19 play montague dance with rick, alice, karen 7pm-10pm montague ma
FriMar18 rick, suzie, alice over after dinner evening 63 pinckney
ThrMar17 practice with rick and alice 5pm medford
TueMar15 sit in at mit 8pm mit student center 491
MonMar14 anniversary dinner dali's
SunMar13 play for private party (rachel calling; debby playing) 6pm-9pm st johns
SatMar12 board game and baking party 2pm-8pm medford
FriMar11 sophia's party 7pm waltham
WedMar9 ash wednesday services 7:30pm harvard square
TueMar8 talk with jon cannon about musicians and bida, play music 8pm 10 willow, somerville
SunMar6 family to dinner 6pm 63 Pinckney
SunMar6 bida board meeting 2pm-6pm julie's
SunMar6 bida membership lunch potluck 12-2pm julie's
SatMar5 play dance w/edward and debby (ride with edward) 7:30pm medway
WedMar2 sick * home
TueMar1 call mit (w/ derek, donv) 8pm-10:30pm student center 491
MonFeb28 unpacking evening 63 pinckney
SunFeb27 unpacking * 63 pinckney
SatFeb26 call concord 8pm-11pm scout house
SatFeb26 museum of science * museum of science
FriFeb25 moving (truck at 3pm) evening 10 agassiz, 63 pinicky
ThrFeb24 packing evening 10 agassiz
WedFeb23 packing evening 10 agassiz
TueFeb22 pycon on the charles I 7pm NERD
TueFeb22 play music in subway 8:05am-8:45am porter
MonFeb21 play music in subway 7:13am-8:41am porter
SunFeb20 trolleys noon leave from porter
SatFeb19 look at new apartment, measure 2pm 63 pinicky somerville
SatFeb19 see alex, etc 3:15pm out of town news; mark's house
FriFeb18 play contra w/ jump start evening manchester nh
TueFeb15 bridge noon bbn
TueFeb15 mit contra 8pm student center 491
MonFeb14 mbta subway performer permit submission 9am Transit Realty Associates 77 Franklin St, Floor 9 Boston
SunFeb13 bida open band dance evening 7:30pm
SatFeb12 dinner at pendle hill dinner pendle hill
SatFeb12 esb evening swarthmore
SatFeb12 esb afterparty evening 169 Greenwood Ave Apt K6 Jenkintown, PA 19046
FriFeb11 ride with gillian to esb 3:30pm porter square
WedFeb9 bida board meeting 6:30pm 45 Willow Ave. #2 Somerville
WedFeb9 eye appt 7:30am 366 Massachusetts Avenue Arlington
MonFeb7 dinner, calling practice with grace 6:30 10 agassiz
SunFeb6 walter lenk's stagecraft workshop (jeff, alex, audrey, eric, jonah) 11:30-2:30pm 380 Broadway, Cambridge
SatFeb5 carol and steve's 25th anniversary party 5pm 10 Caribou Street, Bedford
SatFeb5 lunch with anne and abby noon abby's or medford
ThrFeb3 go out with coworkers evening hungry mother
WedFeb2 play with recordings with audrey 7pm 120 Brainerd Road Boston MA 02134 APT 18
TueFeb1 play music with jon, amy, michael 6:30pm 10 agassiz
MonJan31 edward wallace and rachel shapiro over 7pm 10 agassiz
MonJan31 lunch with dkg 11:45am friendly toast
SunJan30 hassan and celeste to dinner evening 10 agassiz
SunJan30 see apartment 5pm 10 Pearl Street, Somerville
SatJan29 bida jam party 7pm-10pm koren's
SatJan29 help with panr move 7:45am amesbury
FriJan28 family birthday party evening medford
ThrJan27 great bear trio 7:30pm scout house
TueJan25 dinner with prospective housemates 6:50pm 23 Preising Street
MonJan24 gillian to dinner; morris movie evening 10 agassiz
SunJan23 see swatfolks 6:30pm 273 Highland Ave #4, Somerville
SatJan22 singing 5:30pm medford
WedJan19 pymeetup 7pm nerd
WedJan19 talk to blake, asheesh evening central sq
SunJan16 bida evening masonic hall
SatJan15 arisia afternoon boston
FriJan14 arisia contra 6pm-7:45pm Westin Waterfront Hotel, Harbor Ballroom II/III, Boston, MA
FriJan14 call for FART 9pm-11pm encuentro 5: 33 Harrison Avenue Boston
ThrJan13 dinner with david and jenny evening 10 agassiz
WedJan12 practice with audrey 6:45 apartment
TueJan11 bidaboad meeting 7pm julie's
SatJan8 party 5pm-11pm medford house
FriJan7 jam with chris and laurie at jonah's evening 10 Willow, Apt 2 Somerville
FriJan7 chris, laurie, ross to dinner 5:30pm 10 agassiz
ThrJan6 stunt double plays the scout house 7:30pm-10:30pm concord scout house
TueJan4 interview prospective swattie 8pm porter square: gourmet express
TueJan4 see david, jenny, lucas 6pm david and jenny's
MonJan3 interview prospective swattie 8pm porter square: gourmet express
SunJan2 see gary and eileen in medford afternoon medford
SatJan1 games party 2pm on bolton


FriDec31 new years dance 11:30pm scout house
FriDec31 new years with family 5pm medford
ThrDec30 family christmas evening medford
WedDec29 julia comes home evening 10 agassiz
TueDec28 teach eric fiddle 7pm 1699 Cambridge St Apt 4, Cambridge -- back, left side
TueDec28 singing with revels people and ben bath 10:30pm harvard square: border cafe
MonDec27 dinner with ben orlin and alex george evening 6:30pm
SunDec26 from philly to boston 10am-8pm new century, fung wah; megabus fails
WedDec22 to philly from richmond 3:30am megabus
TueDec21 wise family christmas evening richmond
MonDec20 caroling 8pm richmond
SunDec19 catherine farmer's party evening richmond
FriDec17 leave for richmond evening bus
TueDec14 massdot developers meeting, meet at the top of the escalators 6pm State Transportation Building 10 Park Plaza Suite 3170, Boston
MonDec13 harvard choir concert 8pm harvard
SunDec12 dinner with swatfolks evening david german's
SunDec12 record with raisins * brandeis
SatDec11 free raisins play brandeis 7:30pm Brandeis: Shapiro Campus Center Multi-Purpose Room
FriDec10 music with ofa people 7pm harvard yard: in front of JH statue
ThrDec9 holiday party 6:30pm-10pm Jillian's/Lucky Strike Lanes 145 Ipswich St Boston
WedDec8 bida board meeting 6:30pm 12 Lowden Ave #2, Somerville
SunDec5 open house 2pm-5pm 10 agassiz
SunDec5 church with julia 11am harvard square ucc
SatDec4 Free Raisins play the Medway Contra Dance 7:30pm-10:30pm Christ Episcopal Church, 14 School Street Medway MA
SatDec4 play music 1pm medford
SatDec4 glx walking tour? 11:15am college av bridge
SatDec4 pick up sound gear 11:15 college av bridge
ThrDec2 first day at adverplex 9:15am kendall square
WedDec1 last day at bbn * 10 moulton
MonNov29 finance committee meeting 7pm-9pm 599 chestnut St., Waban, MA
SatNov27 lunch at abby and eric's 11am carslile
FriNov26 bida contra party 7pm-12am st johns, watertown
ThrNov25 thanksgiving * medford
WedNov24 cws thanksgiving assembly afternoon commonwealth school
SunNov21 bida dance; be mentored caller evening pacc
SatNov20 brandeis contra dance 2pm-6pm shapiro multipurpose room
ThrNov18 contra dance 7:30pm scout house
TueNov16 call mit (with alex and others) 8pm MIT :: student center :: Lobdell
MonNov15 practice with raisins 6:30pm 2 rice
SunNov14 potluck 11am meeting
SunNov14 simon's brunch 2pm-4pm davis area
FriNov12 harvard square english dance 7:30-9:30pm Harvard Epworth Methodist Church, 1555 Mass Ave., Cambridge
ThrNov11 vist rose in hospital evening newton pavillion boston medical center 8th floor west wing n 28
TueNov9 sit in at mit (w/ the all new julies) evening student center 491
MonNov8 bida meeting 6:30pm 45 Willow Ave. #2 somerville
SunNov7 cider and donuts party 11am-9:30pm 41 Parker Rd, Shirly, MA
SatNov6 swat friends to dinner 6pm 10 agassiz
ThrNov4 contra w/notorious 7:30pm old vfw
SunOct31 hand out candy; dress as mad hatter 5:30pm-9:30pm miranda's
SatOct30 dinner; watch home movies with family 6:00pm medford
ThrOct28 talk to jonathan 9am phone
ThrOct28 bossec meetup 6:30pm jobspring
TueOct26 potluck; jamming 7pm 257 Charles St Waltham
TueOct26 talk to toph 5:15pm central sq: toscanini's
MonOct25 practice with raisins 6:30pm rice
SunOct24 bida party 5pm-9pm koren's
SatOct23 help out at dart; watch pub dances 1pm-11pm dante alighieri center
FriOct22 dinner in medford 7pm ish? medford
FriOct22 contra; help clean up 7pm-11pm Dante Alighieri Society Italian Cultural Center, 41 Hampshire Street
WedOct20 talk to toph 2:30pm 1ksq: bld200
SunOct17 see swat folks 10am 273 Highland Ave #4, Somerville
SunOct17 bida 7:30pm Watertown: St John's
SatOct16 Free Raisins play the Northboro Contra Dance evening northboro ma
SatOct16 fall ball first half afternoon peterborough nh
FriOct15 miranda's party 7pm 25 Beals St. in Brookline
ThrOct14 contra w/perpetual emotion 7:30pm scout house
ThrOct14 talk to toph 4pm desk
TueOct12 Free Raisins play the MIT Contra Dance 8-10:30pm 491
MonOct11 from marion afternoon suzie's car
SatOct9 free raisins play brandeis contra w/ tony parkes 7:30pm Brandeis: Shapiro Campus Center Multi-Purpose Room
SatOct9 pick up audrey to drive to brandeis 5:30pm 120 Brainerd Road Boston MA 02134 APT 18
FriOct8 to marion evening danner's car
FriOct8 physical 9:10am medford family care
ThrOct7 contra w/ nor'easter evening scout house
MonOct4 practice with raisins evening 2 rice
SunOct3 end bida board retreat afternoon ?
FriOct1 begin bida board retreat evening ?
ThrSep30 contra w/elixir 7:30pm scout house
WedSep29 cds board meeting 6:30pm pacc
TueSep28 sit in at mit 8pm mit: student center 491
MonSep27 contra w/ perpetual e-motion 7:30pm scout house
SatSep25 watch morris afternoon harvard square
ThrSep23 practice with raisins 6:30pm 2 rice
WedSep22 see davy, kathryn, rosie evening west medford
TueSep21 potluck, jamming evening 257 Charles St waltham
MonSep20 visit rose evening newton pavillion boston medical center 8th floor west wing n 28
SunSep19 bida dance 7:30pm porter square masonic hall
SatSep18 phil's memorial ? London Grove Friends Meeting, Kennett Square Pa.
ThrSep16 contra w/crowfoot 7:30pm scout house
TueSep14 bida meeting 6:30pm 399B Broadway, Cambridge, APT4
MonSep13 Free Raisins play concert or dance 5pm-7pm brandeis
MonSep13 contra evening scout house
SunSep12 hang out by the fire evening west medford
SatSep11 julia's cousin's wedding 11am-5pm cohasset
FriSep10 play music 7pm medford
FriSep10 bus to barnstable 10:15pm south station
ThrSep9 practice with raisins 6:30 2 rice
TueSep7 outdoor contra evening davis
MonSep6 subs, muffins, and gaming afternoon wakefield
SunSep5 fpm: mark 10am cambridge friends school
SunSep5 fly kites, eat burgers dinner cambridge common
SatSep4 rick's birthday evening medford
ThrSep2 contra evening scout house
WedSep1 book writing larissa to dinner 7pm 10 agassiz
TueAug31 walk around, drink a frappe 8pm harvard square
MonAug30 contra with nils 8:30pm harvard : adams house dining hall
SunAug29 mark to dinner 6pm 10 agassiz
SunAug29 millstone brunch afternoon millstone
SatAug28 potluck dinner with swatties 6pm 79 Thorndike St. Apt. 1A
FriAug27 start adding saccharin to radishes evening 10 agassiz
ThrAug26 talk to mburns morning boston
ThrAug26 dinner with gary and eileen evening somerville
WedAug25 Free Raisins perform live on tv 8pm Cambridge Community Television, 675 Mass Av
TueAug24 practice with raisins 7pm 257 Charles St waltham
SunAug22 start radish experiment afternoon 10 agassiz
SunAug22 bike ride with meeting morning fresh pond area
SatAug21 Boston Green Fest afternoon Boston City Hall Plaza
FriAug20 dinner dinner medford
ThrAug19 doctor noon mt auburn
WedAug18 rehearse with Free Raisins and Ann Cowan 7pm-9pm Cambridge Community Television, 675 Mass Av
WedAug18 talk to mburns et al 1pm 4 copley place 7th floor, in copley mall, via skylobby
MonAug16 jeremy to dinner 6:30pm 10 agassiz
SunAug15 bida 7:30pm-10:30pm porter square masonic temple basement
FriAug13 Play contra dance with the Free Raisins and Nell Wright 7:30pm-10:30pm springstep
ThrAug12 contra dance 7:30pm scout house
TueAug10 sit in at mit 8pm student center 491
MonAug9 practice with raisins 7:30pm 2 rice
SatAug7 ken and nga's wedding * philly
TueAug3 talk to jeremy noon work
TueAug3 practice with raisins 7pm 2 rice
MonAug2 to miranda's for dinner 6pm 25 Beals St
SunAug1 gaming 10am 52 Elm St, Somerville
SatJul31 quail visitation 1pm-3pm 10 agassiz
SatJul31 practice with raisins 7pm 2 rice
ThrJul29 make pizza 6pm-11pm 10 Morse St., 1st Floor, Natick
ThrJul29 talk to marie burns 4:30pm phone
WedJul28 bida meeting 6:30pm-9:30pm 28 Windsor St, Arlington
TueJul27 sit in at mit evening lobdell dining hall
TueJul20 practice with raisins 7pm sharp 2 rice
SunJul18 family over to see quail? afternoon 10 agassiz
SunJul18 bida dance with Nils and the Forks (go early to set up, help julie move sound) 5:15 PACC (and 28 Windsor)
SatJul17 apartment potluck evening 10 agassiz
FriJul16 learn better voice control 7pm 23 Egleston Street JP
ThrJul15 concord contra evening scout house
ThrJul15 julia pick up david and jenny's csa share 3pm-8pm 175 Richdale Ave
TueJul13 sit in at mit (go early to jam with michael) 6:45pm Lobdell Dining Hall (Student Center 2nd floor)
MonJul12 return walter's megaphone 6pm 380 broadway
SunJul11 bida party 5pm 79 robbins rd lexington ma
SatJul10 help index records 1pm 254 West Foster St., Melrose
FriJul9 practice with raisins 7pm 257 Charles St waltham
WedJul7 fiddle with kevin 7pm kevin's
TueJul6 pick family up at airport 7:50pm SwissAir flight 52 Zurich - Boston
MonJul5 outdoor contra 7:30pm davis square
MonJul5 short dinner with ben bath 6:30pm 10 agassiz
MonJul5 borrow megaphone 3:30pm 380 broadway
SunJul4 see jeff and jessica afternoon, evening amesbury ma
SatJul3 take sewing machine to repair place 10am-4pm 280 Elm St Somerville Davis Square
FriJul2 practice with audrey and amy 7pm amy's aunt's
WedJun30 bida meeting 7pm 8 Lowden Ave, #3, Somerville
MonJun28 fly home 9:45am-1:05pm MDW -> BOS
SunJun27 david's wedding 11am Plum Grove Pk 4001 Park Drive Palatine IL
SatJun26 fly to chicago 7:30am-11am BOS -> STL -> MDW
SatJun26 party at david and allison's (with singing) 3pm chicago
ThrJun24 talk to someone at dinner 6pm 10 agassiz
WedJun23 cds board meeting 6:30pm PACC
TueJun22 practice with amy and audrey 7:30pm amy's aunt's house
MonJun21 sit on the porch with john and vivian and eat ice cream and raspberries evening medford
SunJun20 help clean up at bida dance 10:15pm PACC
SunJun20 return from pinewoods evening 10 agassiz
FriJun18 first weekend staff (through the 20th) * Pinewoods
FriJun11 to pinewoods evening pinewoods camp
ThrJun10 see benorlin 6:30pm Sugar and Spice
WedJun9 pt 7:30am botpt
WedJun9 outdoor contra (rained out) 7:30pm davis square
WedJun9 practice with audrey and amy instead 8pm rice circle
TueJun8 sit in at mit (go early to play with mglicks) 6:45pm Kresge Auditorium: Rehearsal Room A
MonJun7 look at website stuff with chris, chris stays for dinner 7pm 10 agassiz
SunJun6 timebank orientation 3pm-4pm Cambridge Community Center: 5 Callender Street, Cambridge
SunJun6 michael stone to dinner 6:30 10 agassiz
SatJun5 help rose and danner move * north hampton, medford
WedJun2 cds meeting 6:30pm pacc
WedJun2 pt 7:30am botpt
TueJun1 play music 8:30pm 2 Rice Circle Cambridge
MonMay31 contra w/ perpetual e-motion 7:30pm-10:30pm scout house
MonMay31 play music afternoon medford
SunMay30 see swat folk 5:30pm 79 Thorndike Street, Apt 1A
ThrMay27 bossec meetup 6:30pm 545 Boylston ST Suite 600
WedMay26 lucas leaves 7am 10 agassiz
WedMay26 pt 7:30am botpt
WedMay26 play music 7pm 2 Rice Circle Cambridge
TueMay25 david german over 8:30pm 10 agassiz
MonMay24 ice cream with lucas 9pm davis square
SunMay23 klezmer jam 6:30pm-9pm jon's house -- 45 davenport st, near shaws
SunMay23 lucas arrives 9pm 10 aggasiz
SunMay23 maple morning, afternoon erika's in jp, jamaica pond
SatMay22 maple * watertown, pub, harvard sq, erika's in jp
FriMay21 maple 8pm 80 Mt. Auburn St. Watertown
ThrMay20 contra 7:30pm scout house
WedMay19 python meetup: testing 6:30pm ? NERD?
WedMay19 pt 7:30am botpt
TueMay18 mit contra 7:30 mit -- Lobdell Dining Hall -- student center 2nd floor
SunMay16 bida dance (get there early to run workshop) 5pm masonic temple porter square
FriMay14 drs appt 9am medford family care
ThrMay13 contra 7:30pm scout house
ThrMay13 danner's medford birthday 6pm medford
MonMay10 pt 8:30am botpt
ThrMay6 potluck 6:30pm-8:30pm church at the bottom of allston st
ThrMay6 talk to anne from bolder giving 5pm kevin's (21 Linwood)
WedMay5 bida board meeting 6:30pm-9:30pm 15 Windsor St, Arlington, MA
TueMay4 go to mit early to play with michael glicksman 6:45pm mit
TueMay4 play mit 8-10:30pm mit
MonMay3 pt 7:30am botpt
SatMay1 brunch ? bill white's house in brookline
SatMay1 may day 5:30am week's footbridge
WedApr28 cds boston board meeting 6:30pm pacc
MonApr26 pt 8am botpt
SunApr25 snd eng 9:45 AM - 11:15 AM MS105/106
SunApr25 neffa sunday * mansfield
SatApr24 snd eng 1:45 PM - 3:45 PM MS103/104
SatApr24 neffa saturday * mansfield
FriApr23 neffa friday evening mansfield
FriApr23 pt 8:30am botpt
WedApr21 pt 7:30 botpt
WedApr21 python meetup (w/pizza) 6:30pm NERD
MonApr19 play music with jon cannon 7:45pm 45 davenport st, near shaws
SunApr18 bida contra (help with sound) 6:30pm masonic temple
SatApr17 chris and laurie around morning, evening medford
ThrApr15 contra (perpetual e-motion) 7:30pm scout house
WedApr14 pt 7am bopt
TueApr13 play music 7pm medford
MonApr12 see mia/ariel/eden play 8pm-9pm jordan hall
MonApr12 pt 7:30am botpt
SunApr11 picnic dinner dinner mystic river near meadowglen mall
SunApr11 clean out medford basement afternoon medford
SatApr10 holly's birthday brunch 11:30am-2pm beacon hill friends house
WedApr7 pt 8am-8:30 botpt
WedApr7 neffa sound workshop 7pm-10pm 15 Sartwell Ave. Somerville, MA 02144
TueApr6 dinner with mark 5:30pm sugar and spice
TueApr6 mark arrives early, drops off bag, stays night * 10 agassiz
TueApr6 sit in with nor'easter 8pm-10:30pm mit student center 491
MonApr5 pt 8am-8:30am botpt
SatApr3 easter egg dying ? 10 agassiz
SatApr3 seder 5:30pm carol's
FriApr2 contra 7:30 scout house
FriApr2 dinner 6pm medford
WedMar31 pt 8am-8:30am botpt
MonMar29 pt w/ stephanie gray -- bring prescription 9:30am-10:30 back on track physical therapy
MonMar29 seder evening kunitz's
ThrMar25 bossec meetup (w/pizza) 6:30pm-8pm 545 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116-3613 / Jobspring
WedMar24 CDS Boston annual meeting 7pm Arlington: PACC
SunMar21 bida dance 7:30 porter square masonic temple
FriMar19 see doc 9am Medford: 92 High Street Suite DH4 -- (781) 306-0200
ThrMar18 play music with rick, gary, alice 4pm medford
ThrMar18 contra dance (w/ alice) evening concord
MonMar8 call annette at cambridge dpw to talk about permiting 617 349 4846 morning ?
WedMar17 python meetup 7pm New England Research & Development Center One Memorial Drive Suite 100 Cambridge, MA 02142
TueMar16 sit in at mit (with jonah sidman) 8-10:30 mit student center 491
TueMar16 sound workshop before the dance 6:00pm mit 491
SatMar13 nicky's bar mitzvah party 5pm-11pm barb and jon's
SatMar13 nicky's bar mitzvah 10:30am Temple Ohabei Shalom 1187 Beacon Street Brookline
FriMar12 come back from baltimore 2:35pm delayed to 3:05 baltimore
ThrMar11 pick up rick and suzie 7:30 virginAmerica flight 364 from LAX boston logan
ThrMar11 take plane to baltimore 8:45pm airTran flight 822 to BWI boston logan
SunMar7 potluck with swat friends, bring salad 4:30pm david and jenny's
SatMar6 hipps to dinner 6:30pm 10 agassiz
ThrMar4 session 6:30pm-9:30pm tommy doyle's 96 Winthrop Street
ThrMar4 drive rick and suzie to the airport 5am car
WedMar3 tunes with michael glicksman 6:15-7:30 78 summer st. apt. 1L somerville
WedMar3 to medford for the night in trade for cat 8:30ish medford
TueMar2 sit in at mit (with carol bittenson and debby knight) 8-10:30 mit student center 491
SunFeb28 dinner with julia dinner ethiopian place in porter square
SatFeb27 eileen's birthday 6pm LeAnne and Howie's house, 94 Greenlawn, Newton, MA
SatFeb27 holly baldwin's welcoming noon medford
FriFeb26 to medford dinner medford
ThrFeb25 contra w/crowfoot 7:20 concord / pickup at linnean st and mass av
TueFeb23 play mit (not sit-in!) 8-10:31 mit
MonFeb22 back to boston afternoon bus
SunFeb21 visit ellen and delia, see play "snapshots" evening nyc :: riverside
SunFeb21 stay around philly for sunday after the ball * laurie's
SatFeb20 swarthmore english scottish ball (stay with laurie) evening swarthmore : upper tarble
SatFeb20 dinner at mark's evening swarthmore: mark's
FriFeb19 stay over with ellen and delia in NYC evening NYC
ThrFeb18 contra dance (nils, elixir) 7:30pm-10:30pm cambridge: 680 huron av (vfw)
MonFeb15 valentine's dinner with julia evening Sugar and Spice, Porter
SatFeb13 dinner at alex's 6pm 19 manomet newton
FriFeb12 carslile dance (7:30 meet rick arlington center) 8pm carslile
WedFeb10 cds meeting -- cancelled because of snow 6:30 pacc
TueFeb9 sit in at mit 8pm-10:30pm mit student center 491
WedFeb3 pycon on the charles pt II 7pm New England Research and Development Center One Memorial Drive Suite 100
TueFeb2 sit in at mit 8-10:30 mit student center 491
MonFeb1 practice for mit 7 medford
SunJan31 jeff and david's birthday 2pm 318 rindge
FriJan29 burns night 8pm springstep
ThrJan28 contra, chilis evening scout house, burlington
TueJan26 sit in at mit (w / La Banane Enchantee) 8-10:30 mit student center 491
MonJan25 bethany's party 7pm 125 Gaston St Medford
MonJan25 dinner w/ rick 6:45 medford
SatJan23 suzie and ricci to dinner 6:45 10 agassiz
WedJan20 cds board meeting 6:30pm pacc
TueJan19 practice for mit 7pm medford
TueJan19 vote 8:30am 44 agassiz cambridge
MonJan18 stay in bed all day * medford
SunJan17 singing, dancing, music party 4:30 medford house
SatJan16 sonya's party (+singing) 7pm Boet-Whitaker House, 24 Kimball Rd, Arlington
TueJan12 sit in at mit contra (w/ noreaster); heather calls a dance 8pm-10:30pm mit student center 491
MonJan11 heather to dinner, teaching calling 7pm 10 agassiz
MonJan11 dentist xrays 9:15am 1751 Mass Av 02140 (617) 547-4958 Piskor, Garrett
SunJan10 bida jam 6pm-9:30pm julie's house
SatJan9 chris and laurie play the scout house 8pm-11pm scout house
ThrJan7 mary elizabeth leaves * 10 agassiz
TueJan5 mary elizabeth visit * 10 agassiz
SatJan2 dinner with julia's family 7pm berea: papa lino's
SatJan2 lunch with julia's family 1:15-2:45 berea: boone tavern
SatJan2 dorothy crandall memorial service 10:30-11:30 berea
FriJan1 new years afterparty 1am-3am berea


ThrDec31 christmas school new years dance 8pm-1am berea
WedDec30 see chris and laurie 10:30pm-1am princeton
WedDec30 to ky until 1/3 6:30ish car
MonDec28 contra (w/ mia, eric) evening scout house
SunDec27 visit abby afternoon carlisle
SunDec27 family christmas morning 10 agassiz
SatDec26 see revels 7:30 sanders theater
WedDec23 off work until 2010-01-03 afternoon *
MonDec21 chinese final exam 12-2 tufts
SunDec20 christmas (caroling) party 3:40 out of porter, ride back with ben bath's parents concord: jeremy's (34 hubbard)
SunDec20 christmas pageant morning fresh pond meeting
SatDec19 go to library 4:30-5:00 cambridge library
SatDec19 get computers from oxfam, play board games with rick afternoon 10 agassiz
ThrDec17 holly to dinner evening 10 agassiz
TueDec15 PGT 11:30am AptSq9
MonDec14 harvard christmas carol services 8pm-10pm harvard :: memorial church
SunDec13 open house party 3-5 10 agassiz #23
FriDec11 chinese oral presentation 9:30-10:20 tufts olin center
FriDec11 hanukah, with barb and jon, gary and eileen, alice and steve evening medford
ThrDec10 rick and suzie to dinner 6pm 10 agassiz
WedDec9 fiddle with kevin evening 10 agassiz
TueDec8 sit in at mit contra (go early for sound workshop) 6-10:30 mit student center 491
MonDec7 dentist appt 10am-12am 1751 Mass Av 02140 (617) 547-4958 Piskor, Garrett
FriDec4 dinner with david and jenny, julia bringing bread 7pm fresh pond
ThrDec3 julia grad school orientation evening salem
WedDec2 Fresh Pond YAF Potluck 7pm Central Square: 55 Howard Street #2
SunNov29 polyurethane bed, dinner with rick and suzie afternoon medford
SunNov29 from VA for thanksgiving * 1am bus to NYC, 7:30 bus to boston, home by noon
SatNov28 buy pants afternoon richmond: diversity thrift
ThrNov26 thanksgiving with julia's family 7pm richmond
TueNov24 to VA for thanksgiving * 4pm leave bbn, 5pm bus to NYC, 11pm bus to richmond
MonNov23 meet with jean z 12:00n-1:30pm bbn
SatNov21 bida party 5:30-10pm 16 gibbens st somerville
FriNov20 chinese oral exam 10:40 tufts olin center
ThrNov19 david and jenny to dinner 6:30 10 agassiz
WedNov18 cds boston meeting 6:30 PACC arlington
TueNov17 sit in at mit contra dance 8-10:30 MIT : Student Center 3rd floor Coffeehouse
MonNov16 chinese class make up -- exam 6pm-7pm tufts olin center
SunNov15 volunteer at bida dance (me setup 6:30-7:30, julia door 7-8) 7:30-10:30 porter sq
SatNov14 make bed with rick * medford
TueNov10 sit in at mit contra dancde 8-10:30 mit student center 491
MonNov9 chinese class make up 6pm-7pm olin center
SatNov7 rick and suzie to dinner 6:30 cambridge
WedNov4 chinese class cancelled 9:30-10:20 olin center, tufts
TueNov3 vote, stay over evening medford
TueNov3 chinese class cancelled 9:30-10:20 olin center, tufts
SunNov1 move to 10 agassiz st apt 23 cambridge * cambridge
SatOct31 party at eli's friend's 4-6 east arlington
ThrOct29 eli to dinner dinner medford
WedOct28 chinese exam 3 9:05-10:20 tufts olin center
WedOct28 cds board meeting 6:30 pacc
SunOct25 experimental contra to see what the new hall is like 7:30-10:30 680 huron av cambridge : old VFW location
SunOct25 walk around concord with julia's family morning concord
SatOct24 walk to davis, porter with julia's family morning, afternoon somerville, cambridge
FriOct23 start wearing glasses all the time * medford
SunOct18 potluck dinner with swatfolk 5pm 143 Albany Street, apartment #409
ThrOct15 look at apts with evan, sign lease 5:30 18 college av somerville: apt experts
WedOct14 fall off bike on bad storm drain 9am winthrop street south of boston av
TueOct13 eye appt 8am 366 mass av arlington (781) 646-2020
TueOct13 flat bike tire; one inch wood screw. Ugh. 7:30am arlington
TueOct13 no chinese class 9:05-10:20 tufts olin center
SatOct10 red house *, through monday the 12th marion: red house
FriOct9 chinese exam 2 9:30-10:20 tufts olin center
ThrOct8 contra w/ wild asparagus evening scout house
SatSep26 dinner at alex's 6pm-10:15 Newton: 19 Manemet Road
ThrSep24 holly and dwight over for dinner 7pm medford house
WedSep23 CDSS board meeting 6:30-8:45pm PACC
MonSep21 non tuesday rapper practice 8:15 harvard geo basement
SunSep20 riversing ~6pm harvard square, charles river
SunSep20 visit mormon church 1pm ma: revere
SatSep19 rosh hashana 6pm newton: barb and jon's
SatSep19 yardsaling morning west medford
FriSep18 bob and rose shore for dinner dinner medford
SatSep12 boet-whittakers for dinner dinner medford
FriSep11 first friday of chinese class 9:30-10:20am Medford: Tufts: Olin 116
ThrSep10 meet realtor about apts 6 rt16 and mass av
WedSep9 first wednesday of chinese class 9:05-10:20am Medford: Tufts: Olin 116
TueSep8 first tuesday of chinese class 9:05-10:20am Medford: Tufts: Olin 116
MonSep7 boston with julia (health care rally, chinatown, waterfont) morning, afternoon boston
SunSep6 busking with chris and laurie davis square 12n-1:30pm
SunSep6 dinner at john and vivian's john and vivian's evening
SatSep5 Trolley Museum for rick's birthday day maine: kennebunkport
SatSep5 chris, laurie, lucas stay over; alex and miriam visit saturday evening and sunday morning medford
ThrSep3 dinner at holly and dwights evening cambridge: central square area
FriAug28 going away party for miranda 5:30pm Brookline: 25 Beals st
WedAug26 Doctors appt w/Christina Law 8:20am Medford: 92 High Street Suite DH4
SatAug22 Visit pinewoods evening, night, morning Plymouth MA
ThrAug20 Contra 7:30 Scout House
MonAug17 Dinner at the water evening Medford: Mystic Lakes
SatAug15 Singing / dancing/ jamming party 5pm - 5am Medford
Sat-SunAug8-9 7:10 greyhound out of knoxville * knoxville 7:10pm, 5:35am richmond 6:30am, 9am DC 10am, 2:30pm NYC 3:30pm, 7:50pm boston
SatAug8 Izzy's memorial service 1-2pm Pleasant Hill
FriAug7 Swimming in caney fork 2-4pm Pleasant Hill area
MonAug3 Drive to TN * I64, I81, I40
SatAug1 Quaker Meeting 11-12 Richmond Friends Meeting
SatAug1 Drive to Richmond * I95
SunJul26 Brunch at millstone coop evening Near davis
Singing with gary, eileen, new neighbors later evening Medford
SatJul25 See Marissa day Medford
SunJul19 Dinner at david and jenny's 5pm fresh pond
BIDA dance (door sit 6:30-7:45, 7:45-8:30/8:45; maybe bring fans or dessert) 7-10 Porter Square
SatJul18 blueberry picking with family afternoon berlin ma
picnic dinner with family evening Medford : wrights pond
SunJul12 picnic dinner with family evening Winchester: sandy beach
SatJul11 dinner with gary and eileen evening Medford
ThrJul9 contra 9pm-10:30pm Concord: Scout House
WedJul8 dinner with julia evening Somerville : Davis Square : Gargoyles
SunJul5 Drive lucas to logan 6am Boston
See david, jenny, laurie, new neighbors evening Medford
SatJul4 See david, laurie, lucas morning, afternoon Medford
Fireworks with julia evening Arlington: big slide park
FriJul3 Go to haymarket, get gelato 2:48 train in, 4:20 train out Boston
SunJun28 Outdoor contra 3pm Somerville: Davis Square
ThrJun25 Contra 7:30-10:30 Concord: Scout House
WedJun24 Doctor's appointment 7:40am Medford: 92 High Street Suite DH4 -- (781) 306-0200
CDS board meeting 6:30 Arlington: PACC
FriJun19 Judy's dance 8-10:30 Medford: Springstep
ThrJun18 Julia's birthday -- meet for dinner 6pm Boston: North End
Fri-MonJun12-15 Vacation * Marion: Tree House
ThrJun11 Dinner: alex, david, yie, miranda 6:30 Medford House
SunJun7 BIDA dance 7-10pm (there by 6:20 for setup) Porter : Cambridge Masonic Temple : 1950 Mass Av
SatJun6 See chris, laurie, david, jenny afternoon Medford house
Contra, see lucas evening Falmouth ME
WedJun3 Dinner with kit and miranda 6:30 Brookline: Coolidge Corner
SatMay30 Cookout Afternoon and evening Newton: barb and jon's
WedMay27 CDS Boston Board Meeting 6:30pm Arlington: PACC
SunMay24 Blues dance lesson afternoon Somerville : Davis: Johnny D's
Organize musical instruments, games afternoon west medford
Gary and Eileen come for dinner evening west medford
SatMay23 Bill's 59th birthday 12-3 Acton
Sailing 4-6 Medford -> Arlington -> Medford -> ... -> Arlington -> Medford
Jeremy's birthday evening Concord
MonMay18 Dance out w/ Newtowne 6:45pm Davis sq
SunMay17 BIDA contra 7-10 Arington: PACC
SatMay16 Sword workshop * Cape
Contra Evening Cape: Sandwich
FriMay15 Judy's dance 8-10:30 Springstep
SunMay10 Lilac sunday w/ Newtowne afternoon JP: Arnold Arboretum
WedMay6 Outdoor Contra 7pm Davis sqx
MonMay4 Dance out with Newtowne 7pm Harvard Square
SatMay2 gaming 1pm fresh pond
FriMay1 May Day morris tour 5:30am cambridge: weeks footbridge, holyoke square, harvard square
WedApr29 CDS meeting 6:30 PACC
Fri-SunApr24-26 NEFFA (d/w/ Newtown, renegade) * Mansfield
FriApr17 Watch Tape olivia's parents on 'wife swap' 8-9 abc
Judy's english dance evening springstep
SunApr12 Easter Tour w/ Newtown 11am-10pm Downtown Boston
SatApr11 Seder w/ Bittensons ? Bedford
WedApr8 Seder w/ Barb and Jon ? Newton
SunApr5 bida dance 7-10 (potluck before at 6:15) Springstep
FriMar20 Judy's Dance (help clean up) ? Springstep
WedMar18 CDS Annual Meeting 7:10-8 Arlington: Park Av Church
Sun-MonMar15-16 Bike to concord, stay in B&B * Concord
SatMar14 Marry Julia 4pm Holliston Town Hall
FriMar13 Singing Party 6pm Medford
ThrMar12 Pick up dishes and key 10am Holliston
Walk around boston with Julia's Family 2pm Boston : North End
SatFeb21 Meeting 9-9:30 Pendle Hill
Lunch 12:30-1:30? Pendle Hill
Ball walkthrough 2-4 Swarthmore: Upper Tarble
English Scottish Ball 8-11 Swarthmore: Upper Tarble
FriFeb20 Pie and Prejudice Evening Swarthmore : ML : Breakfast Room
ThrFeb12 Count plates 9am Holliston: UCC church
FriFeb6 Go to North Hampton 4:45 Car
SunFeb1 BIDA Contra 6-10 Arlington: Park Av Church
Business meeting 11:30-1 CFS
SunJan25 BIDA Jam and Potluck 6-10pm Arlington: 28 Windsor St, first floor
SatJan24 Snowball 12-7 Perterborough
FriJan23 Doctor's appt w/ Dr. Poul Laplante 9am Medford: 92 High Street Suite DH4 -- (781) 306-0200
SunJan18 See blake and michael stone 11:45pm Harvard Square: Out of town news
SatJan17 Visit Abby and Eric afternoon Carlisle
FriJan16 English Dance w/ Anna Dama 8-10:30 Springstep
ThrJan15 Buy wedding plates between 7:30 and 8:30 Woburn
WedJan14 See swat friends 6:30pm Cambridge: David and Jenny's
TueJan13 Sit in at MIT contra 8-10:30 Cambridge: MIT
SatJan10 Bread Baking Party day Medford House
FriJan9 Boston Urban Ceilidh 7:15 Springstep
FriJan2 Contra (w/ Nils, Anna Patten, Ethan HW) 8-11 Scout house
ThrJan1 Gaming, etc with swat friends day David and Jenny's


WedDec31 Contra evening Scout House
TueDec30 Family Christmas evening Medford house
MonDec29 Contra 7:30-10:30 Scout House
TueDec23 Caroling at Jeremy's evening Concord
SunDec21 Singing Party Evening Newton: Barb and Jon's
SatDec20 Christmas Party Evening Newton: Maddy's
FriDec19 No music party; sledding on irving instead Evening Nowhere
MonDec15 Visit Julia's friend Ricky evening Deadham
SatDec13 Contra 8-11 Concord: Scout House
ThrDec11 See Carol Dittes 5pm Harvard Square
SatNov29 Singing, Dancing, Musicy party evening Concord: Jeremy's
FriNov28 Singing party evening Newton: Barb and John's
ThrNov27 Thanksgiving (w/ Anne, Lee, Meg, abby, Eric, Rose, Alice, Danner + Nancy and Bill from meeting) * Medford
FriNov21 English at Springstep 8-10:30 Medford
WedNov12 Clearness Commitee Meeting II Evening Arlington: Taber's
SunNov2 Clearness Commitee Meeting I Evening Arlington: Taber's
FriOct31 Halloween fire, cookies, stories evening Medford
SatOct25 Greenfield Halloween Contra 6:30-12? Greenfield : Guiding Star Grange
SatOct18 Fall Ball 12-12 Peterborough
FriOct17 English at Springstep 8-10:30 Medford
WedOct15 Swat folks get together Evening Cambridge
SatOct11 Singing Party Evening Medford house
SatOct4 Apple Picking w/ Barb and Jon afternoon Honeypot Orchards
FriOct3 Contra 8-11 Concord : Scout House
TueSep30 Sit in with band 8-10 Cambridge: MIT
MonSep29 Rosh Hashanah 7 Newton : Barb and Jon's
SatSep27 Apple Orchard Tour w/ Newtown * Boston Western Exurbs
Fri-SunSep19 Visit Rose and Alice * North Hampton
MonSep15 Start at BBN weekdaily, 8:30-4:30 Cambridge: 10 Moulton st
Start with Newtown 7:30, weekly Medford: UU church
SunSep14 Meeting 10-11, weekly Cambridge: CFS
TueSep9 Pinewoods Ends ? Plymouth : Pinewoods
ThrAug21 Interview ? Boston
MonAug18 Interview ? Boston
ThrAug14 Red House * Marion
MonAug11 Interview ? Boston
TueJun3 Start at Pinewoods ? Plymouth : Pinewoods
SunJun1 Graduate 10am Swat : Amphitheater
ThrMay29 Contra w/ Swallowtail? 8-11 Glenside
SatMay31 CS reception thingie 5:30-7pm ?
SatMay24 Honors Exam: Sociolinguistics 9:30-10:15 Pearson 116
Play Princeton? 7:30 or 8pm Princeton NJ (van rqd)
FriMay23 Honors Exam: Phonetics and Phonology 11:15 - 12:00 Pearson 115
Honors Exam: Thesis 2:00 - 3:00 Pearson 115
Honors Exam: Systems 4:00 - 4:45 Sci 252
SatMay17 CS97 proj due ? *
Maypole w/ GCD 11:30 Hellertown PA
FriMay16 Econ 1, sec 2 final 2-5pm Swat : Cornel : 104
Perdue's 7:30-11 Wayne
WedMay14 Ling Dinner 5pm Swat : Sci 102
TueMay13 Systems Written Exam 8:30am Swat : LPAC 2
MonMay12 CS81 proj due 4pm *
SatMay10 Morris Dancing Meet 8:55am Mt Airy
FriMay9 CS85 proj due Noon *
TueMay6 CS/Math/Physics Picnic 4pm Sci Courtyard
MonMay5 DKG's e90 presentation 8:30-9am Mural room
Honors Exams Meeting 2pm CS seminar room
SunMay4 BMC May Day 8am BMC (van cfd)
SatMay3 Contra 7:30 Upper Tarble (room cfd, snd cfd)
FriMay2 Last CS sysadmin meeting noon CS seminar room
Contra 7:30? BMC (1 van rqd)
ThrMay1 May Day Freakin early Philly : Belmont Plateau (2 vans cfd)
Fri-SunApr25-27 NEFFA (PoE dancing sun, 10am) * Mansfield MA (van res'd)
FriApr18 Activities Fair 11:30-1 Parrish Beach
TueApr15 Honors Papers Due ? ?
SatApr12 Contra (w/ {Kaufman Family, Bob Tupper, and Stuart Wise} and Jeff Petro) 7:30 Swat : Upper Tarble (room, snd cfd)
SatApr5 Play at Peace Week Concert 3-3:20 Parrish Beach
Folksing 7:30 Parrish Parlors
FriApr4 Contra dance (with Contrail) 8-10 Doylestown PA (van cfd)
SatMar29 BMC contra 4:30-10:30 Bethlehem (van cfd)
SunMar23 Katie's Easter Dinner 4:30pm ML Breakfast Room
SatMar22 Bridge 1pm Parish Parlors
FriMar14 Visit slash interview at Pinewoods 11am Plymouth MA : Pinewoods
Make, eat pie Afternoon Medford house
ThrMar13 Scout House Contra 7:30-10:30 Concord : Scout House
TueMar11 Play at MIT contra 8:00 - 10:30 Cambridge : MIT : Student Center 491
FriMar7 To boston 8am Apex, Lucky Star
WedMar5 Contrail plays Princeton 8pm? Princeton (van cfd)
FriFeb29 Contra (w/ Crowfoot (!!) and Chris Lahey) 7:30 Swat : Upper Tarble (room, snd cfd)
SatFeb23 Margaret Cho at Swat 7:30pm LPAC
SatFeb16 Folksing 7:30 Swat : Parrish Parlors
FriFeb15 Perdues 8pm Wayne PA
SatFeb9 English Scottish Ball 8pm Swat : Upper Tarble
SatFeb2 failed to get to BMC Ceilidh 8pm BMC: Goodheart Music Room
FriJan25 ITS Pizza Meeting 4-5 Sci 183
Contra (w/ Students and 'Ross Harriss and Friends') 7:30 Swat : Upper Tarble (room cfd)
SunJan20 Back to swat Morning Laurie's Car
SatJan19 Dentist's: crown visit 2 10:50am Winchester
FriJan18 Singing Party 7ish Medford
ThrJan17 Contra (w/ Crowfoot and Nils) 7:30 Concord Scout House
SunJan14 Laurie to Medford Afternoon Medford
FriJan11 Boston Urbun Ceilidh 7:30? Springstep, Medford
MonJan7 Dentist Morning Winchester MA
SunJan6 To boston Morning Train, Bus, Bus, Car
FriJan4 To pendle hill Morning Train, Subway, Bus, Train
ThrJan3 Contra 7:30 Scout House
Drive to Chris's House Night Ending in Madison NJ


MonDec31 From PH (Christmas) ? Pleasant Hill, TN
New Years Dance 8-1 Concord Scout House
SatDec29 Winnie's Memorial Service ? Pleasant Hill Community House
TueDec25 To PH (Christmas) ? Pleasant Hill, TN
SunDec23 Dance Party 7ish Medford House
TueDec18 Folksing 7:30pm Swat: Parrish Parlors
SatDec15 Contra (w/ Tori Barone and Rumblestrip) 8pm Glenside
TueDec11 Surprise Engagement Contra (for me and Julia) 7:15 Swat : Upper Tarble
FriDec7 Contra (w/ Bronwyn Woods and BPAKLB) 7:30 Swat : Upper Tarble
FriNov30 BMC Contra w/ Contraptions and Tori Barone 7:30 Pem Dance Studio (van cfd)
FriNov23 Contra 7:30 Scout House
TueNov20 JTK and DKG to Philly, to Boston 4:21 Septa R3
SatNov17 Contra (w/ Pieces of 8 and Contrail) 8pm Glenside Pa (2 vans cfd)
SatNov10 Contra 8pm Bethlehem PA (van cfd)
TueNov6 Waltz Workshop (w/ Scott Higgs) 7:30-9 Communuity Center
SunOct28 Folksing 3-6pm BMC: Quita Wormwood Room
SatOct27 Tom's Party/Folksing 7-10 Pendle Hill
SatOct20 Fall Ball Contra noon-midnight Peterborough NH
FriOct19 Contra (w Nils and Elixir) 8pm Greenfield MA
ThrOct18 Warren wilson contra (and clogging class) 8pm Asheville NC
TueOct16 Contra w/ Beth Molero and Crowfoot 8pm Winston-Salem
Fri-SunOct12-14 The national folk festival Leave swat at 10 Richmond
WedOct10 CS Lunch 12:30 Swat : Sci 240
MonOct8 Katie's study 4:55-5:15 Swat : Papazian 304
SatOct6 Contra Dance (w/ Contrail playing, me calling) 7:30-10:30 Upper Tarble
FriOct5 Play at rose tattoo cafe (w/ Laurie) 7-? Swarthmore: Olde Club
SatSep29 Contra (w/ Halali) ? Bethlehem (van cf'd)
SatSep22 Renfaire ? West PA somewhere
FriSep21 Folksing 7:30 Parrish parlors
WedSep19 CS lecture 7:30 BMC
FriSep14 Contra at LaFayette 7:30 Bethlehem area (van cf'd)
Thr,FriSep13,14 Drive jews 8:30 Parts Unknown
SatSep8 Contra w/ Tori Barone and the Off'n Ensemble 7:30 Swarthmore: Upper Tarble
FriSep7 CS / Math Ice Cream Social 3:30 Swat
MonSep3 Hall meeting 10pm Swat : allison's room
SunSep2 Activities fair 1:30-3:30 Swarthmore: Parish walk (folkdance (class, longsword, morris?, folksings, trips to contras, mailing list, rapper?, sep 8 contra)
Shift Scheduling 5-6pm Swat : Trotter 201
The Graduate 9pm Swat : LPAC
SatSep1 Watergun capture the flag 4-5:30 Swat: South Campus
MonAug20 back to swat * car
Fri-SunAug17-19 Red House * MA: Marion
ThrAug16 Contra 7:30 Concord
WedAug15 Dance party 7pm Medford
TueAug14 Trolley Museum * Kennebunkport ME
SunAug12 Singing 4:30 Medford
FriAug10 See Jim and Pam (and Lauren) 6pm Medford
ThrAug9 Walk around Horn Pond 1:30 Woburn
See Gary and Eileen; Sing some 5:30 Medford
Contra ~8pm Concord
TueAug7 Dinner, Singing 7-8:30 ; 8:15-1:30 MA: WH
Mon-SatJul-Aug30-4 Grandparent's * Pleasant Hill
Thr-SunJul26-29 Falcon Ridge * Eastern NY
TueJul24 Play at MIT 8pm Cambridge: MIT
SatJul21 Contra (w/ Eric, Michael, and Eric) 8pm Arlington: Park Av Church
ThrJul19 Contra 7:30 Scout House
MonJul16 Contra 7:30 Concord : Scout House
ThrJul12 Contra 7:30 Concord : Scout House
TueJul10 Play at MIT dance 8pm MIT
SatJul7 Rose's birthday (wine, cheese, dessert (+music, dance)) 8pm Medford house
ThrJul5 Contra (w/ Linda Leslie and Moving Violations) 7:30 Across the street from the Scout House
WedJul4 Fourth of July party with Kunitzes 7 Newton
SatJun30 Contra (w/ Big Bandemonium and Nils) 8pm Greenfield
ThrJun28 Contra 7:30 Scout House
TueJun26 Contra 7:30 Copley Square
SatJun23 Contra 8pm Greenfield
FriJun22 Jamming at Heather's 8pm Hopkington
ThrJun21 Beach w/ family noon Newburyport : Plum Island
Contra 7:30 Scout House
SunJun17 Meeting 10am Cambridge : CFS
SatJun16 Contra (w/ Crowfoot and Lisa Greenleaf) 8pm Walpole NH
FriJun15 BA day North Reading
Dinner and a Play w/ Family evening Glouchester
ThrJun14 BA day North Reading
Contra (w/ Moving Violations) 7:30 Scout House
WedJun13 BA day North Reading
TueJun12 BA day North Reading
Play MIT dance 8pm MIT
MonJun11 BA day North Reading
Contra (w/ Notorius) 7:30 Scout House
SunJun10 MIT Demo 1:30-3:00 MIT
ThrJun7 Contra Prom w/ Wild Asparagus 7:30 Scout House
FriJun1 Contra (w/ Airdance) 8pm Scout House
ThrMay31 Contra (w/ GBT and LG) 7:30 Concord: Scout House
MonMay28 Contra 8:00 Nelson
SunMay27 Dawn Dance 8-7 Brattleboro
SatMay26 Contra 7:00 Gfield
FriMay25 Contra 7:30 Gfield
ThrMay24 Contra 7:30 Concord : Scout House
SatMay19 Go Home ? 476->276->95->15->91->84->90->95->2->60
ThrMay17 Contra w/ Swallowtail 8pm Glenside
TueMay15 Compilers Exam 2-5 Swarthmore : SCI : 252
SatMay12 Valley contra w/ raise the roof 7:30 Bethlehem
FriMay11 birthdy party 7:30 Bryn Mawr: Batten
MonMay7 Folksing 7:30 Parrish Parlors
SunMay6 May Day 9:00 AM Bryn Mawr
Contra w/Scott Higgs 7:00pm Swat : Upper Tarble
SatMay5 GCD English Dance 7:30-10:30 Mount Airy PA
FriMay4 Water gun capture the flag thing 4-6pm Swat : Magill Walk
TueMay1 May Day 5:00 AM Belmont Plateau
SatApr28 Bethlehem contra 7:30 Bethlehem PA
Fri Apr 27 Student dance performance 8:00 Swat: LPAC
Wed Apr 25 Playing for bico scottish 7pm Haverford PA
Fri-Sun Apr 20-22 NEFFA * Mansfield MA
Fri Apr 20 Pickup vehicle 10:00 Springfield Ford
Pickup food 10:45 Sharples
Activities Fair 11:30 Outside Parrish
Leave for NEFFA 12:30 Rosegarden
ThrApr19 Pick up water guns, return keg 4:00 Media
Van Coordinator Interview 11:00pm ?
Wed Apr 18 to bryn mawr 4:05 Blue van
Sun Apr 15 Contra Dance with Raise the Roof 7:30 Swarthmore: Upper Tarble
Sat Apr 14 Valley Contra 7:30 Bethlehem PA
Fri Apr 13 Puppet Love 7:00 Bryn Mawr: Goodhart mainstage
Thr Apr 12 Glenside Contra: Great Bear trio 8:00 Glenside PA
Fri Apr 6 Folksing 7:30 Swarthmore : Parrish Parlors
Sat Mar 31 Blue Moon Dance 4:00 Bethlehem
Fri Mar 30 Down-by-the-creek 4:00 Bryn Mawr
Sat Mar 24 Bethlehem Contra 7:30 Bethlehem PA
Roundsing Tea 4:00 Bryn Mawr
Sun Mar 18 Bus to Philly 9:00am South Station
Sat Mar 17 Contra 8:00 Scout House
Fri Mar 16 Singing, jamming (snow) 6:00 Medford house
Thr Mar 15 Contra (via bike) 7:30 Scout House
Mon Mar 12 Contra 7:30 Scout House
Sat Mar 10 Party 7:30 Arlington
Thr Mar 8 Bus to boston 10:00 Market East
Contra 7:30 Scout House
Fri Mar 2 Swat Contra: Bronwyn Woods with Contrail 7:30 Swarthmore: Upper Tarble
Sat Feb 24 Valley Contra 7:30 Bethlehem PA
Fri-Sun Feb 17-19 Dance Flurry * Saratoga Springs NY
Sat Feb 10 English Scottish Ball 7:30 Swarthmore: Upper Tarble
Sat Feb 3 Elverson contra 7:30 Elverson PA
Fri Feb 2 Folksing 7:30 Swat: Parrish Parlors
Sat Jan 27 Valley Contra 7:30 Bethlehem
Sun Jan 21 ride with cjacoby, cgreen ? boston, bethlehem, swat
Sat Jan 20 Snowball noon-midnight Peterboro
Thr Jan 18 Contra 7:30pm Concord
Wed Jan 17 Rick's work 12noon North Reading
Mon Jan 15 Contra 7:30pm Concord
Sun Jan 14 Daverly's contra 7:30pm Winchester
Sat Jan 13 Contra 8:00pm Concord
Fri Jan 12 Trek and Pizza 12noon ?
Ceilidh 7:30 Medford : SpringStep
Risso's birthday After Ceilidh ?
Thr Jan 11 Contra 7:30pm Concord
Wed Jan 10 Jaded Mandolin 8:00pm Cambridge : Club Passim
Tue Jan 9 Playing at MIT dance 7:45pm Cambridge : MIT : Student center 491
Rick's work 7:30am North Reading
Mon Jan 8 Dentist's 10:50am Winchester
Contra 7:30pm Concord


Thr Dec 28 Fly back to boston * Pleasant Hill TN, Airport, MA
Wed Dec 20 work: Techster 8:30 - 4:30 ITS: Techstering
Tue Dec 19 work: Techster 8:30 - 4:30 ITS: Techstering
Mon Dec 18 work: Techster 12:30-4:30 ITS: Techstering
Sun Dec 17 Glen Echo contra 7:30-10:30 Glen Echo park ballroom
Sat Dec 16 Glenside Winter Cotillion (2 vans + 2 cars) 8:00 - 11:00 Glenside
Fri Dec 15 work: Techster 8:30-4:30 ITS: Techstering
Thr Dec 14 Thesis Defense 2:30-2:50 ?
Folkdance club party 7:30-9:15 Upper Tarble
Graphics: The Last Starfighter 9:30 Hicks
Wed Dec 13 work: Techster 8:30-4:30 ITS: Techstering
Tue Dec 12 Thesis Due 12 noon Email
Sat Dec 9 Crowfoot plays Bethleham (1 van) 7:30-10:30 Bethleham PA
Fri Dec 1 ML Winter Formal 7:30 Swat: ML
Sat Nov 25 Contra 8:00 Scout House
Thor's Rhapsody 11:30 Eric's House
Thr Nov 23 Thanksgiving contra 8:00 Watertown
Wed Nov 22 CWS alum lunch 1:15 Boston: CWS
Tue Nov 21 Leave for Boston (R3) 5:13 - 5:42 Septa: R3
Sat Nov 18 Glenside Contra (1 van) 8:00 Glenside PA
Fri Nov 17 Swat Ceilidh ? Swat : Upper Tarble
Fri Nov 10 Folksing 7:30 Swat : Parrish Parlors
Thr Nov 7 Coming out week chalkings meeting 7:00 Swarthmore Friends Meeting House
Fri-Sun Nov 3-5 NOMAD * New Haven
Sat Oct 28 Rum and Onions Halloween Contra 5:00-11:30 Lawrenceville, NJ
Sun Oct 22 Glen Echo Contra 7:30 Glen Echo MD
Fri-Sat Oct 20-21 LEAF? * Asheville area
Thr Oct 19 Old Farmer's Ball 8:00 Asheville: Warren Wilson
Wed Oct 18 Baltimore Contra 7:30 Baltimore MD
Sat Oct 14 Concord dance 8:00 Concord Scout House
Fri Oct 13 Greenfield contra 8:00 Greenfield: Guiding Star Grange
Fri Oct 13 Leave swat 8:00am Swarthmore
Sat Oct 7 Elverson Contra 8:00 Elverson PA
Fri Oct 6 Glen Echo Contra 8:30 Bethesda MD
Fri Sep 29 Swat Contra 7:30-10:30 Swat: Upper Tarble
Sun Sep 24 RenFaire 10:30 to 8:30 Lancaster
Sat Sep 16 Third Saturday Glenside Contra 8:00-11:00 Glenside PA
Sun Sep 3 Dawn Dance 8:00 - 7:00 Brattleboro VT
Sat Sep 2 Greenfield Contra 8:00 - 11:00 Greenfield MA
Fri Sep 1 Greenfield Contra 8:00 - 11:00 Greenfield MA
Thr Aug 31 ITS Session: Linux 10:15 - 11:45 Swarthmore : Trotter : 201
Train to Philly 12:11 - 12:39 R3
Driving to MA 1:00 - 6:30 Car
Concord Contra 7:30-10:30 Concord MA
Wed Aug 30 Techstering 8:30 - 4:30 Swarthmore : Beardsley : ITS
Tue Aug 29 Techstering 8:30-12:30 Swarthmore : Beardsley : ITS
ITS Session: "Team Building Exercise" 9:00 - 10:00 Amphitheater
Mon Aug 28 Techstering 8:30 - 12:30 Swarthmore : Beardsley : ITS
ITS Session: Ice Cream Social 1:15 - 2:00 Swarthmore : SCI : Lobby
ITS Session: Swatmail 2:00 - 3:00 Swarthmore : SCI : 199
ITS Session: Printers 3:00 - 3:45
Sun Aug 27 ITS Session: "The Swarthmore Network" 10:00 - 11:00 Swarthmore : SCI : 199
ITS Session: ResTech Registration 12:30 - 1:30 Swarthmore : Trotter 201
ITS Session: "The Booby Trap Lab" 1:30 - 3:30
ITS Session: "How to Avoid The Traps" 3:45 - 5:00
Sat Aug 26 ITS session: "What ITS Did Over the Summer" 1:00-2:45 Swarthmore : SCI : 199
ITS session: "Training for First-Year Students arrival" 3:30 - 4:30
ITS Session: "Roles and communication for First-Year Students arrival" 4:30 - 5:30
Thr Aug 24 Techstering 8:30-4:30 Swarthmore : Beardsley : ITS
Glenside Contra 8:00-11:00 Glenside
Wed Aug 23 Techstering 8:30-4:30 Swarthmore : Beardsley : ITS
Tue Aug 22 Medford -> Swat * Medford, car, Swarthmore
MonAug21 Last Monday Dance 7:30-10:30 Concord
Sat Aug 19 Concord Saturday 8-11 Concord
Fri Aug 18 Red House -> Medford ? Car
Thr Aug 17 Thursday Dance 7:30-10:30 Concord MA
Mon Aug 14 Concord Monday Dance 7:30-10:30 Concord
Sat Aug 12 Medford -> Red House ? pfft
Cotuit Dance 8-11 Cotuit (Cape Cod)
Thr Aug 10 Thursday Dance, etc 7:30-10:30 Concord Scout House
Tue Aug 8 MIT Dance 8:00 - 10:30 Kresge Auditorium Basement, MIT
Mon Aug 8 Yankee Ingenuity Dance 7:30-10:30 Concord
Fri-Sun Aug 4-7 Champlain Valley Folk Festival * Ferrisburg VT
ThrAug3 Thursday Dance 7:30-10:30 Scout House (new)
WedAug2 Possibly Fun Stuff 7:15-? Concord, elsewhere
MonJul31 Concord Dance 7:30-10:30 Concord Scout House
Sat Jul 29 Wind in the Timothy 8-11 Dudley Laufman's House
Fri Jul 28 Greenfield 8-11 Guiding Star Grange
Thr Jul 27 Springstep: Last dance 8-11 Medford
Mon Jul 24 Concord Dance 7:30-10:30 Concord Scout House
Thr-Sun Jul 20-23 Falconridge? * East Central NY
Mon Jul 16 Concord Dance 7:30-10:30 Concord Scout House
Fri Jul 14 Guiding Star Grange 8:00 - 12:00 Greenfield MA
Thr Jul 13 Springstep 8:00 Medford
Wed-Wed Jun-Jul 21-12 Italy * Italy/Cortona
Mon Jun 19 Monday Contra 7:30-10:30 Concord Scout House
Sat Jun 17 Contra w/ Nat Hewitt 8-11 Concord NH
Fri Jun 16 Greenfield (big bandemonium!) 8:00 - 11:30 Western Mass
Thr Jun 15 Medford Contra 8:00-11:00 Springstep
Tue Jun 13 MIT Dance (guitar) 8:00pm - 10:30pm MIT Student Center 491
Mon Jun 12 Monday contra 7:30 to 10:30 Concord Scout House
Dentist's 4:45 Winchester
Doctor's 10:50 Woburn
Sun Jun 11 Singing 5:00 Newton
Sat Jun 10 Alternative Music Benefit Contra 9:30-11:00 Concord Scout House
Irish Connections Festival 12:00-8:45 Canton, MA
Fri Jun 9 Singing 8:30-1:00 Cambridge
Thr Jun 8 Medford contra 8:00 Springstep
Mon Jun 5 Monday Contra 7:30-10:30 Concord Scout House
Sat Jun 3 Greenfield 8:00-11:30 Guiding Star Grange, Greenfield
Fri Jun 2 Concord contra 8:00 Scout house
Thr Jun 1 Medford contra 8:00 Springstep
Tue May 30 Senior Skits/ Awards 10:00am Commonwealth School
Sun May 28 Dawn Dance 8:00pm-7:00am Brattleboro
Sat May 27 Greenfield 8:00-11:30 Guiding Star Grange, Greenfield
Fri May 26 Commonwealth Jazz Concert 8:00-9:30 Commonwealth School
Thr May 25 Thursday Contra 8:00-11:00 Springstep, Medford. IHOP after
Wed May 24 Billing Advantage 7:15 on North Reading
Mon May 22 Monday Contra 7:30-10:30 Concord Scout House
Thr May 18 Thursday contra 8:00pm - 11:00pm Springstep, Medford
Tue May 16 MIT Dance (guitar) 8:00pm - 10:30pm MIT Student Center 491
Fri May 12 Summer Vacation ? Boston
Thr May 11 Glenside Contra 8:00 - 11:00 Glenside
Tue May 9 CogSci Final 2-5 SCI 183
Mon May 8 CS 46 Final 9-12 SCI 181
Sat May 6 Elverson Contra 7:30-10:30 Elverson
Fri May 5 Techstering 10:30-12:30 Beardsley: Help Desk
Thr May 4 Math 9 Final 9:00am-12:00nn Sci L32
Techstering 12:30-2:30 Beardsley: Help Desk
Folkdance End of Year Funness 6:30 Upper Tarble
Wed May 3 Techstering 10:30-12:30 Beardsley: Help Desk
NatSci Spring Picnic 4:00 pm NuPont Courtyard
Jamboree 8:00 pm LPAC
Meeting with StuCo 10:00 pm Kohlberg 230
Tue May 2 Techstering 10:30-4:30 Beardsley: Help Desk
Schlock: The Magic Christian 10:00pm SCI 104
Mon May 1 May Day Longsword 5:30 am (grr) Belmont Plateau
Kuperman's Security Movies 6:00 pm CS Lab
Terpsichore 8:00 pm LPAC
Schlock: StarCrash 10:00 pm Sci 199
Sun April 30 May Day Longsword 9:00 am Bryn Mawr, in front of Pembroke Arch
FriApril 21 NEFFA * Natick High School
Friday April 14 Swarthmore contra 7:00 Upper Tarble
Friday April 7 Scout House contra 8:00 Concord Scout House
Saturday April 1 Elverson contra dance 7:30 Elverson
Friday March 30 Swarthmore debate tournament 4:15 on Campus
Friday March 24 Folksing 7:30 ML Breakfast room
Saturday March 18 Glenside contra 8:00 Glenside

Last modified by Jeff Kaufman: Wed Jan 6, 2016