GaimWrite : A Gaim protocall plugin for write

GaimWrite is a plugin for Gaim to connect up to the traditional unix write console messaging system. The idea is twofold: people who have a unix account in common can use Gaim to communicate and people who want to use write can communicate with people who want to use Gaim. And it just makes Gaim even more multi-protocall. And perhaps it's a little geeky.

This is not done at all yet, but I'm putting up the sources in case someone wants to mess with them.

GaimWrite 0.0.1 - PreAlpha 1:

To install, you need to have libssh installed and the gaim source in /usr/local . Then run "make", "make install". It probably won't work without some messing and currently only allows GaimWrite to initiate, not recieve, which means Gaim to Gaim conversations won't work yet.

Features yet to be implemented: