Davis Sq Repoirtoire

These are tunes we're pretty likely to play over the course of the evening at an outdoor contra, in order of how likely I think we are to play them.

La BastrangueD (image) (mp3)
Jamie AllenG (image) (mp3)
Over the WaterfallD (image) (mp3 first)
Sandy BoysAmix (mp3 snippet) (image) (mp3 second)
Coleman's marchD (image) (mp3 second)
Hommage a Edmund ParizeauA
Julia DelanyDm (mp3 snippet) (mp3 snippet) (mp3 snippet) (image) (mp3 second)
Liza JaneA (mp3 snippet) (image) (mp3)
Bus StopAm (mp3 snippet) (mp3 snippet) (mp3 snippet) (image) (mp3 second) (mp3 third)
Frank's ReelA (mp3 second)
Maison de GlaceD (image) (chords) (mp3)
Old Grey CatEm (mp3 snippet) (image) (mp3 second)
Dedicado a JosBm/D (mp snippet3) (image) (mp3 second)
TamlinDm (mp3 snippet) (mp3 snippet) (image) (mp3 second) (mp3 first)
Flying Home to ShellyG (mp3 snippet) (mp3 snippet) (image) (mp3)
Road to BostonD (image) (mp3)
Lady Anne MontgomeryD (mp3 snippet) (image) (mp3 first) (mp3 first)
Far From HomeG (image) (mp3)
Kitchen GirlA/Am (mp3 snippet) (image)
Hundred PipersA (mp3 snippet) (image) (mp3)
Marie's WeddingG (image) (mp3)
Shenandoah FallsA (mp3 snippet) (image) (mp3)
On the DanforthA (image) (mp3)
The WrenBm or Em (image) (mp3 first)
Gaspe ReelD (mp3 first)

Some other tunes we might play are listed on my main tunes page.

The mp3 snippets are from Contracast. They are used under the creative commons by-nc-nd license.
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