[created 2006]
One thing on everyone's personal web page is pictures of their cats. But I don't have any cats of my own. This fills me with a great and unyielding saddness as I contemplate the possible hours of feline induced wonder and merryment upon which I am missing out. Occasionally I also contemplate the hours of cleaning up after my desired cat, but never for very long. Perhaps because this is a dream and I am entitled to (on my own time) dream only the good parts, perhaps because cats are so clean. Usually.

I might be able to get away with having a cat at Swarthmore. The whole dorm of Willets seems to manage it. And with the quint next year I could let it go in and out the window and over the bike room roof. But I would have to worry about keeping the door closed, and who I let see the room. Lots of work. Much less work to mope.

Mope, mope, mope, and waste time on Kitten War.

Update April 2009: We now have a kitten. As yet unnamed. Very exciting.

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