AwayBox : A Gaim plugin to make it more convenient to go away

This plugin adds a text box to the bottom of the buddy list to recieve an away message. When you enter an away message, all of your accounts are set "away" with the away message you entered. It is most useful for short, single-use notes about status

Version 0.0.3 adds a preference panel with two options, "show icon?" and "show text?". These allow the user to choose between four possibilities:

The default is both, though I think if you're used to what it does having no button at all looks the nicest.

Unfortunately you have to either restart gaim or go away and come back for the button UI to update.

AwayBox 0.0.3: : a binary version compiled against Gaim 1.5 for Linux i686
awaybox.dll : a binary version compiled against Gaim 1.5 for Windows. Prepared and compiled by itchysoft_ant.
awaybox.c : the source
Makefile : the makefile for the source

To install for Linux i686 with Gaim 1.5, download and put it in the ~/.gaim/plugins/ directory. For Windows, download awaybox.dll and put it in the C:\Program Files\Gaim\plugins directory. Otherwise you need to build from source. See the Makefile for some help on building from source.

If you find this program convenient, you might also like the plugin place away message box in buddy list.

Special thanks go to "Avery (averym)", the writer of the one-button away plugin for Gaim which I used for a starting place. Thanks also to itchysoft_ant for the windows build.