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Schedule (ical, past)

MonFeb13 bida meeting 6:30pm-8:30pm julie's? (2017)
SatFeb18 lily visiting rose * medford
SatFeb18 dinner in medford with anne etc evening medford
SunFeb19 run sound for bida evening masonic hall
MonFeb20 show sarah sound stuff evening somerville
FriFeb24 life insurance testing 7pm-7:30pm somerville house
SatMar4 lily hanging out with rose * medford
MonMar6 rehearse with FR? evening somerville
TueMar7 rehearse with FR? evening somerville
WedMar8 play contra? evening hampshire
ThrMar9 play contra evening concord ma
FriMar10 play contra evening NYC
SatMar11 play contra * NYC
MonMar13 work retreat * new orleans
MonMar13 BOS-MSY (to Central Time) 8:10am-11:04am JetBlue 410
TueMar14 work retreat * new orleans
WedMar15 work retreat * new orleans
ThrMar16 work retreat * new orleans
FriMar17 work retreat * new orleans
SatMar18 MSY-BOS (to Eastern Time) 6:40am-10:50am JetBlue 1300
MonMar20 bida meeting 6:30pm-8:30pm julie's? (2017)
ThrMar23 talk at swarthmore? ? philly
ThrMar30 talk at yale 3:30pm-4:20pm new haven ct
SunApr2 bida annual meeting evening masonic hall
ThrApr6 fly to Richmond 4:20pm-6:06pm JetBlue 1281
FriApr7 play contra evening richmond (2017)
SatApr8 play contra * richmond (2017)
SunApr9 play contra * richmond (2017)
SunApr9 play contra 7:30-10:30 glen echo
MonApr10 fly to Boston 2:39pm-4:11pm JetBlue 782
SatApr15 passover 5pm carol's
SunApr16 claire visiting * medford
MonApr17 claire visiting * medford
TueApr18 claire visiting * medford
WedApr19 claire visiting * medford
ThrApr20 claire visiting * medford
FriApr21 claire visiting * medford
FriApr21 neffa evening mansfield
FriApr21 adventure? * medford
SatApr22 neffa * mansfield
SunApr23 neffa * mansfield
MonApr24 bida meeting 6:30pm-8:30pm Julie's?
MonMay8 eye appt 3:30-5:30 harvard vanguard medford
MonMay15 work retreat in boston * somerville
TueMay16 play mit contra with rick and alex evening mit
TueMay16 work retreat in boston * somerville
WedMay17 work retreat in boston * somerville
ThrMay18 work retreat in boston * somerville
FriMay19 amy and derek's wedding * albany (2017)
FriMay19 work retreat in boston * somervillw
SatMay20 amy and derek's wedding evening albany (2017)
ThrJul6 play contra evening roanoke va
FriJul7 play contra * roanoke va
SatJul8 play contra * roanoke va
SunJul9 play contra * roanoke va
MonJul10 work retreat * jijiga
TueJul11 work retreat * jijiga
WedJul12 work retreat * jijiga
ThrJul13 work retreat * jijiga
FriJul14 work retreat * jijiga
SatJul15 travelling * plane
SunAug13 treehouse? * marion
MonAug14 treehouse? * marion
TueAug15 treehouse? * marion
WedAug16 treehouse? * marion
ThrAug17 treehouse? * marion
SatAug19 treehouse? * marion
SunAug20 treehouse? * marion
FriSep1 northwest passage * portland (2017)
SatSep2 northwest passage * portland (2017)
SunSep3 northwest passage * portland (2017)
MonSep4 northwest passage * portland (2017)
FriSep15 play echo summit * sacramento (2017)
SatSep16 play echo summit * sacramento (2017)
SunSep17 play echo summit * sacramento (2017)
SatOct7 stevie and val's wedding * holliston (2017)
FriOct13 play contra * Jonesborough TN
SatOct14 play contra * Jonesborough TN
SunOct15 play contra * Jonesborough TN
FriJan12 play frolic? * phoenix az (2018)
SatJan13 play frolic? * phoenix az (2018)
FriFeb16 play dance weekend * corvallis (2018)
SatFeb17 play dance weekend * corvallis (2018)
SunFeb18 play dance weekend * corvallis (2018)
FriApr13 play weekend? * CA (2018)
SatApr14 play weekend? * CA (2018)
SunApr15 play weekend? * CA (2018)
SunJan1 danner says he can have a dog understand "don't do it till I say X" noon earth (2023)
SunDec16 bet max newman $0.10 to his $0.05 that ray kurzweil won't still be alive noon earth (2063)

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