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Schedule (ical, past)

ThrSep14 BOS-CLT 11:01am-1:26pm American Flight 1760
ThrSep14 CLT-SMF (to Pacific Time) 2:54pm-5:18pm American Flight 572
FriSep15 play echo summit * sacramento (2017)
SatSep16 play echo summit * sacramento (2017)
SunSep17 play echo summit * sacramento (2017)
SunSep17 SMF-PHX (to Mountain Time) 7:25pm-9:13pm American Flight 1445
SunSep17 PHX-BOS (to Eastern Time) 9:59-5:54 American Flight 2399
ThrSep21 swat dinner evening somerville
SatSep23 games 2pm-5pm somerville
MonOct2 bida meeting? evening somerville
MonOct2 swat dinner evening somerville
FriOct6 party 7pm-10pm medford
SatOct7 stevie and val's wedding * holliston (2017)
ThrOct12 talk at MIT about EA evening MIT
FriOct13 play contra * Jonesborough TN
FriOct13 BOS-CLT 7:45am-10:17am American Flight 455
SatOct14 play contra * Jonesborough TN
SunOct15 play contra * Jonesborough TN
MonOct16 CLT-BOS 9:40am-11:56am American Flight 1982
ThrOct19 swat dinner evening somerville
MonOct23 bida meeting evening somerville
MonNov6 swat dinner evening somerville
ThrNov16 swat dinner evening somerville
FriNov17 BOS-RIC 4:45pm-6:34pm JetBlue Flight 1281
MonNov20 bida meeting evening somerville
MonDec4 swat dinner evening somerville
ThrDec21 swat dinner evening somerville
MonJan8 bida meeting evening somerville (2018)
ThrJan11 BOS-PHX (to Mountain Time) 4:20pm-8:18pm American Flight 2082
FriJan12 play frolic * phoenix az (2018)
SatJan13 play frolic * phoenix az (2018)
SunJan14 PHX-BOS (to Eastern Time) 1:32pm-8:20pm American Flight 2748
MonFeb12 bida meeting evening somerville (2018)
FriFeb16 play dance weekend * corvallis (2018)
SatFeb17 play dance weekend * corvallis (2018)
SunFeb18 play dance weekend * corvallis (2018)
MonMar19 bida meeting evening somerville (2018)
FriApr13 play weekend * CA (2018)
SatApr14 play weekend * CA (2018)
SunApr15 play weekend * CA (2018)
FriApr20 neffa evening mansfield
SatApr21 neffa * mansfield
SunApr22 neffa * mansfield
MonApr23 bida meeting evening somerville (2018)
FriMay4 play weekend * woodstock ct
SatMay5 play weekend * woodstock ct
SunMay6 play weekend * woodstock ct
FriJul6 play weekend * richmond qc
SatJul7 play weekend * richmond qc
SunJul8 play weekend * richmond qc
SunJan1 danner says he can have a dog understand "don't do it till I say X" noon earth (2023)
MonJul12 bet dave casserly $100 to his $900 that we have driverless cars * boston (2027)
SunDec16 bet max newman $0.10 to his $0.05 that ray kurzweil won't still be alive noon earth (2063)

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